Trying Again: Comments Closed For The Next Few Hours

Update: the refresh was successful and comments are live again — thanks for your patience!

Last week I sent the blog in for some minor maintenance, though as is often the case when I’m involved with technology, things didn’t go quite as planned.

Apparently the issues have been resolved, so we’re making another attempt at updates this evening.

Comments will be closed beginning at 7PM Eastern

You can still read the blog (please still read the blog!), but nothing will be “saved” after 7PM. Any new comments won’t be there when the update is finished, so it’s easier to just close them off until everything is updated.

Hopefully it will only take a few hours, and I’ll let you guys know when things are live again.

Thanks as always for reading!


  1. Nice logo on the mobile site but

    1. Cursor on iphone bounces all over the place so impossible to type comments. Also text is very delayed and only your site

    2. Major BOOOOOO on new order Of articles

  2. Earlier comment – I meant that the previous is now next and vice versa

    Is this cursor jumping business a ploy to get more email signups?

    Also since when do you do moderation?

  3. I am pretty disappointed with this post… I wanted to see another cute kitty to pass the time, but nothing 🙁

  4. This update seems to have broken many parts of the blog.

    For example I tend to come directly to the blog once per day. I start with the most recent post and use the previous button to read all the posts back to the first one from the previous day that I read. Today there was no previous button on two posts and on one where there was a previous button it went forward to post I had already read.


  5. @ Left seater — Thanks for the feedback, that wasn’t supposed to happen. Working on getting it fixed right now.

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