Win Thousands Of Hotel Points From MobileSuites

I love when technology makes life easier, and especially appreciate innovation in the travel and hospitality industry.

In a few weeks, the new MobileSuites app will launch, with an awesome premise. The idea is that users will be able to make requests of their hotel via the app, streamlining the communication between guests and the hotel.

From the developers:

The MobileSuites app is a concierge-style mobile app that allows travelers to seamlessly manage their hotel experience. During their stay (or even before they arrive) travelers can use the app to:

  • Order room service & other hotel amenities
  • Schedule transportation (e.g. cabs, valet parking)
  • Make restaurant & spa reservations
  • Ask questions & make custom requests
  • Check-out of the hotel
  • (Check-in coming soon)

The app will launch on March 2nd to select users, will access being rolled out to additional users over the coming months. MobileSuites has built a database of over 1200 hotels across North America. Through their app, they help facilitate the interaction between guests and hotels, even though they are not yet partnered with the major hotel chains (Starwood, Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott).


As someone who literally lives in hotels, I love this idea. Being able to order room service en route to a hotel and have it ready to go by the time I arrive will be an huge benefit for late-night arrivals, if nothing else.

Room service dinner at the Park Hyatt Washington DC

To promote the launch of their app, the developers of MobileSuites are offering One Mile At A Time readers the chance to win their choice of hotel points, as follows:

  • 70,000 Hilton HHonors points
  • 30,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points
  • 20,000 Starwood Preferred Guest points
  • 55,000 Marriott Rewards points

To enter, leave a comment on this blog post telling me which of the app features you’re most excited about AND visit their site for details on the MobileSuites launch.

You have to complete both tasks to be eligible to win, and you need to enter using the widget below if you want me to be able to track your entry.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You have until 11:59PM Pacific time on Tuesday the 24th to enter. Winners will be selected randomly, and announced later next week.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not receiving any perks or benefits for running the contest.


  1. Love the idea of being able to communicate custom requests to the hotel, especially when traveling to surprise your SO…

  2. The ability to order room service is going to be huge. I often fly from europa to the US and I often arrive quite late at hotels so having some food waiting for me when I get to my room is going to be great.

  3. Check-in definitely (even though it’s coming soon). Nothing worse than getting to the hotel after a long trip only to wait in a line.

  4. It would be interesting to see how this works — some hotels are already allowing this via their own apps or even a website. All in, looking forward to trying this out

  5. I love how i am able to make sure everything is settled before i arrive at the hotel. After a long flight all i want is to have everything prepared and waiting for my arrival. Cannot wait to try out the room service function. Especially if i arrive late and everything closed.

  6. I agree that the room service in advance feature sounds useful. Everything else you could probably take care of via “traditional” email but it will be handy not to fumble around trying to find the email address for the hotel and just have a one-stop shop through the app.

  7. Getting room service while at the pool or the beach would be great, having everything ready upon return to the room.

  8. This is awesome! Really got used to being able to order services at the Conrad Maldives from an app (on the in-room iPod touch or on my iphone) and this is just awesome. I’d totally order services and room service from the app instead of having to call someone…

  9. I’m excited about 1) ordering food prior to arrival 2) checking in eventually to save time at the counter.

  10. Making spa reservations with this app is going to be so much easier. Especially if you’re at the pool or something…

  11. The idea of being able to have the hotel hail a taxi for me is great. It’s the convenience of Uber without the additional fee.

  12. Love the idea of ordering room service while en route from the airport, especially from a car I have arranged through the hotel without having to make a phone call.

  13. I always have tons of questions for the front desk such as good restaurants, sights, night entertainment, cost of transportation to airport, cost of taxis to specific locations, etc. It would be nice to have an alternate source for the information.

  14. Would be great to order room service from work. And then drive in to find everything ready. No confusions! wow

  15. I don’t have problems for check out, but for check-in, there are too many questions being asked. For example, whether I prefer points or food amenity, type of paper I want, high-floor or low-floor.
    It will be nice to make sure everything settled before checking in.

  16. Most excited about using it to order room service especially when we are close, or enroute to our room from outside the hotel.

  17. I’m so excited to use it for room service, it’s always a bit of a struggle to communicate my wife’s gluten allergy to the order-taker.

  18. I got in early enough to receive access to the app when it launches March 2 and am most looking forward to the valet parking feature!

  19. It would be great if not only services would be possible for guests to order either up-front or in-real-time, but also if certain services could be declines through the app (as cleaning…).

  20. I’m very excited to be able to communicate with the hotel and make requests with them before or during my stay. I often stay at hotels internationally and often cannot communicate my questions to the concierge or front desk without spending the time to write a formal email to ask questions. This idea would really help out at hotels where I can’t easily contact the staff!

  21. I love the idea and would definitely use the room service feature 🙂 The idea of a pizza waiting for me in my room make me horngry!

  22. Transportation communication would be awesome. Alot of the time I cannot find getting ahold of staff easily to plan for a pickup easily. Especially in foreign countries with limited english.

  23. I am most excited about the general streamlining of the process – I can’t always find a concierge e-mail so having that all in one app is great.

  24. When my flight is late, I look forward to the ability to arrange transportation from the airport to the hotel, and to make appropriate meal reservations!!

  25. I’m most excited about being able to order room service & other hotel amenities with the app.
    What a great idea! 🙂

  26. Ordering room service from an app sounds clever – don’t have to talk to someone and get the order confused!

  27. Special requests: extra towels, room away from elevator and ice, high floor, enough coffee for 2, etc. etc.

  28. Asking questions / making requests. My husband is allergic to calling people on the phone so I’m always the one that has to do it if we have a question/need.

  29. Most excited about asking concierge recommendations on local dining. Seems like half the time I walk by concierge that are busy.

  30. Definitely ask questions & make custom requests. Often things come up last minute and it’s too much of a hassle to contact the hotel via their website.

  31. Just like you mentioned, being able to order room service before you arrive at the hotel so it’s waiting for you when you get there is a huge benefit!

  32. Leaving requests in advance for the hotel – and having them fulfilled. That would be the best thing for me.

  33. It’s gotta be placing an order for in room dining, especially since there should be less mis-communications about special requests, etc.

  34. I’m most excited about the ability to check-in through the app. Airlines have done much over the past several years to make the check-in process less painful but it seems like the hotel industry has a lot of catching up to do in that respect. This feature seems like a positive step in the right direction.

  35. Checkout notification request shows up on phone once stepping out the hotel property (using GPS location feature) without the need to interact with the front desk. Display the total room and other charges on the checkout page to confirm. If there is an issue, communicate with the hotel should be a tab on the phone.

  36. I love the room service idea, especially for both late night arrivals and simply coming back from being out in town.

  37. The room service option is a great idea. I tend to have late arrivals and am always hungry after long flights!

  38. I am excited to be able to request transportation more easily. I always forget and then just end up trying to get a taxi or Uber when I arrive at the airport.

  39. I hate calling valet to bring my car to door, if this app can do it as promised it will be a non-brainier for me to use it. Also kind of liked the fact it has Checkout feature which can also help to reduce app clutter.

  40. This will be really cool as it could cut the “middlemen” and give exclusive hotel offers. If guests can setup shuttle pickup and dropoff via app that had be really cool. Also take a look at which rooms in the hotel are available and reserve the desired one

  41. To get room service in an app and not to have to search for folders in the room, this way I can order before reaching my room in order to get a bit quicker!

  42. I’d definitely be interested in ordering room service before I arrived, and also arranging transportation!

  43. I am most excited for the valet functions. No more calling and hoping someone will answer at the actual valet stand and not just the hotel operator.

  44. I for sure like the ability to order room service on the go. But I am also excited about being able to request extra pillows and a turn down for those really late arrivals.

  45. I’m just excited to be excited. I’ve always had to go to the front desk to check-in so checking in and out through the app and bypassing the front desk wouldn’t exactly be exciting but would be something I ‘d look forward to.

  46. Mobile Suites had a wonderful approach. I never quite get what number to dial on the Hotel phone for room service or assistance. Having an App on my PDA will be a huge help!

  47. Excited about scheduling transportation through the app right now, but check in will be big once it is available.

  48. Being able to do all these things without having to talk to people on the phone sounds great 😉 #introvert

  49. I love the thought of being able to contact the hotel easily, I always find myself writing an email to the general hotel address and asking them to send me the email address for the concierge. This sounds a lot easier!

  50. I’m excited about being able to order room service! I travel for conferences so to be able to order and have it arrive at my room by the time I get upstairs is convenient.

  51. Check-in definitely (even though it’s coming soon). Nothing worse than getting to the hotel after a long trip only to wait in a line.

  52. Ordering room service before arrival is a great idea…the last thing you want to do when you arrive is sit in your room and wait for your food.

  53. Making requests etc via the app.

    HR Santa Clara used to have an iMessage account and you could do this. I don’t know why they discontinued it.


  54. I am most excited about being able to make customer requests and ask random questions without the need to use the phone and possibly get transfered multiple times and still not get my questions answered. This way they can respond to me after that has all been done and therefore no more frustratingly long holds and repeating myself over and over again. This could be great and very helpful.

  55. I really like the abilty of having transportation being arranged, it would be key when visiting new places or making a trip more efficient.

  56. Ask questions & make custom requests

    I’m always thinking of things before check-in and then forget to ask.

  57. I’m easily the most excited about the check in and check out features of this app. At very busy hotels, Las Vegas especially, the check in process especially can eat up an hour or more of your time. Using a smart phone to check in is something I would have anticipated the hotel industry would have adapted on a larger scale long ago.

  58. I always end up calling housekeeping after check-in, having to ask for foam pillows for my wife. So, the custom requests option is a great idea.

  59. Excited about the ability to order food before arriving at the hotel, incase I miss the room service cut-off time.

  60. Based on what you told me there is very little I don’t like. However, I do like the idea of having a meal ready when I arrive

  61. It’s great that the room service app includes photos of each dish, which can sometimes make the decision easier.

  62. I am excited to be able to request and communicate with hotels more efficiently. Currently it is frustrating having to call each hotel and then hope they get it right. With an app you can always go back to your app history and show what you requested and hotels are less likely to forget your requests.

  63. Scheduling room service is DEFINITELY a fantastic perk! I often arrive late to hotels and to wait upwards of an hour for food when it is already so late is NO BUENO!

  64. Most excited about being to able to make requests and ask questions without having to phone, possibly get placed on hold, only to have a new person answer and ask if they can help me…round and round. Will be great if this works and leaves a digital trail that hopefully the hotel can keep track of.

  65. I’m excited about being able to view, and access, the hotel’s features and amenities all from one place.

  66. The ability to communicate and make special requests is intriguing. My wife sometimes feels pushy when calling down to the front desk. Maybe using an app could ease the stress of confrontation.

  67. I love being able to check in and out from the app, especially when I’m tired from a flight or rushing to catch one.

  68. Looking forward to ordering room service/dinner as I leave the office, while simultaneously summoning Uber to get me there. Technology is grand.

  69. I hate to email/phone the hotel for arranging transport to and fro. I’d love the convenience of ordering it on my mobile.

  70. I want a system that can let people to use their phone as the keycard to the room with the apps. So just tap your phone to the door room. That will be cool and we don’t need to keep the traditional card anymore. Thank you

  71. Custom requests is the most intriguing feature. It may vary by hotel tier, from a room on the first floor for a disabled guest, to a vase of white orchids on the bed stand for lovebirds. I can’t wait to assess the boundaries!

  72. Check-out. It’s going to be great if this app can be used as a single point of control for multiple hotel chains. Having five different apps for each hotel chain is not easy to manage.

  73. Having the option to order room service from anywhere in the hotel to your room ( pool, bar, lobby, etc..)

  74. I think in general the app has nice features that really a lot of us have been waiting for. The check-out through app may be quite useful when you are staying in a busy hotel and check out like at 10am.

  75. Guest Service: Have the hotel concierge make a particular restaurant reservation with just a few clicks on the mobile!

  76. I like the idea of being able to check out quickly. Also like being able to ask questions and placing special requests. We travel everywhere with our 2-yr old toddler, and lots of questions tend to come up during our travels related to accommodating our tiny traveler, so I’m excited to try out the app when it launches.

  77. all these seem fairly useful, but the ability to arrange transport through the app would be most helpful to me.

  78. This app might be useful. Whenever I stay these days, I keep being harassed a bit by each hotel brand to install their own app (Conrad, Radisson Blu etc.) which I can’t be bothered to do. Of course I installed all major brand’s app (hilton, spg, hyatt, ihg, marriott) which is OK but it’s ridiculous I also have to download specific brand’s app as well to make/customize my requests more effectively. I’d like to use this MobileSuite app for “Asking questions & making custom requests (including check-out time)”.

  79. for early morning arrival , checking in and ordering room service! If room isn’t available for early check in, then booking spa appointment would be a wonderful plan B

  80. Easy way to send room requests to hotel. Some chains (ahem Hilton) make this near impossible via their website.

  81. I prefer to check-in in person to ask for specific features (view, high floor, etc.), but checking out would be wonderful, as would be ordering room service and amenities (extra towels, pillows, etc.).

  82. Check in. Does anyone actually stop to check out domestically anymore? I haven’t done that in years at a U.S. property

  83. Not having to sneak out the room or wait for the other person to leave for ordering surprise room service or an appointment at the spa for my wife. The future of hotels feels near with this app!

  84. I always sleep with my phone on the side and ordering room service without getting out of bed and/or having to stretch and grab the hotel room phone.

    Lazy one, I know.


  85. I’d probably be much more likely to order room service if I knew the menu and prices ahead of time and could schedule the meal time. Sounds like a good idea.

  86. Spa reservations and transportation arrangements! And just the overall convenience of having the functionality for multiple hotel chains available in one app.

  87. I’m excited for remote ordering of room service and the ability to order transportation assuming I do not want to use Uber.

  88. I’m /most/ excited about the potential for check-in and making special requests. I also like your idea of ordering room when I’m en route. What a world!

  89. I would agree with your comments that having room service previously ordered would be nice. I swear I tend to arrive at hotels around midnight most of the time. To be assured I will have a meal takes a load of stress off as I am not one to sleep on an empty stomach. I will surely use this app!

  90. I’m most interested in the ability to order room service, as I find that ordering over the phone often leads to problems. It’s better to have it in writing (or electronic writing).

  91. I don’t travel as often as you, but I probably spend ~50 nights a year in hotel rooms. The ability to check out on a mobile device is so incredibly convenient — this is the feature I’m most excited about!

  92. it’s the future of hotels – soon we will have robot manned hotels.
    you check in with your phone, order room service that is sent by conveyer belt to your room, check out with your phone. – just i guess cleaning will be done by people- until someone invents a robot for that too.. – i love it.

  93. I love the idea of making special requests for rollaways, pillows and food anytime via an app! So much easier than waiting to talk to someone on the phone and the requests are then documented for accountability. yay!

  94. scheduling transportation and ordering room service. Using tech is so much easier and efficient than calling.

  95. Being able to schedule transportation would be great. I often arrive or depart at odd hours so this would be super convenient.

  96. Ordering what I need via the app would be so helpful…I can request more towels from housekeeping or late check-out without having to call on the phone, wait to get transferred to the right department, and explain what I want. No more wasted time!

  97. Room Service. Would have been great tonight as I arrived at my hotel after the kitchen closed at 11 PM (even though @HyattConcierge said kitchen would be open until 12am, so I still wouldn’t have known to order in advance).

  98. I’d have to say being able to schedule restaurant/spa reservations. Being able to do that for multiple trips all in one app would be awesome.

  99. I am most excited about using the app to ask questions about destinations and landmarks and to be able to make custom requests, like an upgrade for a special occasion.

  100. Room service on my phone…no more dealing with finding the menu that has often times changed or been “disappeared”

  101. Love the restaurant reso feature as well as the room service one! How awesome to have food waiting at time of check in!

  102. The ability for custom requests as it can be really difficult to track down the right person on most of my bookings on hotels website.

  103. I have to agree that ordering late-night room service en route before arrival would be a killer feature. Often times all I really want after a late night flight is a club sandwich and two glasses of water.

  104. I like that the app will allow a person to check in and check out via the mobile app. I had experienced this with the Marriott app, and loved it.

  105. At the risk of sounding totally “Noid” , this totally sounds like tracking software to me. lol

    Think about it. Big data is already obsessed with finding out what facebook belongs to whom, which real person is behind this twitter account etc.

    If you put this on a phone , because a direct app is always the least secure to the coders, they’ll know where you are and most likely ( lol like they already do) get you freshly “tailored” rates to your circumstance.

    A BIG thumbs down .

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