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In late January I posted about how Hilton announced that they would change the way they do HHonors promotions as of this year. As I explained, Hilton will be offering two global HHonors promotions annually, rather than the four we became accustomed to. In addition to that they promised to offer targeted promotions throughout the year.

Hilton’s Double Your HHonors promotion

Anyway, Hilton has just announced the details of their first global 2015 promotion, entitled Double Your HHonors.


Through this promotion, members can choose either double HHonors base points or double airline miles for stays at qualifying hotels between March 1 and May 31, 2015.

To qualify, members must register for the promotion prior to checking out from their first stay. At the time of registration you have to state whether you’d like to earn double points or double miles, as you’ll have to keep that preference for the duration of the promotion. In order to earn double miles you need to select “Points and Miles” as your MyWay earning style preference, and must select your preferred airline partner.


As usual there will be a list of non-participating properties, though Hilton won’t be releasing that list until tomorrow, unfortunately (I’d expect lots of hotels to be on it)

Should you earn double miles or double points?

Through this promotion, Hilton is offering the choice between double HHonors base points or double airline miles.


You ordinarily earn 10 HHonors base points per dollar spent at Hilton hotels. That means if you choose to earn double HHonors points you’d earn an additional 10 HHonors points per dollar spent. I value HHonors points at ~0.4 cents each, so that’s like an incremental return of ~4% on Hilton stays.

If you choose to earn double miles, you’d have to select “Points and Miles” as your earning preference. When you do that you earn 10 HHonors base points per dollar spent, plus one airline mile per dollar spent. So if you choose airline miles you’d earn an extra mile per dollar spent. Unless you value a mile at more than 10 HHonors points (at more than ~4.0 cents), that’s not a good deal.

So in almost all cases I think you’re better off earning double HHonors points instead of double miles.

HHonors earnings rates are still quite good

Hilton isn’t my favorite loyalty program, but they do have good points earnings rates for actual hotel stays.

If you choose to exclusively earn HHonors points for your hotel stay, you’d earn:

So all things considered you’re looking at earning 40-42 HHonors points per dollar spent at participating Hilton properties if you’re a Diamond member with one of their co-branded credit card.

Bottom line

This promotion is better than nothing, but that’s about all I can say about it. At best you’re earning an extra ~4% return on your Hilton stays through this promotion, and that doesn’t even factor in all the hotels that probably will choose not to participate.

So I wouldn’t be switching any business to Hilton over this promotion, though if you have any Hilton stays coming up I’d be sure to register.

How do you feel about Hilton’s Double Your HHonors promotion?

The full terms of Hilton HHonors’ promotion are as follows:

Offer valid for eligible stays completed between March 1 and May 31, 2015 (“Promotion Period”) at any participating hotel in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio (click here for hotels that have chosen not to participate). Hilton HHonors™ members must first register at prior to check-out of your first stay within the Promotion Period. Your selection of Double Points or Double Miles applies to all eligible stays completed during the Promotion Period at participating hotels and cannot be changed. Registered HHonors members will receive the selected bonus only for nights completed during the Promotion Period, regardless of a check-in date before the Promotion Period begins or a check-out date after the Promotion Period ends. If registering for Double Miles, you must select Points and Miles as your Double Dip™ Earning Style within your HHonors profile. “Double Points” means you will receive a bonus equal to the number of Base Points earned during a stay. Bonus Points earned on Base Points do not count toward tier qualification. Double Miles are available only with participating airlines. A preferred airline must be selected in your HHonors profile. Airline Miles accrued and awards issued are subject to the Terms and Conditions of each participating airline’s reward program, as applicable. Certain airlines may not participate with the brand at which your stay is consumed. For details on the eligibility of your stay to earn miles, please click here. Please allow six to eight weeks from completion of your stay for points or miles to appear in your HHonors account. Offer is not transferable, is not valid for groups and cannot be combined with other select offers.

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  1. @Lucky continues to mislead: “This promotion is better than nothing, but that’s about all I can say about it. At best you’re earning an extra ~4% return on your Hilton stays through this promotion, and that doesn’t even factor in all the hotels that probably will choose not to participate.

    So I wouldn’t be switching any business to Hilton over this promotion, though if you have any Hilton stays coming up I’d be sure to register.”

    Let’s to the math right and prove, yet again, the above to be totally wrong. As a HHonors Diamond, I long ago set up my point earning options and style so that I would not to leave a single point on the table after every stay. If ‘B’ is the number of base points I earn from the spend on a stay then:

    1. I will earn 0.5B bonus points from the Diamond Elite Bonus
    2. I will earn 0.5B bonus points because I selected my “double dipping” earning style as “points+points”.
    3. I will earn 1.2B bonus (excluding taxes, which would also earn points) by paying for the stay with my HHonors AMEX Surpass Card.

    Now, from this promo, I would earn ‘B’ bonus points by the very definition of “double” points.

    Add it all up and my haul from every stay during the period of this promo will be:

    B + 0.5B + 0.5B + 1.2B + B = 4.2B.

    What this means is that the fraction of my points due to this promo will be:

    B/4.2B = 0.24.

    That is right. Fully 24% of my earnings during the promo period will be due to this promo. Where @Lucky comes up with an increment of 4% is beyond me (actually, not really, but of course, he came up with the least glamorous way to look at this promo by assuming everything is a constant and only the promo points matter).

    In English, the above means that HH Diamonds who are set to maximize the number of points that they earn from every stay would earn

    42 HH points/$

    if $ is their total bill, excluding taces because B = 10 HHpoints/$ by definition.

    At the same time, some HH Diamonds, like me, were recently TARGETED to earn a one-time 100,000 HHonors points bonus [just for being a great and loyal elite member] + 2x bonus points during weekdays and 3x bonus points during weekends, until April 30.

    That means that during this period, assuming the points from the two promos are combinable, which they usually are, I would earn additional:

    0.14B * X + 0.14B * Y = 0.14B * ( X + Y)

    where X is the number of week days and Y the number of weekend nights during a stay.

    Since my stays are usually associated with conferences and can last up to 7 days

    0.14B * 7 = B

    Therefore, until April 30, my earning per stay, including these promo points, will be

    52 points/$

    which is truly lucrative!

    If you go by what @Lucky wrote above, you’d think that none of this is a big deal. It is a HUGE deal. Between the targeted promos and “global” promos that Hilton has promised for the year and the future and has now delivered on in a big way, it is clear why those who get their information from sources other than this and similar blogs that worship Hyatt and SPG are excited about Hilton Honors and find it to be by far one of the most rewarding hotel loyalty programs out there!

    If Hilton’s purported “devaluation” turned you off, well, that too is a fabrication of bloggers. It is a myth and I can elaborate if you wish. In terms of Spend Per Free Night, which is the most OBJECTIVE way to judge and compare different hotel loyalty programs, HHonors points are more valuable than Hyatt’s, Marriott’s and SPG’s in that order. The only programs that do better on that OBJECTIVE metric are IHG and Club Carlson… REALLY! 😉

  2. Lucky, the “Double Your HHonors” link for promo in the sentence above the first graphic doesn’t link to the promo, but instead links to the “Double American AAdvantage Miles To Asia” post from back in November, just FYI.

  3. @ DCS — 4% return on spend. Like, that’s what I value the points at. You earn an extra 10 Hilton points per dollar, I value them at 0.4 cents each, so that’s an incremental return of 4% by my valuation.

  4. @Lucky – I prefer my way of looking at it because few people consider the “value” of each loyalty point when they spend hard cash, especially if the stays are reimbursable, as most of mine are. My business trips subsidize my leisure travel. So, I just want to know how many more points I would earn over what I would have earned without the promo and in this case the promo points will account for about 1 point in every 4, which is a lot.

  5. The list of non-participating hotels is indeed very long. It makes me wonder if there is any hotel in the US that is not on this list.
    The one property I have already booked for during the promotion period if, of course, on that list.

  6. @Ralfinho – As of today, Feb 25 at 10:06 am or about 4 hours after you stated that “the list of non-participating hotels is indeed very long”, the official link to the list of hotels that opted out leads to a blank page with the message “Coming soon”. That is a very short list! 😉

    Are you perhaps looking at the list for an outdated or different promo?

  7. @ DCS — Any predictions as to how many hotels won’t be participating, or speculation as to why any of Hilton’s world class hotels would choose not to participate in a promotion run by the industry’s leading loyalty program?

  8. @Lucky – I travel mostly in Asia and “world class” properties there almost never opt out. In fact, many of the “world class” properties won’t opt out. Rather, we’ll see many mom & pop type properties in (rural) America and some properties in Europe, especially UK, ppting out. However, because of Hilton’s large footprint, even if 10% of 4.1K properties opt out, it won’t be s huge deal. So I never consider it to be a big issue — again, it’s never been for me personally because Asian properties seldom opt out.

  9. @Lucky – The list of non-participating Hilton properties just now came out, and another one of your misconceptions bites the dust. My speculation was almost exactly on the money. Mostly mom & pop type properties (Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, HGI, some Embassy Suites) and in “rural America” opted out. My quick scan over the list did not reveal a single “world class hotel in a promotion run by the industry’s leading loyalty program” opting out — no Conrads or W-As or any big name properties in any major city opted out. In all of Asia, only a single obscure Hilton in S. Korea opted out. Small town domestic US travelers may be hit somewhat, but how many of those play the mile/point game?

    I have extended stays coming up in Budapest next month, Chicago (Embassy Suites Downtown/Lakefront) in April, and Toronto in May, and all three properties are in. I will rake in the points by the truckloads…

    As for you, it is back to the drawing board! 😉

  10. @DCS, my reply comes a bit late since I live in a different timezone. Anyway, I just clicked the link to non-participating hotels available on the page linked by Lucky’s article. The one with the “current” promotion.
    I didn’t get a blank page but a very long list. Hmm, maybe they have pulled it … and then reinserted it? Haven’t checked that but’ve seen that Lucky posted something about 750 hotels in the US being not part of the promotion.
    Now I am curious if it looks different from what I saw yesterday.

  11. @DCS, now that I looked at the ‘new’ list I can tell that it is exactly the same list I referred to. Yes, sure, I memorized the complete list 😉

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