1,000 Free Club Carlson Gold Points Through Twitter

For the second year in a row, Club Carlson will be hosting a #HashtagHotelPromo on Twitter on March 19, 2015. Through this promotion they’ll be giving away lots of prizes, including points, travel accessories, etc. (you can find the full list of prizes here).


While it’s a couple of weeks until the actual “Twitter party,” you can register now to earn 1,000 bonus Gold Points.


The process is easy — you just have to complete the registration form and follow @clubcarlson on Twitter.


In order to be eligible for the 1,000 bonus points you must have an active Twitter account for at least 30 days, and only the first 5,000 people that register are eligible. Bonus points should post within 4-6 weeks. Here are the full terms:

You must be a Club CarlsonSM member and have had an active Twitter account for a minimum of 30 days to receive 1,000 bonus Gold Points® (the “Bonus Award”). To earn your Bonus Award, complete the registration form on the Club Carlson blog (http://blog.clubcarlson.com/) and “follow” the Club Carlson Twitter handle (www.twitter.com/clubcarlson). One Bonus Award per Club Carlson member. A maximum of 5,000,000 Bonus Awards are available. We will credit your account with the Bonus Award within 4-6 weeks.

While I’m not sure I’ll “attend” the #HashtagHotelPromo, that’s an easy 1,000 points, if you ask me!

(Tip of the hat to Mommy Points)


  1. I’ve “registered” by authorizing Twitter thing, and followed them. My question is : how do they know what my Club Carlson account is? That info was never asked for.

  2. @Blake After I followed them on twitter the website changed to a register web page. It asked for my Club Carlson email address, account number, and twitter handle (if I remember correctly). I almost ignored it thinking I had already done that. After I hit register it said I’d get my points in 4-6 weeks.

  3. @Blake I had the same issue — I was already following them, so when I clicked “Follow @ClubCarlson” and the page popped up to follow them, I clicked “unfollow” and then clicked “follow” again. That prompted the page to close and open the registration page to link your number/e-mail to your Club Carlson number.

  4. @Andrew, @Jim Thank you for the quick responses — I took your advice and went back and there it was! Thanks again.

  5. Nevermind, figured it out finally. You have to start “fresh” for the promo to work. Unfollow Club Carlson, un-install their tracking application from Twitter, and then re-follow & install the app. Then the form allows you to press the ‘submit’ button!

    Here’s the direct link: http://cchashtaghotel.herokuapp.com/#/form

    Hope this helps someone!


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