Today’s Daily Getaways: Buy Club Carlson Gold Points Cheaply

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Daily Getaways, which is a promotion sponsored by the US Travel Association, has returned as of this week. Over the next five weeks all kinds of travel packages will be on sale, starting weekdays at 1PM ET.


On some days there will be lots of competition for the travel packages, while other days they’ll be quite easy to snag. Personally I’m most excited about the travel packages offering hotel points, such as the IHG points from yesterday (that one didn’t sell out quickly given that there were over 7,000 packages available).

Through today’s promotion, Daily Getaways is offering packages of 50,000 or 100,000 Club Carlson Gold Points. It’s worth noting that there are only a total of 150 packages for sale, so this is more like a lottery than anything else, given that there will presumably be lots of demand for these packages.

It’s also interesting to note that while so few packages are on sale, they’re actually letting you purchase two of each type of package, for a total of four packages… should you be so lucky as to snag them.

Club Carlson points promotion

Number Of PointsPackage CostCost Per PointNumber Of Packages
50,000 Gold Points$2250.45 cents/point100
100,000 Gold Points$4500.45 cents/point50

Club-Carlson-Daily-Getaways-50 Club-Carlson-Daily-Getaways-100

Is it worth it?

Typically I value Club Carlson Gold Points at ~0.4 cents each, though keep in mind you can double the value of those points if you have the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card, since the second night of every award redemption is free.

So at a rate of 0.45 cents per point I’m a buyer. While I’ve seen Club Carlson sell points directly for a bit less, you can purchase a maximum of 40,000 points with them per calendar year. Points purchased through this promotion wouldn’t count towards that cap.

Put another way, 100,000 points (which you can purchase here for $450) is enough for two nights at some of Club Carlson’s top properties in London and Paris. If you have the credit card, you can turn that into two sets of stays for two nights each. $112.50 per night for a decent hotel in London or Paris is tough to beat. But without the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card I don’t think it’s quite as compelling of an offer.


Do you plan on trying to purchase Club Carlson Gold Points through the Daily Getaways promotion?

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  1. No, if you have the credit card, you can manufacture CC points easy as pie with their 5x on all spend. Even paying as much as $5.95 for a $500 VGC means you’re acquiring the points at 0.24 cpm, half the cost of this ‘sale’.

  2. Managed to win the lotto for 200,000 points for $900. Had to punch the “try again” button many times though before getting lucky.
    Just using up my last CC points this week, so great timing.

  3. It did not work for me, kept saying “the inventory is on hold”, and then sold out in 15 min…seems impossible task what is the strategy -I was sitting in front of comp before 1, counting seconds and still no luck. 🙁
    Congratulations to those who got in! 🙂

  4. @ Stannis — Shocking as it might be, a lot of us don’t/don’t want to do manufactured spend. 😉

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