AAdvantage & Dividend Miles To Merge On March 28, 2015?

While the integration between American and US Airways has been well underway for a long time now, one detail that has remained a bit murky is the integration between AAdvantage and Dividend Miles. As frequent flyer nerds, I think that’s probably one of the most important details for us. šŸ˜‰

So far here’s the official communication we’ve received:

  • On October 28, 2014, we learned that AAdvantage and Dividend Miles would merge in the second quarter of 2015
  • On March 12, 2015, we learned that AAdvantage and Dividend Miles would merge in April 2015
  • On March 13, 2015, we learned that AAdvantage and Dividend Miles would merge within 30 days


Based on the latest announcement we could assume that Dividend Miles would be merged into AAdvantage in the first half of April at the latest.

Well, it looks like it might be even sooner than that. Via JonNYC on Traveling Better, March 28, 2015 is the target date for the Dividend Miles program being integrated into AAdvantage. It’s worth noting that this is just a target date and is subject to change, so I wouldn’t count on that being set in stone.

Keep in mind that American recently announced that Dividend Miles awards would be shut off a few days before the programs integrate:

Dividend Miles award bookings and mileage upgrade requests will be disabled a few days before we combine programs to allow us to integrate your accounts. If you plan to redeem Dividend Miles for an upcoming trip, we encourage you to book now. Once our programs are combined, Dividend Miles will be converted into AAdvantage miles, and youā€™ll be able to redeem AAdvantage miles with American.

That means you potentially only have a few days left to redeem your Dividend Miles before the programs integrate.

Bottom line

If American does indeed plan on integrating loyalty programs next weekend I suspect we’ll hear about it officially tomorrow morning. If you want to redeem Dividend Miles I’d do so as soon as possible, since I’m sure the queues will only continue to get progressively longer over the next few days. As a reminder, here’s what happens if you need to change Dividend Miles awards after the loyalty programs integrate.

Time to redeem US Airways miles for travel to North Asia in Cathay Pacific first class!

Do you plan on redeeming any more Dividend Miles before the programs integrate?


  1. Wow. That was very timely of me to have decided to book Australia in Biz via Asia just a few hours ago. Score one for me, then.

  2. You are probably in the best place to get these questions answered from AA:
    How are existing USAir awards going to be handled after the merger?
    Changes to routing? Dates?
    Will you be able to make date or routing changes to itins that route via a 3rd region?
    Which change rules will apply?

    Before I go speculative book a USAir award, I’d love to know.


  3. I can’t see why they still didn’t merge reservation programs as well as loyalty programs. How challenging is it?

  4. Oh I dread the hold times. I have been on long holds multiple times this weekend trying to finalize a booking to Australia. Longing for the “good old days” when USAir agents didn’t know the rules, and no rate desk double checked them. I was about ready to give up and start a diff reservation — but now with this news I don’t want to risk giving up what I’ve already got on hold.

  5. The March 28 date only fills one of the three things we know about the transition date, so I don’t see how it could be then.

  6. I just applied/got approved for US Airways Mastercard. If, let’s say, my first purchase and fee doesn’t occur until after the 28th (or whenever the official merger is) will I still get the 50,000 bonus miles posted to my AAdvantage account? Your articles lead me to believe YES but I just wanted to double check!

  7. Talked to AAdvantage this morning about a couple of things, but mentioned not being able to select US Airwyays upgrade coach seats without paying fee despite elite status. Representative said once it all joins up in a few days, hopefully that will be remedied.

  8. If you don’t wanna risk this connection and can’t find any other availability, do JFK-CAN-BKK then use JL MileageBank to book PG BKK-MLE. You’ll still have to overnight in Bangkok, but JL still offers heck of a discount for PG awards.

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