Earn 15,000 Starpoints This Weekend With The SPG/Uber Partnership

Yesterday I wrote about the new partnership between SPG and Uber, which is a huge value-add for SPG members.

Here’s a video introducing the new partnership:

Active SPG members earn one extra Starpoint per dollar spent with Uber (up to $10,000 per year), and if you use an Uber in conjunction with a stay at a Starwood property, you earn even more Starpoints than that.


As someone that lives in hotels, it looks like I’ll be earning four Starpoints and two Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent on most of my Uber rides from now on.

To celebrate the new partnership, SPG and Uber are offering a pretty awesome promo this weekend in five cities. Here’s how it’s described:

To kickoff the partnership, Uber and Starwood are teaming up to surprise and delight SPG members and Uber riders with an “SPG #SuiteRide” in five cities around the world. On Saturday, February 28 Uber riders who link their Starwood and Uber accounts can select the “SPG” vehicle option within the Uber app for a door-to-door branded hotel experience on wheels and 15,000 Starpoints – good for a free night at category 1-5 Starwood hotel.

#SuiteRide members will experience the unique features and amenities from Starwood’s nine distinct brands— St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, W, Westin, Le Meridien, Sheraton, Four Points by Sheraton, Aloft, and Element in their SPG-branded Uber including:

  • Westin Hotels – an invitation to indulge in its signature well-being amenities, including a 10-minute Headspace meditation session, a Westin Heavenly Robe, and a Westin White Tea Travel Set.
  • W Hotels – a blend of iconic design and contemporary luxury will immerse riders in an extraordinary experience featuring LED mood lighting, music inspired by W, and a Bliss Spa travel pack.
  • St. Regis – a luxurious ride combining classic sophistication with modern sensibility where riders will enjoy fresh flowers; jazz music; Beyond, The St. Regis Magazine; and the St Regis Bloody Mary book.
  • Aloft – a modern, fresh and fun experience including a mini-refuel kit and free wifi for the tech savvy traveler.

These one-of-a-kind, limited SPG Ubers will hit the road in the following cities around the world: Dubai, London, Mexico City, New York, and San Francisco from 2 pm – 7 pm local time.

Here’s what I’ve gathered, based on reading the terms:

  • A total of 460 SPG members will be eligible to participate in the promotion across five cities
  • Your SPG and Uber accounts must be linked in order to take part in the promotion
  • To be eligible you have to look for an SPG branded car on the Uber app between 2PM and 7PM this Saturday
  • If you’re selected, your ride in an SPG-branded Uber will be free, you’ll receive amenities specific to one of the nine SPG hotel brands, and you’ll earn 15,000 Starpoints

Now, I assume this will be a bit of a lottery, since there will likely be lots of demand for a limited number of Ubers (fewer than 100 rides in each of the above five cities, on average). That being said, this is a pretty awesome prize, so I think it’s worth giving it a shot.

Chris McGinnis got to ride in one of these promotional Ubers this week and has the scoop, which gives you a good idea of what the experience would be like.

Do you plan on trying to take part in this awesome SPG/Uber promotion?

Here are the full terms of the promotion:

SPG-Uber #Suite Ride Promotion Terms and Conditions

By using the SPG-Uber #SuiteRide Limited Offer (the “Promotion”), you agree to the following:

  • The Promotion is a limited offer for SPG Members who have linked their SPG account to Uber and utilize the SPG branded vehicle on the Uber platform on February 28, 2015 between the hours of 2pm and 7pm local time in the following cities: New York, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Mexico City.
  • SPG Members who meet the terms set forth in these Promotion terms and conditions will receive a local, one-way complimentary ride in the SPG branded vehicle through the Uber platform along with special hotel amenities during the ride. In addition, SPG Members will be eligible to receive 15,000 Starpoints.
  • The availability of SPG branded vehicles on the Uber platform will be limited during the Promotion hours. Neither SPG nor Uber can guarantee that there will be enough SPG branded vehicles on the Uber platform to meet demand during the Promotion. Approximately 460 SPG Members will be eligible to receive the benefits of the Promotion across the five cities.
  • SPG Members who have met the qualifications for this Promotion will receive 15,000 Starpoints. The Starpoints will be deposited into their SPG account within 3-4 weeks from February 28, 2015 and upon all verifications and validations by SPG and Uber. In order to receive the Starpoints, SPG Members must link their SPG account to their Uber account within 30 days of using the SPG branded vehicle through the Uber platform.
  • The complimentary ride offer is valid only for a local, one way ride in the SPG branded vehicle on the Uber platform during the Promotion.
  • SPG Members may only take advantage of this Promotion once during the Promotion hours.
  • Only an SPG Member who has used their Uber account to utilize the SPG branded vehicle on the Uber platform is eligible to receive the benefits of the Promotion. All other occupants or passengers in the SPG branded vehicle on the Uber platform will not receive the benefits of the Promotion or any of the awards.
  • The 15,000 Starpoints cannot be transferred, duplicated or sold and there is no cash value.
  • In the event either SPG or Uber suspect that the use or redemption of the Promotion was in error, fraudulent, illegal or in violation of these SPG-Uber Promotion Terms and Conditions or in violation of the SPG-Uber Benefits Program Terms, SPG and Uber reserve the right to withhold or deduct Starpoints or Uber credits, as applicable, from your SPG and/or Uber accounts, respectively.
  • The Promotion may be terminated or modified at any time and without any liability on the part of SPG or Uber.
  • The Promotion will be used for its intended and lawful purpose and pursuant to the SPG-Uber Benefits Program Terms and the SPG Terms and Conditions and Uber Terms of Use.
  • Only one Promotion per SPG Member is allowed.
  • The Promotion is void where prohibited by law.


  1. I like the promo, but it’s not particularly useful for people who are not in one of five cities around the world. Good start though.

    Maybe I’m just a bit jealous that DC is not an option. 🙂

  2. So I managed to link my newly created SPG account with my Uber account. It says that the link has been successful, and that to start earning SPG points on Uber rides I must first complete a qualifying stay at a SPG hotel. Fair enough.

    But, do you think I will still be eligible for this promotion without a stay under my belt? The T&C of this promotion seem to indicate not. But I just wanted to double check!

  3. Just looking at the T&C, it sounds like you just have to link accounts, not actually be eligible to earn points via the link. Although that is a very literal reading of the rules, and not necessarily how they are intended.


    15k Starpoints IS something and Uber is running a very small businees in China, compared with some local apps. Hope that one day I can enjoy this promo!

  5. I live in NYC. I have just successfully linked the accounts. I now just need to see if I can catch a SPG-branded vehicle on Saturday!

    (I am still not sure how the SPG-branded car will look like in the Uber app)…

  6. DCS, they had some screenshot on the Uber blog. The SPG vehicles will look purplish on the app — but there’s really no mistaking it because you’ll have to slide the selector over to SPG anyways to see availability.

    Really happy about this partnership. As someone who uses Uber a ton for work and personal use, this is a bonanza of SPG points moving forward.

  7. I just spent an hour on the phone to SPG asking whether an award stay I took in January will constitute a “qualifying stay.” Award stays no longer show up in the list of your SPG stay history, so it’s ambiguous as to whether that will trigger the promotion. They had no answer. Any insight?

  8. This is awesome!! Live in NYC SPG Plat and use Uber for work every day!!!!!!!
    We need more promos like this!

  9. I have the same question as @Louis:

    Where does it state that a stay is required to be eligible for the 15,000 bonus points?

  10. @pavel – the Uber app has been modified to include SPG as one of the possible vehicles. However, I have repeatedly pushed the “REQUEST SPG” button and keep getting “NO SPG RIDES AVAILABLE”. I am at midtown on the East side Manhattan (near Queensboro bridge, around 2nd Ave and 60th St), which is a busy intersection but no luck so far…

  11. Against all odds, I just got a SuiteRide in SF. I kept trying to request one while waiting for a bus to arrive, and when the bus arrived and I boarded, I tried again, dropping the pin at the next bus stop. Somehow, the request was actually accepted. Very excited about the Starpoints.

  12. @Aaron: congrats! you are lucky one! btw which street did you able to catch the SPG ride? I have been trying on Market st near Powell BART for 45 mins but no luck….

  13. @Aaron:

    Aahhhhh…too far….sigh…..oh well better luck next time…
    How was the SPG car? anything different from regular one and what did you get besides the free rides and SPG points? 🙂

  14. Lucky, I took two Uber rides yesterday in hope of being the lucky 15,000 SPG point winer/rider. Is it some kind of surprise if the points pop into your SPG account or would I have known it when I got in the car? Neither driver had a clue as to what I was talking about “SPG UBER” team up.
    Clueless in NYC

  15. I’m seeing Pavel and DCS comments. I don’t see and purple cars. Nor SPG options on the app, nothing. Still will accept the point per dollar but the Uber app yesterday was a joke.

  16. @ dana — Nope, the Uber cards should have specifically showed up as such in the app if they were available. Unfortunately if you didn’t select one at booking then you won’t get one.

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