Free Admirals Club Access With Status Match To Airberlin Gold Status

Airberlin is presently offering a status match promotion, whereby you can match to Silver or Gold status in their topbonus program. They seem to be matching all elite status, except status from other oneworld partner airlines. There’s no expiration date for this promotion as of now.


Presumably if you’re matching from the lowest tier status of another airline you’d be matched to topbonus Silver, while if you’re matching from the middle or top tier status of another airline you’d be matched to topbonus Gold. They’re not matching to topbonus Platinum, which is their top tier status.

Here’s what you have to do in order to take advantage of the status match:

  • Email with the following information:
    • Your topbonus number
    • A legible scan/photo/copy of your other valid frequent flyer card
  • Your application will be reviewed and processed by airberlin’s service team

Status will be valid for 12 months, after which you’ll have to accrue 25,000 or 50,000 status miles to requalify for Silver and Gold status, respectively.


Frankly the benefits or airberlin topbonus Gold aren’t that rich, as is the norm for most non-US airlines. Most of the benefits include priority services, like priority check-in, security, boarding, seating, etc. You don’t receive any upgrade instruments.


But the single biggest perk is probably that you get oneworld Sapphire status, which gets you lounge access whenever traveling on a oneworld flight. This includes domestic flights within the US.

American Admirals Club Tampa

That means a status match to airberlin Gold status will give you complimentary access to American Airlines Admirals Clubs, even when you’re traveling wholly within the United States. Keep in mind that if you have oneworld Sapphire status through American AAdvantage, you only receive lounge access when traveling internationally, due to the following exclusion:

American Airlines AAdvantage® members and US Airways Dividend Miles members, regardless of their tier status or class of travel, are not eligible for lounge access when travelling solely on North American flights within or between the U.S., Canada, Mexico (except Mexico City), the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Caribbean.

Bottom line

If you have status with a non-oneworld airline, this is one of the most widely available offers I’ve seen for picking up oneworld Sapphire status. While airberlin status as such isn’t that valuable, the oneworld perks are useful, given that you’ll get lounge access on all oneworld itineraries, along with free checked bags, and all kinds of other priority services.

Who’s planning on status matching to airberlin topbonus?

(Tip of the hat to Head for Points)


  1. Hello!
    If I’m an Iberia Gold member (oneworld Sapphire) can I apply for this status Match? Thanks

  2. I already matched a couple of weeks ago. I matched my SAS Eurobonus Diamond to topbonus Gold. I don’t have that many oneworld flights planned, but I figured that “elite status is elite status” :p

  3. If I’m AA platinum, which is the equivalent of one world sapphire, why doesn’t that get me admirals club access domestically? Is that perhaps a reason to match here?

  4. Lucky, will Airberlin match Etihad Gold Elite? I know they are not one-world but they are a major Airberlin partner.

  5. @ Zed — Logically you’d think they wouldn’t, but it doesn’t seem to be excluded, so I think it’s worth a shot.

  6. @ David — Because there’s specifically a oneworld rule (quoted above) which prevents AA and US elites from accessing lounges on account of status on domestic flights. So it’s probably worth status matching, though they won’t match other oneworld status.

  7. so if I match with my Delta Diamond status I get Oneworld Saphire which then gives me access to Admiral club lounges and free drinks, correct?

  8. Temporarily away from ability to scan a document and attach to an email. While there may be no great rush to do this … can this be done by fax (have the number?) or is it via email only?


  9. Hi Ben,

    I have Platinum status on UA so I’m planning to status match. My question is do I have to credit mileage to Airberlin to have lounge access? I only have Silver status with USAirways and I always use my USDM number to get credit for the flight. So my boarding pass will just show Ruby/Silver.

  10. So if I’m flying AA as an EXP domestically, can I still access AC lounges if I only have a physical AB card, but don’t have it linked to my reservation?

    I know I had difficulty with United gaining access w my TK card when my reservation was linked to my UA 1K account…

  11. @ Sean — It doesn’t have to be linked to your reservation. Just show the card and you’ll be fine.

  12. @ Ron — You can just take a picture of your elite card and email it to them. That works as well as a scan.

  13. Have you ever written about why OneWorld lounge access appears to be biased against Americans? In any other continent, Sapphires/Emeralds get lounge access for short-haul international flights. However, in the USA, flights to Canada/Mexico/Caribbean don’t qualify. My guess is that AA doesn’t want it to undermine their Admiral’s Club memberships, but I would like to hear your two cents.

  14. @ Pat — Very simple answer in this case. The US airlines asked to be excluded because they want to be able to sell memberships and generate more revenue off their clubs.

  15. Would the Southwest Companion Pass count to status match? I know it’s a long shot but I wanted to ask anyway.

  16. A similar question to last poster… Would Air Berlin consider Southwest A-List? If not directly, what do you think of first matching SW A-List to Alaska and then matching Alaska to Air Berlin? Thanks in advance.

  17. Has anyone successfully matched on turkish from EXP and then match the turkish to Air Berlin gold as suggested above?

  18. Are they any workarounds where i can match AA platinum so another carrier and then match to air berlin from there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  19. What is the correct procedure when travelling in ow flight, I want to credit my miles into AA advantage but also using topbonus gold (ow sapphire) to gain the lounge access? I have encountered a few times where the counter denied to do this and claimed that I only can credit to the ow sapphire account in order to enjoy the sapphire benefit.

  20. @John, @Jordan, @Gary L,

    Exactly what I did. Earned AA Exp -> matched to TK Elite -> matched to AB Gold.

  21. Hey Lucky. You will, however, have to add your Air Berlin # if you want to be able to use free checked bag/preferred seating correct?

  22. Lucky,

    What was the answer to the question whether the Southwest Companion Pass would count for status match for Airberlin Gold Status? I recall a few years ago there was one airline that gave a status match for the Southwest Companion Pass. What is your opinion here?

  23. Thanks Ben for the tip! Applied this morning and got matched already.

    Delta Diamond = Topbonus Gold

    As per email, card arrive in 14 days. Awesome!

  24. I just sent them a email today when will I hear back from them? I have a flight in a week and a half with them and it would be nice to know that I have status with them?


  25. @ Isaac — Based on the comment immediately about yours, it seems that they’re pretty quick.

  26. @ Old Flyer — That’s a great question, I’m not sure. Logically you’d think they wouldn’t, but weirder things have happened. Can’t hurt to try!

  27. I’ll be getting UA gold later this year, at which point I’ll apply for the match. I do fly AA out of JFK occasionally, and admirals club access is nice. I have the AA Executive card which I’ll be cancelling later this year when the annual fee comes up, so the timing should be pretty good too.

  28. If you match with your UA 1K status, but are also AA EXP, I assume you can still match – just don’t tell them that you are AA EXP. Correct?

  29. I have emailed them more than 7 days ago with a picture of my Krisflyer star alliance gold card. They still have not give me any status match yet and I have emailed them again already ;(

  30. Just curious if an Alaska MVP Gold is higher than a One World Sapphire when traveling AA domestically? Not that it gives much benefit either way.

  31. hey do you know if its 2 free bags flying AA? and what about MCE? the one world benefits site stinks…lol hope you enjoyed your wide open first class trip on lufthansa!

  32. Note: AirBerlin recently told me they are only matching German, Austrian and Swiss members now. Any other options for OneWorld match you know of?


  33. I second @A – just got EXP and am anxious for Admirals Club access – Lucky, please tell us you have another solution?!?

    Maybe you can lend us your German relatives’ addresses? :p

  34. Not a very smooth status match process for me. I submitted a .pdf of my United Gold card and received this response from topbonus staff. “Unfortunately the submitted United Airlines card is not an original one. You sent us a forgery. So you are not authorized to have a silver or gold tier. That is why we do not accept your status match request.” I sent a screen shot of my United account showing Gold status, which they accepted.

  35. So if you have an AA issued ticket and the AA ticket has your AAdvantage number on it and you get Saphire status through Airberlin and present the Airberlin card for a domestic flight will you be granted lounge access?

  36. Sorry for digging up this old post.
    I’ve got matched to Airberlin Gold 1 week ago but American Airlines can’t see my One World Elite Status yet, does anybody knows how long does it take to One World Carriers recognize my status or would it be possible to have Elite Status only recognized by Airberlin?


  37. I received a physical AirBerlin Gold card in the mail, which provides me with the access to American Admirals Clubs. It has worked perfectly every time.

  38. Hi Doug,

    I didn’t recieved my gold card yet and I have a upcoming travel with AA and I’m trying to book MCE (main Cabin Extra) seats without cost, but they can’t see my Elite Status in their system.

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