Earn 1,000 Hilton Points For Changing Your Password (For Real This Time)!

In mid-February, Hilton announced that they’d offer 1,000 bonus points for changing your HHonors account password by March 8, 2015. Apparently they were having “issues” with the promotion at the time, so had to postpone it. They promised they’d provide an update once the promotion was ready to go.

The promotion is now ready to go, and you can earn 1,000 bonus HHonors points by changing your account password by March 25, 2015.

To change your password simply log into your Hilton HHonors account. Then at the bottom left of the page click on “Personal Information.”


Then on the next page click on “Change Password” to update your password.


It’s that easy!

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)


  1. Thinking of creating an account just to get the points just in case. (never stay at Hiltons)

    1. Am I eligible for the miles if create an account now then change my password?
    2. Do you have any referral code so that I could get you some points, too?
    3. Is there any way to get a sign-up or “welcome” bonus? (non credit card)

  2. “Thinking of creating an account just to get the points just in case. (never stay at Hiltons)” 1,000 points is probably worth $5-8 in the context of many awards. Not worth it.

  3. Thanks, Lucky!

    Need to update the “log into your Hilton HHonors account” link – It’s dead.

  4. I updated my password last week. Any word from Hilton how long it was going to take to post the points?

  5. Nevermind, saw the T&C’s that were posted. I’ll have to change it again yo meet the requirent of changing between 3/12 and 3/25

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