Will AAdvantage And Dividend Miles Merge Around March 20, 2015?

Last October American announced the details of the 2015 AAdvantage program, including that the AAdvantage and Dividend Miles programs will merge sometime in the second quarter of 2015.


An exact date for the integration of the two programs hasn’t yet been announced, though it looks like we might now have reason to believe that AAdvantage and Dividend Miles will merge around March 20, 2015, which is a bit ahead of schedule (which I know they’ve been aiming for all along).

Specifically, US Airways has posted that their Dividend Miles partnership with Jet Airways will end as of March 20, 2015:

Our partnership with Jet Airways will end on March 20, 2015. You can request retroactive credit through March 25, 2015 for Jet Airways flights flown before March 20, 2015. For all travel on Jet Airways after March 20th 2015, members may earn millage under their existing or newly issued American Airlines AAdvantage account. The AAdvantage number must be entered into the reservation. For details on the AAdvantage / Jet Airways partnership please visit: http://www.aa.com/i18n/AAdvantage/earnMiles/travel/airlines/jetAirways.jsp.


That does seem to suggest that the programs will merge around then. Though that’s not the only “evidence” that leads to such a conclusion.

For a long time US Airways offered the Preferred Trial Program, whereby you could earn all the way up to top tier Chairman’s Preferred status based on how much you flew in a 90 day period.

The ability to sign-up for a Preferred Trial was discontinued on December 21, 2014. Given that the trial lasts 90 days, it would make sense that they discontinued that offering at least 90 days before Dividend Miles disappears into thin air. Now, is it a coincidence that December 21, 2014 (when the trial was discontinued), is exactly 90 days from March 21, 2015 (when the above seems to suggest the programs will be integrated)? I doubt it!

So while it’s not set in stone, I do strongly believe that Dividend Miles will be merged into AAdvantage around March 20-21, 2015.

Now is a good time to think about whether you want to redeem your Dividend Miles balance before the program is integrated into AAdvantage!

What do you make of this — do you think the timing is just a coincidence, or is Dividend Miles merging into AAdvantage around March 20, 2015?

(Tip of the hat to The Winglet)


  1. I think that maybe March 25th may be in the running too, since you can request retroactively through that date.

  2. What impact does this potential date have on newly approved Barclays US Airways card members? If bonus points from signup post AFTER 3/20….

  3. @ Matt E. — Presumably they’d just then go straight into an AAdvantage account. I wouldn’t be worried about that.

  4. Do you think they will give notice? We are considering transferring some Starwood points to US Airways so that they can become AA miles.


  5. @ Jon P — Right, though American has been all about “under promising and over delivering” with the merger, and that would fall under that slogan.

  6. @ Gary P — I do think we’ll get a few weeks notice. And keep in mind you can also transfer Starpoints directly to American, if that’s actually your goal.

  7. How about March 3? That’s always a great day to merge elements of an airline.Not like I know an airline that “misplaced” a transatlantic reservation on a March 3…

  8. March 20 would provide a significant savings from a mailing standpoint. That is about the time they would normally begin mailing 2015 elite status cards and mailers. They would avoid having to send out Dividend Mile status packets plus a second mailer to anyone whose elite level increases when the 2014 elite status qualifying balances are combined. Why else would they have asked us all to connect our accounts months ago?

  9. I just received a credit card invite for US Airway Barclay with 50,000 miles sign up bonus with 4/3/15 expiration date. Does this mean the two programs will not merge until 4/3?

  10. App Store –> Updated February 24, 2015 –> US Aiways –> Details – This update brings us one step closer in our merger with American Airlines.

  11. Lucky,

    In your estimation, would this render the two US SWUs (attained via challenge) useless, post 3/20? Any chance we could see unused US SWUs rebirthed as AA SWUs (that is, in addition to the regular 8 SWUs which await us?)

  12. Hope you’re wrong on this one. I also was hoping to get in a last minute booking to Australia in March 2016 using USair flexible routing.

  13. @miles down under. I’d be very happy if the routing rules in the combined program were more like current US rules. So far I think I’ve seen more wishful thinking than predictions on the subject. But we can hope. LUCKY — any thoughts/ predictions on this subject?

  14. I for one hope thats not the case. I have a DM ticket that has had a schedule change that creates some issues, i was hoping CX would open up some availability closer to departure. If there merge occurs what happens then? US DM ticket that I need to call AA to rebook?


  15. @ Eleetrav — Rules will absolutely be the same as they currently are with AAdvantage. There are no plans to change that. For all practical purposes, Dividend Miles is simply disappearing.

  16. @ Joyce — I wouldn’t read too much into it, as Barclaycard may initially still have a contract for issuing an AAdvantage card.

  17. Thanks Lucky for the link. I guess my issue is what about involuntary changes? The current ticket is one that wouldn’t work under AA rules for routing and stopover rules. If there’s a schedule change that leaves a connection below minimum connecting time, and therefore requires a change, could/would AA say i’m out of luck? Departure and destination cities would stay the same, but i can’t see the required change not needing a reissue.

  18. Any speculation on how awards booked with USDM will be treated by AA if changes of date/class of service are requested?

  19. @ SG — If it’s an involuntary change due to a schedule change I would guess they’d let you keep the same routing if space opens up, assuming there’s not a more “direct” option under the new rules. But I doubt you’d be out of luck, so to speak.

  20. @Lucky, thanks! Looking to book an open jaw on QR within the Middle East (45K with USDM vs. 70K with AA for their “business class priced as first class”) so seems like an easy choice to book now and if changes are needed wait until after the programs merge.

  21. Thanks, I guess my concern is that the route does need to change due to the schedule change. Segment 1 is the first flight of the day and since ticketing has been pushed back which means the connection between segment 1 & 2 is below MCT. Ideally seats would open up on the nonstop combiing those 2 segments into 1 but it’s to the stopover city, and stopovers aren’t allowed under AA rules. Which is going to complicate things. This should be fun! lol


  22. @ SG — Happy not to be in your shoes. 😉 I think you’ll be fine, but can’t know for sure, unfortunately.

  23. Hey Ben, I’m really interested in how this is going to play out with the US Airways Companion passes. I’ve heard conflicting reports from US Airways and AA (they will be reissued for use on AA, they will not). Do you have any info on that?

  24. I’m confused about one thing with the merger. Different partner airlines have different earning rates for AA and US. Do all earning rates convert to AA after the merger regardless of when or with which airline you booked the flight (which I’m assuming is yes)?

  25. @ leah — Haven’t heard anything there one way or another. I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue to be valid on US Airways since they are still on separate reservations platforms, but not on American.

  26. Hi Ben! Do you know what will happen if I cancel a Dividend Award after the integration into AAdvantage. Will the full mileage be credited into the new AAdvantage account?

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