Last Chance To Win Up To $500 In Hyatt Gift Cards

As a quick reminder, I’m running a giveaway for up to $500 in Hyatt gift cards, which expires tonight at 11:59PM PT. This is in conjunction with the upcoming Frequent Traveler University, which will be held at the Hyatt Regency DFW April 17-19, 2015.


To enter to win up to $500 in Hyatt gift cards, I’d love to hear what you’d most like to learn about at such an event.

To enter, just go to the original post and tell me:

  • Whether or not you’ve attended a Frequent Traveler University in the past?
  • If Yes, what topics have you most enjoyed learning about?
  • If No, what topics would you most like to learn about or discuss at a FTU?

In terms of the prize, I have a $400 Hyatt gift card to give to a randomly selected respondent, as well as a $100 Hyatt gift card to arbitrarily bestow on the most constructive comment.

Thanks to everyone that has already entered, and if you haven’t yet entered, be sure to do so before the deadline tonight. And again, please make sure you leave your comment on the original post, and not on this post.

I hope to see lots of you at the Dallas Frequent Traveler University!


  1. I’ve never attended, but I’d be most interested in hearing about 1) manufactured spend 2) “the low hanging fruit” 3) the easiest ways to earn and keep status

  2. FTU DC was my first opportunity to attend FTU. Advanced was sold out, so I slummed it in Y, so to speak.

    The most valuable session for me, at the time, was an overview of the AAdvantage program. Disgruntled Delta & United flyer here.

    In future FTU events, I’d love to see a detailed comparison of hotel programs. I have stayed with Marriott because it is comfortable, but there may be better benefits to be had by a MR Platinum interested in playing the field.

    I do have the comped Hyatt Plat status from FTU DC which I’ll need to take for a spin.

  3. I would like to hear more topics like the best way to achieve elite status with a particular airline, best way to achieve elite status with hotel chain.

  4. I have not attended a FTU in the past. If I did, the topic I would be most interested in is not only how to get the most out of the miles, as FTU attenders should have a good idea about it, but where to travel to so that you can enjoy the destination as much as the trip.

  5. Hello – I have never attended. I did purchase a ticket in 2011 but was unable to attend.

    As our miles and points earning opportunities become more limited each day and there seems to be less attention to customer service by the airlines, it would be appreciated to compare earning status loyalty via BISM vs credit card or other opportunities to find which is really the better opportunity moving forward.

  6. I’ve been to FTU – DC this past December and the one held in Tysons Corner, VA in 4/13
    I’d love to learn everything that is not talked about in a general session. How to get in on the pipeline of mistake airfares before they are dead, new MS deals and I’d love for you to work with me one on one on constructing a trip. Yeah, I know, it’s a dream 🙂

  7. I’ve never attended FTU, but I will be attending FTU in Dallas in a couple of months. I would love to learn more about ways to maximize my earnings through credit card spend and shopping portals. I’m also bringing my husband with me to FTU. I would love to hear more about how credit card applications impact credit scores (short term and long term) and the payout analysis for credit cards with annual fees since I am always having to justify those cards! 🙂

  8. I’ve made a number of award booking for family, but often its take what you can grab – the reality is when you’re dealing with lots of people’s schedules is that you rarely can book 11 months out and, in my case I’m often booking 2+ tickets. When are the best times to check back after you’be booked to try and snag something better? What intervals and for which airlines. And what other tricks are there to save the time of ongoing checking?

  9. I would like to learn about 1. Finding good airfares 2. Manufactured spend techniques 3. Advanced routing techniques when booking with miles.
    Thank you!

  10. Never attended – I would love to better understand “manufactured spend” and booking partner airlines through partner websites.

  11. No, I plan to attend FTU someday in the near future !!
    I’d like to learn about/discuss how each airlines allocates seating (configurations, seat types). For example, what is the most comfortable (long haul) seating by aircraft/airlines? (I love 787 Biz lay flat seats and find that seats per class vary widely by aircraft/airlines)….. Just learned that BA puts more economy 787 seats across vs UAL. (Possible title for the FTU section: Optimization of seating comfort in the air!).
    Thanks! 🙂

  12. Had I been able to attend this session of FTU, I would have wanted to hear your thoughts on manufactured spending and tips/trends for flight award booking and maximizing an award itinerary. Good luck down there!

  13. I’ve never attended but would love to hear about how to manufacture spend on credit cards and how to be in the loop for mistake fares..

  14. I have never attended FTU, but it would be very intriguing.

    Not knowing the specific topics, I would be interested in :
    – Manufactured Spend
    – Why keep certain cards instead of rotating through a list of card
    – What is more valuable – hotel or airline points
    – Success stories are always good to hear

  15. I have not yet attended a FTU, mainly because of conflicts on my calendar that are already scheduled in.
    But I would like to learn more on how to effectively redeem airline miles in order to maximize same.

  16. I have never attended. I would be interested in learning about best airline routings when using miles,Making sure I maximize their usage.

  17. I attended one. The most useful part was the booking session by Gary and yourself. I do okay earning points, but have a lot harder time booking some of the incredible rewards I read about on this blog!

  18. Never attended, but like many others, I’d love to hear about manufacturing spend and maximizing redemptions.

  19. I’ve never attended, but I’d be interested in hearing about:

    1. How the miles/points game has changed in the past few years, and your thoughts on where it’s going.
    2. Thoughts on whether the airlines under or over regulated.

  20. I’ve never been to an FTU, but I’d like to hear about credit card strategies and best tools for searching out award availability.

  21. Have not attended but if I do I’d like to hear about hotel best rate guarantee strategies and best ways to obtain elite status at Various hotel chains.

  22. I have never attended FTU.
    The topics I would like to learn the most are manufacturing spending, how to not get nervous with recon phone calls, how to take advantage of deals when no plan is imminent but devaluations are coming, how to speak to a CC agent and ask for retention offers.

  23. I have not YET been to FTU, but I would love to more about manufactured spending tricks and the best use of miles originating out of your normal country of origin. My new husband and I booked honeymoon tickets to Bali via Cabo (although we live in phoenix) on Cathay pacific FC bc it saved us 20k miles each. Using British Avios to get to cabo of course.

  24. Haven’t been to FTU in the past, but going to FTU Advanced in San Diego. I know all the public tricks, I’d like to know more about the secret ones and where we are headed with reduced opportunities to manufacture spend and mileage run. Thanks, Lucky!

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