Cathay Pacific Returns As US Amex Transfer Partner

Yesterday I posted about how Cathay Pacific Asia Miles disappeared from the Membership Rewards transfer page over the weekend.


Asia Miles is a 1:1 transfer partner with Amex Membership Rewards, and can be useful for some oneworld redemptions, especially in light of the British Airways Executive Club devaluation.

Anyway, I followed up with American Express, and they said they were just working on some website maintenance. Cathay Pacific Asia Miles has once again returned to the Membership Rewards transfer page.


That’s as I expected, given that they’d almost certainly give advance notice if the partnership were discontinued.

This isn’t nearly as big of a deal as when Chase Ultimate Rewards and Korean Air SkyPass temporarily suspended their partnership late last year, whereby it wasn’t possible to transfer points between the two programs for over two months.

It does remind me of just how sharp and observant you guys are, though. Nothing gets past y’all, given how many comments and emails I got from people concerned the American Express/Cathay Pacific partnership was ending.


  1. I am a bit confused about Asia Miles. You can redeem them on JAL and Cathay, right? Are they the actual reward plan with the airlines or are they like a generic miles that deposits to asian carriers?

    Also, as a Canadian amex holder I am envious of the partner transfers in the states! We only have Aeroplan 1:1, British Airways 1:1, Alitalia 1000:750, Delta 1000:750 and Etihad 1000:750 as airline partners.

    WestJet would be nice as well as KLM, VA, and SQ or even JetBlue!

  2. @ Aeroman380 — Asia Miles is the name of Cathay Pacific’s frequent flyer program. Those miles can be used on JAL since they belong to the same alliance.

  3. Ben
    Speaking of Cathay, when I search for award space on Alaska I never see CX flights.
    Are they going away as a partner?

  4. @ ffi — Nope, Cathay space has never shown on Alaska’s site. You have to call to book that space.

  5. Dear Lucky,

    Through your experience, what is the likelihood of snatching two First Class award seats on CX? I was told this is next to impossible.

    For American sector, say HKG – JFK or HKG – SFO and returning too.

  6. @ SA — In advance it’s unlikely, as Cathay mostly releases just one seat per flight in first class nowadays when the schedule opens. That being said, close to departure the chances are much better.

  7. Hi Ben

    Does Alaska have access to the same cathay award space that one would see from searching the avios site?

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