And We’re Back (With New Blog Features)!

Thanks for your patience yesterday. As I explained, the blog was undergoing some scheduled maintenance in the evening, which went smoothly this time around. While the blog should have still been visible as usual, comments were disabled for a couple of hours.

The updates weren’t nearly as big as the blog redesign from last summer, but some minor (hopefully positive) changes have been made!

So, what’s new?

Mobile Sucks Less

One of the big challenges around here has been the mobile version of the blog. I know many of you interact with the site on mobile, so starting today you’ll see what I hope is an improved mobile navigation and a smoother, more responsive, design.

OMAAT-new-site-1 OMAAT-new-site-2

The issues with ads getting cut off and the entire site “sliding” rather than scrolling should be better now as well.

Trip Reports

The biggest changes with this update are to the Trip Report Index. You’ll now see airline, lounge, and hotel reviews listed by date, with the most recent reports in each category listed first.


You can also sort alphabetically if you want to skim reports by name.


Beyond that (and this is awesome), the trip reports are now searchable. If you want to pull up reviews of all the Park Hyatts, for example, you can do that:


Or if you wanted to compare the different A380 products, you can do that:


And if you wanted to look at all the lounge reviews at the Los Angeles LAX airport, you can do that:


And, if you’re like me and fear change, you can still click “List View” and go back to what you’re used to seeing:


Bear with me on the older trip reports from 2010 and earlier. I used to combine reviews of several elements into a single blog post, so those don’t sort as “neatly” as I’d like.

We’ll get there.

Bottom line

As I mentioned earlier, this is just a minor refresh. There are lots of features I’m hoping to add over the coming months, and this is the first step.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks as always for reading!


  1. This may be related to other comments I’ve seen but at this time this is the latest blog article. There’s no “previous article” button but there is a “next article” button. It should be the other way around….

  2. Wow!!! This is great! Your blog is already my “go to” index for flight and hotel reivews and this such made the search process easier. Thanks!

  3. Fantastic! I was just wondering if flying BA F was worth the extra AA miles, money, and LHR hassle. This makes it much easier to find those reviews.

    (I’d personally jump through a couple hoops to make some F or J connections work; not so for BA)

  4. Lucky – I started out in this game with some other blogs but must say, you are probably the best blogger out there. Keep it up.

  5. Your blog is such a quality product (good German engineering, I guess!) but can I make one suggestion to your tech team if it has not already been considered? I know you can’t possibly answer every question but your “Ask Lucky” section would be easier to follow if your replies were directly connected to the original questions and the section had a search feature. I just feel like there is a ton of useful information in there but the disjointed format discourages me from taking full advantage of it. Anyway, great job despite the recent anti-bacon thing.

  6. @ Mike — Thanks for the feedback! I actually considered changing from chronological to nested comments and did a blog poll, and most people voted for the former:

    The issue is that I can’t change the style on the Ask Lucky page without changing them throughout the entire blog. That being said, stay tuned, because I have a fun solution for the Ask Lucky page soon.

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