Which American Flights Will Be Operated By The 787?

American has finally taken delivery of their first 787, which will begin commercial service in the coming months.


On Wednesday I posted about how American announced the first 787 routes, which included the following:

  • Domestic flights between Dallas and Chicago starting May 7, 2015
  • International flights between Dallas and Beijing starting June 2, 2015
  • Flights between Dallas and Buenos Aires starting June 4, 2015

At the time they hadn’t yet announced the exact flight numbers, as the flights were to be loaded into the GDS yesterday, February 14, 2015.

Anyway, the flights have now officially been loaded into the GDS. American’s 787-8 will operate the following routes:

Dallas to Chicago

The below flights will be operated by a 787 between May 7 and June 3, 2015 (presumably as familiarization and training flights for crews):

AA2320 Dallas to Chicago departing 7:10AM arriving 9:36AM
AA2373 Dallas to Chicago departing 5:25PM arriving 7:56PM

AA2320 Chicago to Dallas departing 12:10PM arriving 2:57PM
AA2373 Chicago to Dallas departing 10:25PM arriving 1:00AM (+1 day)

Dallas to Beijing

The below flights will be operated by a 787 as of June 3, 2015:

AA89 Dallas to Beijing departing 10:50AM arriving 2:15PM (+1 day)
AA88 Beijing to Dallas departing at 4:25PM arriving 5:15PM

Dallas to Buenos Aires as of June 4, 2015

The below flights will be operated by a 787 as of June 4, 2015:

AA997 Dallas to Buenos Aires departing 9:50PM arriving 10:19AM (+1 day)
AA996 Buenos Aires to Dallas departing 8:15PM arriving 5:13AM (+1 day)

Bottom line

Amazingly enough it looks like the 787 inaugural flight is already sold out in both classes. Often airlines just block off space on inaugurals, but it actually looks like every seat is already assigned in first class, so this flight might actually be legitimately booked.


Sadly I have a schedule conflict so can’t make the inaugural, but then again it seems like I couldn’t have booked it anyway, given that it’s sold out.


So, who’s booked on the American 787 inaugural, or has booked it otherwise? šŸ™‚


  1. I’m booked on the inaugural. It’s going to be my first one…so excited! Was hoping we were going to see you there Ben!

  2. Ben do u know when the new QR F lounge will be open on HIA?
    I’m transiting on 20April and lookingforward

  3. Ben, sorry to go off on a separate 787 topic, but as I saw you were flying JAL recently, I had a thought:

    I’m curious on your thoughts as to how JAL is going to make money by cutting down seat numbers so drastically on their 787s. I don’t think any other airline has 8-across economy, 7-across premium economy. Its also a bigger business class than any other airline except ANA. With the Japanese economy still in an on and off recovery, doesn’t this increase CASM in a ridiculous way?

  4. I’m on the inaugural. Indeed it was a bit of a frenzy getting seats on that plane.

    In fact since all the lower fares were gone, I deliberately booked the “wrong” flight – leaving at 7:15AM, hoping that it would get merged into the Dreamliner flight. It seemed likely given the way in which they were re-timed, and indeed that did end up happening. Costed me $105, though I also have to position there from San Diego.

    Will be both my first inaugural, and somehow, my first ever Dreamliner flight… Excited!

  5. Booked on the inaugural in first and boy was it a mess trying to get it confirmed. Turned into an almost 48 hour ordeal from actually buying a ticket to selecting seats.

    I’m also booked on the first ORD – DFW run and the 5:25pm DFW – ORD return that day.

    First inaugural and first 3 Dreamliner flights in a day! šŸ˜›

    Since you won’t be able to make it, I’d be happy to guest blog for the flight! šŸ˜‰

  6. @ Felipe — I’ve heard they’re hoping for late first quarter opening, but as is the case with everything at that airline, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s delayed further.

  7. @ Sunny — Yeah, that’s a great question. I guess they’re hoping for a lot of premium demand and good yields thanks to how small the cabins are. But it’s risky for sure.

  8. I am not overly excited about this aircraft. From a business point of view, it probably makes economic sense to purchase this aircraft and configure it the way most airlines have.

    From a customer point of view, I am not too excited, and certainly not going out of my way to pay extra to fly on this aircraft. I predict that this will be a hard aircraft to upgrade on as the ratio of business to economy is low. As well, it looks like the economy cabin is pretty tight for space if you don’t get upgraded.

    Also not too happy about the lack of saver award space. I thought that when new routes opened up, that airlines released more award space to promote the new route. I guess that won’t happen with the Dallas to Beijing route.

  9. Ben, there are two of us as well in F on the inaugural originating from SAN. Right now there’s a fare sale to DFW if you haven’t snagged a seat yet.

  10. I booked DFW to EZE in business class back in June, for a trip this December, It showed the 787 seat map. I choose seats on the 787. I just happen to check back at my reservation, last month, and it is NOW the 777-200 v1. I was never notified of the change and it was really the only reason, the 787, we were going to fly with AA to EZE. AA says it has no record of a plane change even though I was able choose seats and their own website stated service from DFW to EZE on the 787 (webpage has been taken down). AA has been no help. Has this happen to anyone else or have insight on this flight? Thanks.

  11. The two posts above mine are correct. AA is flying the 777 on the DFW-EZE route, and at different times from what the article indicates. The correct schedule is 6:45 PM DFW to 7:14 AM EZE. Would love to see a review of the F product on this route.

  12. Small correction: I was looking at the July sched. Currently it’s Scheduled: 10:10PM CST dep to
    Scheduled: 11:13AM ART arr. Anyway it’s still a 777.

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