Avios & Money Eliminated For Domestic US Awards?

While I don’t personally value the option very much, British Airways has historically given you the option to pay for part of your award redemption in cash at the time of ticketing.


It’s not nearly as lucrative as the “miles plus cash” offerings from some other airlines, but I realize it’s useful for some.


For example, British Airways Avios are especially useful for shorthaul award tickets, as they charge just 4,500 Avios for a one-way economy class ticket spanning a distance of 650 miles or less (and fortunately that value is staying the same even post-devaluation). But rather than paying 4,500 Avios you can instead pay just 2,500 Avios and add a $40 cash co-pay in lieu of the 2,000 remaining Avios.

Anyway, it looks like British Airways has recently eliminated the Avios & Money option for redemptions within the US on both American and US Airways.

It’s still offered for shorthaul redemptions outside of the US, and it’s still offered for longhaul redemptions on American and US Airways (like between New York and Sao Paulo, shown below).


However, it’s no longer offered for redemptions within the US.


Personally I didn’t find it to be an especially valuable offering. British Airways Executive Club is transfer partners with all the major transferable points currencies, so there are so many ways to accrue Avios. Therefore I’m not a buyer at over two cents each.

I do think it’s kind of interesting that they eliminated this offering exclusively on US redemptions, though. Presumably at two cents per Avios they were selling them for well above cost. Though perhaps the goal was simply to decrease the volume of shorthaul awards people were booking.

Did you ever use the Avios & Money redemption option, and if so, will you miss it for domestic US flights?


  1. Avios plus cash has only ever been available on AA for International flights (domestic flights only as part of an international itinerary).

  2. The NYC-Sao Paulo example looks like a pretty good deal, selling Avios at 1.14 cents apiece.

  3. I also have not seen this option in ages on domestic flights. I’m pretty sure its been available for only international flights for a while….

  4. Used that option many times for coach tickets from JFK-EZE….I think it is a good value. Now, if you want to fly Business, then the cost per point is more than double.

  5. I didn’t know they’d ever offered Avios+Cash redemptions on domestic US flights. When they first rolled out Avios a few years ago, I remember noticing this wasn’t an option on intra-US flights. Perhaps they started offering them for a while and they’re now gone again.

  6. MANY times the redemption with Avios and cash work out to be 1.3 cpm which is great if you would’ve had to transfer from UR being that UR is worth 1.5 – 1.7

    I am very lost why you “don’t care”

  7. It’s not “over two cents each”. If you crunch the numbers above, you’ll see that the price per mile actually varies quite a bit depending on the combination of cash vs. points selected. It also varies by route, carrier, and class (generally cheaper for economy than premium cabins for some reason). I’ve seen prices anywhere from 1.1 to 2.0 cents per mile with my redemptions, although they tend to be mostly in Asia or Oceania rather than NA.

  8. Ive booked dozens of BA awards the past couple of years and have never been offered a cash&points option for domestic us awards – only international awards

  9. It was definitely available last summer, I found it useful to book trips for friends who were happy to pay a rate that was vastly less than what they would have to pay on their own.

  10. Other than this change, has anyone else had issues seeing partner availability? I’ve seen a real decline in the availability on both domestic and short-range international routes in the past week.

  11. I never saw this option, are you sure you saw it? which route?
    I always use this option for USA to South America, or with any route that require 12,500 (or 20,000) avios points, it will be cheaper if you use cash and points (from 1.1 to 1.3 cents).

    Dov, do you know that YUL is located in Canada right?

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