Is La Compagnie’s New York To London Flight Delayed (Already)?

Update: It seems as if the La Compagnie London to Newark inaugural isn’t delayed, as I’ve gotten my dates mixed up a bit. The service was initially announced to launch in March, though they’ve only ever loaded flights starting April 24, 2015. So everything looks on schedule as of now!

La Compagnie is the French airline which launched commercial service around the middle of last year, offering all business class flights between Newark and Paris. Their launch was a bit hectic to say the least, though I also give them credit for staying true to their mission up until this point — they’re offering a (not so great) business class product basically at economy class prices.


In late January La Compagnie announced that they would launch flights between Newark and London as of March 29, 2015.


Ultimately this represented a change in business plan for them — initially La Compagnie was going to add additional frequencies between Newark and Paris, but I guess the demand wasn’t there, so they figured they’d give London a shot instead.

They published amazing ~$1,000 roundtrip business class fares on the route, which is crazy cheap. I encouraged people to book this, since you can barely get economy for that price on the route, let alone business class.


Anyway, I plan on giving La Compagnie another shot on the new flight between Newark and London. So I went to their website to look up fares today, and noticed something interesting when I searched.


When you enter Newark to London on the website it now shows April 24, 2015, as the first date on which the route is bookable.


Given their track record, my guess is that the new service is delayed until at least April 24, 2015. And I’d guess that’s optimistic.

The good news is that they’re required to rebook you on another airline if the service is delayed, and I’d expect them to rebook you in business class as well. So this might just be the cheapest mileage earning business class ticket you ever booked between the US and UK. 😉

Have you booked a La Compagnie ticket between Newark and London for travel before April 24, 2015? If so, have they contacted you yet?


  1. They could rebook passengers on their own flights to Paris, with a connection to London on another airline, couldn’t they? Not the best solution for the customer, though…

  2. @ Ricardo — I suppose. Hadn’t thought of that, and it would indeed be pretty inconvenient. Guess we’ll see soon!

  3. So did you book that flight? I’m still interested in trying them out, ideally in the inaugural flight.

  4. @ Juan — Not yet. Like last time I may just book it day of, since their schedule is so unreliable.

  5. If they rebook via Paris they might be obligated to compensate according to the EU rules depending on when they alert passengers to this ( I think they are safe if they alert before 14 days of departure) and how long delay or how much earlier you need to depart

  6. Well I for one sure hope they do make their April 24th inagural flight since we booked 2 tickets for that date! I knew that was taking a chance on a new airline but thought it would be neat to fly on an inaugural flight. The price was just too tempting.

  7. The special $1007 round trip fare is now gone. It is replaced with a new promo of $1800 roundtrip.

  8. Have you heard that they are operating flights from LTN to EWR via CDG and from CDG to EWR via Luton in May? announced as 9h flights but looks unrealistic… Hope those clients didn’t pay the same price as a direct service :s

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