Club Carlson Offering Targeted Triple Points Promotion

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I usually don’t write about targeted promotions, but I think the context on this one is sufficiently interesting to warrant a post.

Hotel promotions used to be much more generous

Back in the day Hyatt offered a “Faster Free Nights” promotion year after year, which is arguably the most lucrative promotion the hotel industry has ever seen. For every two stays you’d make you’d earn one free night at any Hyatt in the world. Two nights at your local $80 per night Hyatt would earn you a free night at the $1,000+ per night Park Hyatt Sydney.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room

And that was only the beginning, since at the time there were tons of stackable bonuses. Hyatt was literally paying you to stay at their hotels.

Anyway, as the economy has improved and hotel rooms are full, we’re seeing promotions get progressively less generous. As a matter of fact, I’m kind of surprised the major hotel chains even offer promotions anymore, since they almost never seem worth switching business over.

Club Carlson has been the exception

The one exception has been Club Carlson, which has consistently been offering lucrative promotions as they continue to try and increase their loyalty program footprint.

In late January I wrote a post entitled “Mattress Running With Club Carlson’s Current Promotion,” whereby you could stack promotions almost to the point that you were getting paid to stay at Club Carlson properties.

Well, it looks like staying at Club Carlson properties has gotten even sweeter for me this month, as I received a targeted offer for triple base points through March 31, 2015.


The terms of the promotion are as follows:

This Triple Points promotion (“Promotion”) is valid for 40 bonus Gold Points® per U.S. Dollar spent (“Bonus Points”) in addition to the standard 20 Gold Points per U.S. Dollar spent on Eligible Stays between March 2, 2015 and March 31, 2015. Promotion is available exclusively for the Club CarlsonSM member number associated with the email address to which the Promotion invitation email was sent, is non-transferable and may not be resold, auctioned or bartered. Bonus Points will be credited to your account when the standard Gold Points are credited for the Eligible Stay. Bonus Points are not eligible to earn Elite member bonus points or other bonus point offers.

As I said above, the promotion is targeted and registration isn’t required, so if you didn’t receive the email you’re not eligible. Unfortunately there’s also not a website for the offer, so there’s nothing I can “show” for it.

Without any promotions, Club Carlson is already extremely generous in terms of the number of points they award for hotel stays:

That means when paying with Club Carlson’s co-branded credit card and staying as a Gold member, you’re earning 37x points per dollar spent. Just through the triple points promotion you’re earning 77x points per dollar spent, since you earn an extra 40x points per dollar spent (triple base points).

This is in addition to Club Carlson’s other promotions:

Booking three nights at the Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport would cost an average of $129.33 per night with the Mega Points rate:


The total cost for three nights would be $436.11:


And for that you’d earn:

  • 30,000 points through the “Extend Your Stay, Earn 30K” promo
  • 10,000 points for your first booking if you registered for the promotion early
  • 30,000 points for the “Mega Points” promotion
  • ~16,000 points for being a Gold member and paying with the Club Carlson Visa Card
  • ~17,000 points for the Triple Points promotion

That’s ~103,000 points for $436.11. Valuing Club Carlson points at ~0.4 cents each, that’s like a free hotel stay. And you can get a lot more value out of their points in conjunction with their credit card, since the second night of every award stay is free.

Bottom line

Again, the above promotion is targeted, so not everyone will be eligible for it. That being said, I thought it would be fun to crunch the updated numbers on this promotion. It really is very odd that Club Carlson is offering so many stackable promotions at once. Most hotels are franchised and the hotel management companies just receive fees. So I am very curious how the Club Carlson loyalty program can justify being this rewarding… not that I’m complaining! 😉

Has the slew of Club Carlson hotel promos caused you to switch any stays to them? Did you also get targeted for the triple points promo?

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  1. I was also targetted for the above offer. Unfortunately I have no hotels stays planned this month and San Francisco is far too expensive to be doing any MR. Wonder if it is based on whether or not the recipient has had paid stays with CC as we did a couple of stays in 2014 with them. I know CC does not get a lot of love, but I think they are a great program if anyone has Nordic ambitions.

  2. Damn. Didn’t get the email. I just spent $450+ last week in Stockholm and another $450 tonight in Copenhagen too, 3 nights each instead of using my points just to take advantage of the Extend Your Stay promo.


  3. Damn… I have an upcoming stay but didnt receive this.. this would have been handy along with the 30k bonus.
    All these super promotions make me wonder: is a devaluation imminent in Club carlson

  4. Vicky – FYI. I have had paid stays with CC in 2014 and 2015 – and was not targeted. I pretty much stay weekly, so maybe this is targeted for people not staying that often.

  5. I got targeted for this and also the 10,000 points for your first booking for the “Extend Your Stay, Earn 30K” promo. No hotels for the MEGAPTS nearby to me and my other travel plans are already set for March. Still very lucrative for me, found 3 nights for about $240 that should net me about 55k CC points.

    I haven’t stayed at a club carlson property in about a year, my status just dropped from Gold to Silver too.

  6. “You earn a 35% bonus (an additional 3x points per dollar spent) if you’re a Club Carlson Gold member, which you receive just for having the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card.”
    Isn’t this an additional 7x per dollar (35% of 20) or do I not get it?

  7. Got the offer, though I had to search for it. It has a kind of unassuming subject line: “We have a private offer waiting for you”.

  8. I think the 16K is the regular 20 per $ + gold bonus 7 per $ + the credit card 10 per $. That makes 37 times 436.11 = 16, 136.

    The thing throwing me is that I don’t think they give points for tax. So the $388 time 37 would be 14,356.

  9. Has it made me consider staying at Club Carlson properties? You bet. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Radissons I’ve stayed at. I have the CC card and received the lucky email. I’ve been Diamond with Hilton for over a decade but now stay at Hilton only if I can’t work a hotel promo in the city I’m staying in. Hilton exec lounges in the US, if the hotel actually has one, are across the board awful. There hasn’t been anything pulling me in Hilton’s direction in a very long (since devaluation) time. Club Carlson is a welcome addition.

  10. You don’t get points for the tax portion (except maybe 10/$ for the credit card spend). Thus, even with ebates, you are spending about $414 for just under 100k points. That is $0.41 per point. If you just happen to need a 3 night stay that you can take at one of the megapoints hotels and you have been targeted for all of these promotions, then it would definitely be worthwhile shifting your stay to that hotel. However, I don’t think it would be worthwhile mattress running just for the points.

    You can also do it for lower net cost at a non-megapoints hotel, but your cost per point is even higher.

  11. I made Concierge by staying 30 times in 2014 (mostly two night award stays and one night revenue stays). I received both the 10,000 point and triple points offers. Have over 500,000 points in the bank (mostly from credit card spend), will be doing 2 night award stays at lots of European hotels this spring/summer.

  12. Stayed at the Radisson Blu Minny a couple of weeks ago for the initial promo. I did get the 10K kicker. I very much enjoyed the stay. Being a lifetime Plat member of SPG, it pained me to not stay at the Chambers…but, I enjoyed the Radisson Blu. And, I really enjoyed the Mega Points I earned. I have a CC Visa and the stay was pretty sweet. Have to find some cheap nearby CC properties in March. This will be tough.

  13. Stayed at 4 different properties (total of 5 rooms) 3 nights each in 4 different countries with 2 of them being cash stays and 3 points just this year so far. Also had 2 point stays last summer. No megapoints offer 🙁

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