Taking The Blog For A Spa Day

Last summer we went through a massive renovation here on the blog, with changes to the theme, header, formatting, and nearly everything else.

One Mile at a Time
Remember this?

Tonight the blog is going in for “just a little lift,” as it were.

You probably won’t notice many changes from a reader perspective — this is mainly to make updates to the back-end framework so that things can be modified more easily in future.

The tech team is telling me it’s like installing an upgraded operating system, but that might just be because they know I’m bad at technology.

Comments will be closed beginning at 7PM Eastern

You can still read the blog (please still read the blog!), but nothing will be “saved” after 7PM. Any new comments won’t be there when the update is finished, so it’s easier to just close them off until everything is updated.

Hopefully it will only take a few hours, and I’ll let you guys know when things are live again.

Thanks as always for reading!


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