Headed To Beijing? Join Our Google Group

Hundreds of us are headed to Beijing over the next two months thanks to American’s business class mistake fare.

So I published a calendar for those headed to Beijing, so you can figure out if anyone is on your flight, headed to Beijing around the same time, etc. After all, in my opinion half of the fun of this hobby is meeting other, like-minded frequent travelers.


There was a lot of discussion in the comments for people trying to coordinate meeting up in Beijing beyond the flights, given how many people aren’t on the same flights but are in town around the same time.

We now have a Google Group for those heading to Beijing. This is for sharing tips, organizing meet-ups, etc. (I’ll try to host a meet-up when I’m in town as well). If you shared your flight information in the calendar you should have already received an email inviting you to join the Google Group.

If you’re headed to Beijing and aren’t part of the group, feel free to request access to the Google Group, and we’ll get you added ASAP.


I look forward to sharing tips, and hope to see lots of you onboard and in Beijing!


  1. Not heading to Beijing but I know many of u guys are headed trough Chicago which is where I live.

  2. I’ll be in and out of Beijing a lot over the next 6 months on business trips. I have spent a fair amount of time in Beijing over the past 10 years.

    Masks are not really necessary and are really close to useless (unless you get 5 micron masks). Many people wear them to warm the air before inhaling it.

    I also know a lot about some of the things to see and do. Organized tours are reasonably priced, but do not shop at the places they bring you – horribly overpriced. You may not be able to negotiate prices in the Pearl Market or Silk Market as easily as you could before the Olympics. Too many westerners trained them not to haggle.

    Also the independent tour guides at the Forbidden City can be a little “entrepreneurial” in that they overcharge – here you can negotiate the price. Again, beware of them taking you to a “tea shop”, where they will charge you 50 RMB per person for a tasting, and then try to sell you over $100 worth of tea (which you can get at most supermarkets) – buy the tea and the tasting fee is waived.

    Got lots of other hints, but for my money $30-50 for a full day tour covering the Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, and the Badaling section of the Great Wall is worth it if you have never been there before.

  3. “There was a lot of discussion in the comments for people trying to coordinate meeting up in Beijing beyond the flights”

    Google is blocked in China so you wouldn’t be able to refer to the group while in Beijing

  4. Don’t know how many your blog followers who live in Beijing like I do.

    If you guys are gonna do some gathering things in town, I’m there! XD

  5. Please note that Google services, including google.com, Google Map, Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Blogger/Blogspot, etc., are not accessible in many parts of mainland China.

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