Qantas Status Match Opportunity Available For New Zealand Residents

Qantas is offering a status match to their Frequent Flyer Gold tier for those that have gold or higher status with any other frequent flyer program, excluding Emirates Skywards (given that Emirates is their joint venture partner).

The major catch is that the offer is only valid for residents of New Zealand, which in practical terms means that your frequent flyer account has to be registered with a New Zealand address. The promotion is valid through March 9, 2015.


How to status match

The process for taking advantage of the status match is quite straightforward:

If you’re not a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, follow this link to sign-up and you’ll receive a membership number right away.

If you are already a member (or once done with the above step) follow this link to upload an image of your current gold membership card for another airline’s frequent flyer program.


Here are the terms of taking advantage of the promotion:

  • To participate in this Offer, applicants must be existing Qantas Frequent Flyer members or join the Qantas Frequent Flyer program prior to applying for matched Gold Status. This Offer is only open to residents of New Zealand. Non-members may apply for complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership at
  • Members must upload a photo or scanned jpeg of their Qualifying Status in a Competitor Frequent Flyer Program at to request matched gold status in the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.
  • Once they have uploaded a photo or scanned jpeg, members will receive an email confirming receipt of the proof of Qualifying Status and their status match application will be processed. Members should allow 10 business days from receipt of request for their application to be processed.
  • Upon approval, Members will receive an email confirming whether their status has been accepted or declined.
  • Members will receive their membership card up to 28 days after approval.

So if you’re based in the US this isn’t useful… necessarily. If you happen to have an address in New Zealand you can have stuff sent to, though…

What are the benefits of status matching?

Qantas Gold status comes with oneworld Sapphire benefits, which include the following:

  • Priority Business Class check-in
  • Priority boarding
  • Preferred seating (where offered)
  • Priority standby and waitlisting (where offered)
  • Access to more than 600 airport lounges (with one guest) when travelling internationally, including premium Business Class and frequent flyer lounges, regardless of the class of service flown that day. For details about the oneworld lounge access policy, click here.


In addition to that you also get an extra baggage allowance:

  • On international or domestic itineraries using the baggage allowance “weight” system you receive 15 kgs in addition to the ticketed Economy allowance.
  • On international itineraries (including domestic sectors flown as part of international itineraries) using the baggage allowance “piece” system, you will receive a second bag, weighing up to 23 kgs, when the ticketed allowance is one bag.
  • On domestic itineraries only with flights using the baggage allowance “piece” system, you are guaranteed at least one piece of checked baggage, weighing up to 23 kgs, even when the regular ticketed allowance has no free allowance.

The most notable benefit is that you get lounge access whenever you fly oneworld, even when flying domestically within the US. So you’d receive Admirals Club access, even on wholly domestic US itineraries. If you had AAdvnatage Platinum status (also oneworld Sapphire) you wouldn’t receive lounge access when traveling exclusively within the US.

American Admirals Club Dallas

Bottom line

Qantas isn’t an airline that ordinarily status matches, so this is a pretty cool opportunity. If you happen to have a New Zealand address be a resident of New Zealand, this is a very cool offer that I’d consider taking advantage of.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. What If I use an address from NZ and after they grant me Gold Status, I change my address again to my home country? Too bad? :s

  2. @ Lucas — I’d say that’s very shady and would be surprised if they didn’t catch on. But you never know…

  3. Lucky, what are your thoughts on Qantas Frequent Flyer in general, now that they’re a Citi TYP transfer partner?

  4. @ Brian L. — In general I think it’s a pretty horrible program — really high redemption rates plus fuel surcharges.

  5. QF lounges are excellent, and eat and drink as much as you like.

    Correct high redemption rates and charges, but using them outside of OZ on other airlines not so bad.

    Us Aussies love to buy USA airline miles instead of using QF points for long haul.

  6. @Brian L. – As someone slowly approaching lifetime gold with QF, their status is good to have.

    However, unless you’re looking to redeem for short Australian domestic trips, friends don’t let friends accumulate QFF points.

  7. I terms of redemption rates Qantas FF is probably the worst FF program I have encountered (high fuel surcharges, higher rates for OW partners than own metal).
    However, in terms of benefits, it’s also one of the most lucrative (EK lounge access, lounge access on jetstar flights, OWS). In my opinion, getting QFF Gold is a useful thing if you mainly travel international Y and need some benefits, if you rather collect miles for J/F redemption and occasionally go to the USA, AAdvantage is the way to go.

  8. Lucky, I’m looking at the award chart in terms of WAS-LHR F/J (on partners, obviously), and (unless I’m reading it wrong) their redemption rates don’t seem too bad compared with the new peak rates on BA, UA on UA metal, and LH M&M.

  9. I am giving this a try now, thanks for sharing.

    Using VPN to have a New Zealand IP address and using for the New Zealand address. Think it will work fine, and if they still don’t accept I will buy a New Zealand phone number via skype.

  10. While OW Sapphire status benefits are useful, the QF programme is horrible.

    High reward costs plus high fuel surcharges (applied even to flights where the operating airline does not have a fuel surcharge).

    Earning points for redemption and status credits to (re)qualify for status is at very low rates for non-QF flights.

  11. Can just add that I did get the status match approved as an US resident, using a NZ mailing service and VPN 🙂

  12. So I did receive status match, but since the card was sent to NZ, how do I prove that I have one World Sapphire status?

  13. @ Ann — In theory if it’s on your boarding pass they may let you in the lounge. Otherwise you need the card.

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