Last Chance: Redeem Your 2014 Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades

One of my favorite benefits of Hyatt Diamond status is the four confirmed Suite Upgrade Awards you receive each year just for (re)qualifying. Each can be used to confirm an upgrade for up to seven consecutive nights at a single property at the time of booking.

When booking a revenue rate, you can redeem a Suite Upgrade Award as long as an entry level suite is available. These can also be redeemed on Points + Cash bookings, though the catch is that suite upgrades are capacity controlled on those reservations, so you’ll have to call to see if it’s available. For example, I recently made a booking at the Grand Hyatt Dubai, and suite upgrades were available on revenue stays, though not on Points + Cash stays.

Grand Hyatt Dubai suite

Suite Upgrade Awards are not valid at the following properties:

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort , Park Hyatt Sydney, Andaz Tokyo, Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort, Hyatt Regency Tulsa, Hyatt Regency Wichita, Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa, Hyatt Manila City of Dreams, Hyatt Santa Barbara, Hyatt Residence Club resorts, Hyatt Place hotels and M life resorts.

Lastly, these can’t be used on a free night award redemption.

I figured I’d post a quick reminder that 2014 Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards expire at the end of February, which is next Saturday. The important thing to note is that you only have to make bookings using them by the expiration date, though the stay can be on a subsequent date. I still have one to redeem, so will have to figure out what to do with it.


If you have any left over, be sure to redeem them by next Saturday or they’ll disappear. Keep in mind that if you change your dates later, the Upgrade Awards technically can’t be transferred with the new reservation, so whatever you book with them has to be “set in stone” or you’ll risk losing them.

As usual, you can expect that 2015 Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards will post around March 1.

Park Hyatt Abu Dubai suite

As a point of comparison, Starwood offers their Platinum members with 50 nights annually 10 Suite Night Awards, each of which can be used to upgrade to a suite for one night. The benefit of these is that they can even be used on free night redemptions, though the downside is that they can only confirm upgrades up to five days before arrival, so there’s still some gambling involved.

Do you have any Hyatt Suite Night Awards you still have to redeem, and if so, what’s your strategy?


  1. Okay, I have to ask – looking at the list of properties where the upgrades aren’t valid, they’re all either resorts, the Hyatt Place brand, or a couple of aspirational cities…and then there’s Tulsa and Wichita.

    Tulsa and Wichita? Why? A franchisee who won’t play ball with the programme? Some sort of weird laws in “flyover country”? (Which wouldn’t surprise me, some states have unusual laws, like New Jersey’s prohibiting frequent buyer benefits for prescription drugs.) Or have Tulsa and Wichita become hot tourist destinations while I wasn’t looking?

  2. @ CraigTPA — Hah, I’m afraid the explanation isn’t quite as exciting as that. In both cases it’s simply that the hotels only have a couple of suites, so it’s not practical to offer them for DSUs.

  3. “the downside is that they can only confirm [SPG Suite Night] upgrades up to five days before arrival, so there’s still some gambling involved.”

    There is always “some gambling involved” in redeeming even so-called “confirmed” upgrades: they are all subject to availability. If no gambling were involved, I would find it bizarre that people who travel and book enough stays to earn GP Diamond would not be to use up just 4 suite upgrade awards in 12 months, requiring that they scramble to try cash them out at the 11th or lose them. In other words, there would be no need to post this reminder every February…

    An interesting poll would be to find out the reason why people did not redeem their upgrades when they had 12 months cash them out:
    (a) Did not travel enough to need use up 4 suite upgrades
    (b) No suite upgrade availability
    (c) Most stays were reward stays that did not qualify
    (d) Other – specify.


  4. (d) Other – specify.

    The Hyatt I stay at every week already upgrades me to their largest suite. Other than that I’m usually on points*.

    * The one time I tired to use the upgrade on a paid stay, the “suite upgrade” involved a upgrade to an executive king that was maybe 50sq/ft bigger than a standard room. If it doesn’t have a door between the bedroom and the living room, it’s not a suite!

  5. Have you heard of hotels restricting DSU to certain rates? For example, I’m trying to use one and the hotel is not allowing it since I’m on a wedding rate.

  6. @Lucky – I have seen others in discussion groups give a similar reason, which is it seems like a waste to use a suite upgrade award when staying alone for just a few nights. It is a good reason, based on personal preference and travel pattern. I just happen to do quite a bit of academia type work while on the road for which I feel more comfortable having adequate working space, and my stays also tend to be relatively long, so I greatly value a suite upgrade wherever available. Just 4 suite upgrades, even “confirmable” ones, would not be nearly enough. I’d run out quickly…

  7. @Lucky – As the Gipper would say, there you go again…

    The logical conclusion would be that I prefer a program like Hilton Honors that offers UNLIMITED Diamond Suite Upgrades, which are subject to availability like for ANY other program. However, the HH Diamond suite upgrades are also good even on pure reward stays, which they are NOT for some programs 😉

    The Big Question then becomes: if these unlimited suite upgrades are not “confirmable” at booking, how good is their availability at check-in? Well, how about 100% ( ) — as in 12 of 12 in 2014, or 8 more upgrades than GP Diamonds got all year 😉

    Can’t beat that, so please stop going there…really!

  8. @ DCS

    e) Diamond challenge to get free breakfast and other perks on award stays during the Diamond period. No real paid stays where a suite night award could be used.

    I’ve got all four of mine left. I want to use them, but it is always more expensive to book a Hyatt where I have traveled recently and I’m not the kind of person who stays in the hotel much. For example I have an upcoming trip to Kauai and thought about booking the Grand Hyatt Kauai, but even the cheapest rates eligible for the upgrade were $400 a night. I got a condo down the street for less than $150/night. It even has a kitchen and a living room so I guess you could say it is better than a Suite!

  9. @Tom – All solid reasons, although the first one is very likely why Hyatt decided to pull the Diamond Challenge…

    As for Hyatt properties being generally too expensive for most folks who play the mile/point game on their own dime, I fully concur. In fact, in an unbiased world, a travel blogger/loyalty providing advice to others would caution them against Hyatt and SPG loyalty programs because (a) they have a very small “footprint” worldwide, which greatly limits options even for redeeming so-called “confirmed” upgrades, (b) revenue room rates at both chains, but especially at Hyatt, tend to be higher than the competition, and (c) SPG has, BY FAR, the worst spend per free night of any chain — it takes a lot of spending to afford an award night at SPG hotels. All which translates into what I just: SPG and Hyatt are not suitable for folks who play the mile/point game on their own dime. They are the least affordable programs!

  10. @DCS completely agree that Hyatt pulled the Diamond challenge because of people like me. It was just too generous and you didn’t have to show and real loyalty. I think there are many deals that get pulled because they are just so much better than other options and get promoted heavily on OMAAT and other blogs (i.e. 90,000 USAir Miles to Asia and things like that). I worry all the time about things like domestic Avios redemptions and Club Carlson second night free being taken away. While they exist we should all take as much advantage as we can.

  11. @Tom – I did not mean to be judgmental about your taking advantage of the GP Diamond Challenge. They offered it under their own rules and people simply took advantage of it. So, yes, while the opportunities are out there, by all means take advantage of them (just don’t break any laws)!

  12. Yeah… Adam, you cannot give away your DSUs even if you tried. They are only good for your own (linked Hyatt GP account) stays.

    Nice offer tho.

  13. Actually you can give away suite upgrades, last year my friend stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki and she simply asked for my permission to give my friend my suite upgrade.

  14. I have never had a problem redeeming a Hyatt DSU.

    The folks at the Diamond line are wonderful and go out of their way to help me.

  15. Thanks for the reminder. I just upgraded my stay tomorrow in Chicago. I thought I lost a few upgrades at the end of the calendar year. Happy to read that the suite upgrade I booked last week will come out of the 2014 pool and not the new batch.

  16. Hyatt is introducing “Guest of Honor” program on March 1st. You might be able to give someone your DSU through this program?

  17. @ Lively — Nope, “Guest of Honor” doesn’t extend to DSUs since it only applies for outright free night redemptions.

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