Video Of Passenger Verbally Assaulting Flight Attendant Over Not Being Sold Chocolate

Goodness gracious! A video has gone viral the past day or so of a fight between a passenger and flight attendant on an Israir flight to Varna. In the video, the flight attendant refuses to sell the angry lady chocolate from the duty free cart, and she proceeds to go on a tirade. I’m not sure why he wouldn’t sell her the chocolate. I assume it’s because of how she was treating the crew or because the duty free service was done.

But the tirade she and her sister go on are simply unbelievable, including her sister saying “sell her the chocolate, what is she, an Arab?”

Here’s the video:

People suck! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone that excited about overpaying for chocolate…

Can anyone that speaks the language get a bit more context on what’s going on based on the interaction?


  1. Found online:

    This is a transcript of the video from Israelā€™s Walla! News, translated by Israel expert Dena Shunra. Be warned, it contains very foul language:

    Passenger A: Youā€™re gonna sell me chocolate, do you understand that? You work for me, I paid money for you.

    Flight attendant: I donā€™t work for you. You wish Iā€™d be working for you.

    Passenger A: I want the chocolate. What reason do you have not to sell me the chocolate? I want the chocolate. What is this? I want the chocolate.

    Flight attendant: If you think that if youā€™ll raise your voice and be a little more violent ā€“ then youā€™ll probably not get what you want.

    Passenger B (Aā€™s sister, shouting from the other side of the plane): Sell her the chocolate, what is she, an Arab? Kuss rabak [Arabic expletive], sell chocolate! Do you hear? She paid the flight price, sell her chocolate! Yalla! Tone it down quick! Sell her chocolate quick! You piece of garbage. What do you mean heā€™s not selling her chocolate? Piece of garbage. You are not going to sell my sister chocolate?

    Flight attendant (to Passenger B): mark my words. Varna? Youā€™re not going to get there.

    Passenger seated near passenger A: I put my dick on you, and on Varna, your motherā€™s motherā€™s cunt, you maniac, you son of a whore, you fucker, you piece of a son of a thousandā€¦

  2. I dont know about this but us jewish people always try to confront other folks. I see this all the time on flights to and from Israel. Also surprised you have not been to Varva. Definitely one of the best kept secrets in Eastern Europe. Super cheap, amazing restaurants, and 5 star hotels for under $50 per night. Definitely one of the best cities in Europe.

  3. “Passenger B: Sell her the chocolate, what is she, an Arab?”

    And this racist bitch has the gall to call other people garbage?

  4. We do not see the situation from the beginning. What made them so angry? Why wouldn’t the flight attendant just sell her the chocolate? Wasn’t he trained in customer service? Wasn’t he supposed to calm the situation on board to ensure the safety of the passengers?
    His snappy remark pointing out that they are not going get of the plane is more disturbing to me than the lady asking for a chocolate. ( No comments about the escalation and involvement of the others).
    The flight attendant is behaving as a king on this plane and not being professional at all in my opinion. He could of resolved the situation easily, instead he decided to show his power, therefore while the conflict got escalated, he put the other passengers on board in danger.

  5. hey Ben
    I am from Israel and this is indeed a big issue in the media.
    This was a family flying together. Apparently they boarded the flight with some alcoholic bottles and where drinking heavily. While duty free sales where been conducted these passengers started to go a bit crazy and as so the cabin crew decided the stop the service. At exactly that time one of the passengers in question decided that she wants a chocolate. As the cabin crew refused the things escalated to verbal threats and at some point the man Allmost hit the cabin crew.
    People are very upset over thier behavior but are as well angry with the airline as the airline has not yet decided is to press charges against the passengers. I believe such a case in the states would have been delt with much differently upon landing.

  6. According to the news on Israel, he wouldn’t sell the chocolate because he had shut duty free sales as they were too close to the destination.

  7. Just trying to imagine the reactions if she would have said “Sell her the chocolate, what is she, a Jew?”.

  8. Here’s what happened on that flight.
    Three couples went onboard after drinking 5-6 bottles of Vodka at TLV.
    They were warned to behave, yet throughout the flight they sang, shouted and basically be their nasty selves.
    They even spoke VERY impolitely to a female flight attendant, and this is why the male flight attendant decided the duty-free products sale should stop right at this point.
    What follows is an inexcusable behavior that shocked an entire nation and went viral to an extent the 3 couples were so ashamed of their behavior, that upon returning to TLV – they made sure their faces were covered, trying to ditch the numerous photographers which were there to meet them and get their reaction.
    Personally, I think those people ought to be black-listed from boarding ANY flight for the next couple of years, pay a significant fine and even do some jail time.

  9. wow! I thought this is gonna absolutely be my nationals, for once I am saved the embarrassment! actually I am used to them by now.
    it’s a natural that people are different.. if you “make a scene” or act “weirdly”, it does not mean all your nationals are the same. I am all for revealing the whole truth vs. being politically corrupt & hide the info.

  10. We would all do well to avoid casting racial aspersions on the basis of this outrageous outburst.

    Do Arabs act like pigs sometimes? Certainly. Jews? Clearly. Asians, Latinos, Blacks, Whites…take an ill-tempered person, add alcohol, and saddle-up for a nasty scene. This is a personality issue–not an ethnicity problem.

    It’s hard to believe the Israeli authorities haven’t pressed federal charges against these buffoons. For as much griping as the American public does about the FAA-induced “god complexes” of our air crews, I’m happy to know that such behavior would land these a*swipes in federal custody. Happy to hear that the Israeli public is incensed over this incident.

  11. Foul behavior, foul-mouthed. But actually these types of occurences seems to be increasing, everywhere. I believe you’ve posted several videos on flights originating in Asia (with Asian destinations). I think no single nationality is immune from having idiots/racists. There’re stupid/racist/foul-mouthed drunks everywhere in the world… Sigh. The shame from this being captured on video is great punishment and will haunt them for a long time. I’m sure their employers will be embarrassed, family members, etc.

  12. @Zoom, absolutely not. This was disgusting behavior. She has been castigated by Israelis left and right. Your racist comment notwithstanding.

    @christian, it was definitely a stupid and racist comment. Doesn’t matter whether it had been, “what is she, an Arab, Black, Jew, etc.” It was wrong. But look at the boorish behavior – is that any surprise?

  13. @Josh

    Actually Josh, the “what is she, an arab?” remark is representative of how all the Israeli Arabs are treated, as second class citizens with little to no rights.

    Im surprised you haven’t tried to label me an anti-Semite.

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