Earn Starpoints For Uber Rides

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Starwood really seems to be leading the way on the hotel front when it comes to creating new value-add partners with other travel providers.

In early 2013 Crossover Rewards was launched, whereby SPG and Delta members receive reciprocal points and benefits (though there are quite a few exclusions). On the airline front that was later extended to Emirates with the introduction of Your World Rewards. Starwood also has a partnership with Caesars in Las Vegas.


Earn Starpoints for Uber rides

It looks like Starwood is leading the way in expanding this benefit to yet another aspect of the travel experience — SPG members can now earn Starpoints for Uber rides!


Through this new partnership, Starwood Preferred Guest members earn:

  • One Starpoint per dollar spent on all Uber rides
  • Bonus Starpoints when using Uber in conjunction with a hotel stay, as follows:
    • Preferred members earn two Starpoints per dollar spent
    • Gold/Platinum members earn three Starpoints per dollar spent
    • Platinum members with 75 nights earn four Starpoints per dollar spent


Regarding the bonus Starpoints for Uber rides during your hotel stay, it seems like they define Uber rides during that period as being “where the pick-up for such Uber Usage occurs during the Stay Eligibility Period.” In other words, it seems like any Uber rides that are during an eligible SPG stay would qualify for the enhanced earnings structure.

While some of the airline partnerships are only limited to elite members of both programs, all members are eligible for this, though there are two things to note:

  • You can only earn Starpoints for your first $10,000 of spend with Uber per calendar year
  • You must have stayed at an SPG property once so far in the calendar year in order for this promotion to be “activated” (the exception is that for January 1-31, a stay in the prior calendar year is fine)

For more information, check out the FAQs and Terms & Conditions.

How to register for SPG/Uber partnership

The process of registering for the partnership is super easy. Just go to the page describing the SPG/Uber partnership and log into your SPG account.


From there you’ll be prompted to log into your Uber account, and then your accounts will be linked. It really is that easy.


Best credit cards to use for Uber rides

Keep in mind that the above Starpoints are in addition to the points you’d usually earn for credit card spend with Uber. So you’re best off using the following credit cards to pay for your Uber ride:

SPG/Uber bottom line

This is an awesome new program. I love SPG and I love Uber, so earning bonus Starpoints for Uber rides I’d take anyway is great! I’m not sure it’ll actually sway my behavior as a consumer, but it’s awesome for sure.

How do you feel about the new SPG & Uber partnership?

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  1. Wow awesome by SPG!

    So one SPG stay is needed per calendar year to receive these points, I guess they need some requirement to make money from this

  2. @ ABC — Yep, sorry for not being clear. Was trying to say that all Membership Rewards earning cards offer two points, but that of those cards the EveryDay and EveryDay Preferred offer you the most points.

  3. The FAQs seem pretty clear that you earn the bonus points on all Ubers all day long from the day you check in to the day you check out. So you could even earn the bonus points on your Uber to and from the airport in your home city (assuming your flights aren’t overnight). This is actually pretty awesome, especially since often even if you were to have the hotel book you a car to the airport and bill it to your room, those charges typically aren’t eligible to earn Starpoints.

  4. Note that SPG will receive the following info from Uber if you choose to link your accounts:
    1) Access to your full name, email, photo and promo code.
    2) Access to all of your Uber activity. This includes all pickup and drop-off locations and times, fare amount, distances traveled, and Uber products used.

    Until SPG stops collecting everything in #2 above, I don’t plan to link my SPG & Uber accounts.

  5. It did not work for me. SPG says the email address on Uber and SPG accounts have to be the same. In my case I use my business email for Uber since most of my Uber trips are business paid. What a stupid rule!!!!

  6. @ Santastico — Have you thought of maybe temporarily changing your SPG email then while linking accounts?

  7. @lucky: Well, not sure if that will work if I then change it back later. It basically forces me to change my Uber email address to be the same of my SPG account which is not very smart. I probably understand they are trying to make sure people are not gaming the system but in my case I have to know both accounts login and passwords to link so it should be no problem if the email addresses are different.

  8. Do we think stay credits earned through the SPG credit card will make you eligible to start earning points on Uber?

  9. @ Larry — TPG posted in his comments that he had asked that question and the answer was no — it actually has to be a real stay.

    Anyway, this is pretty nice news because there are no negatives — you don’t have to sacrifice any other earning opportunity so if you stay in SPG properties and take Uber this is just free points.

  10. I currently have my SPG Amex linked to uber. This means that I’ll now earn 2X points when not staying at an SPG property, right? (I’ve already had a SPG stay this year)

  11. @ Ben — Correct. Though you could switch to a card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred and earn one Starpoint plus two Ultimate Rewards points.

  12. I’m guessing this isn’t retroactive. I’ve already stayed at a two Starwood properties and spent over $200 on Uber so far this year. My Gold status would have earned me over 500 Starpoints so far.

    Lucky, free rides are actually just a $20 credit towards the cost of a ride so if I took a ride on Uber that ended up costing $25 total the question is would I earn Starpoints on the whole $25 or just the $5? Or will Uber be real dicks about it and not give you any Starpoints even though you did pay something out of pocket if the ride is over $20.

  13. Does anyone know if the initial stay for eligibility must be a paid stay or if it could be on starpoints? Due to my current travel I’ve been forced to spend a lot of time in Marriotts, but may have a chance to get my first starwood stay this year and was hoping to use points. Thanks

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