When Will Alaska Next Offer A Bonus On The Purchase Of Miles?

The four lucrative frequent flyer programs that most frequently sell miles are Alaska Mileage Plan, Avianca LifeMiles, American AAdvantage, and US Airways Dividend Miles.

AAdvantage, Dividend Miles, and LifeMiles are all offering bonuses on generating miles at the moment, while Mileage Plan isn’t. So I’ve been asked quite a few times over the past couple of weeks when Alaska Mileage Plan will next be offering a bonus on purchased miles.

I suppose for some this is especially time sensitive, given that Emirates first class doesn’t seem bookable using Alaska Mileage Plan miles for travel after March 28, 2015.


There are a few things that make purchasing Alaska Mileage Plan miles especially lucrative:

With that in mind, when will Alaska likely offer the next bonus on the purchase of miles? While I don’t have a crystal ball, for a long time Alaska has consistently offered a bonus on the purchase of miles four times per year — typically one per quarter.

For some context on the most recent promotions:


It’s also worth noting that unlike with other airlines, they often don’t launch these promotions the first day of the month.

So based on historical trends, I would guess that Alaska will start offering a bonus on the purchase of miles either in the second half of February or the first week of March. Furthermore, given that Alaska has been alternating between 35% and 40% bonuses, I’d guess that this one will be for a 40% bonus.

I could be wrong, but that’s the best guess I can provide based on what we’ve seen in the past.

Do you plan on “biting” the next time Alaska offers a bonus on purchased miles?


  1. Ben
    U have idea how much AlaskaMiles DXB-BKK on F, I found just Europe-MiddleEast, NorthA-ME, etc.
    Searching online show error message

  2. I bet EK F is FULL of Alaska MP redemptions right now because of people fearing the end of the relationship!

  3. @Felippe – If you want to redeem MP miles for EK F, your travel has to either originate or terminate in the US. So the only possible DXB-BKK redemption would be:

    – US-DXB-BKK
    – BKK-DXB-US

  4. Do we have a definite answer as to the Emirates relationship post March 28? I am holding off buying any additional miles until I know for sure.

  5. @Stephen. I agree, F awards seems to be almost impossible to book anymore – on EK, or CX for that matter, even at the 330 day (or whatever) point. Business class doesn’t seem much easier, either. Maybe it’s easier to do if you have the flexibility of last minute travel, but that leaves a lot of us out. I was planning on transferring most of my SPG points to Alaska for EK A380 travel but it seems too speculative now.

  6. @ Felippe — You can’t book an award exclusively between Dubai and Bankok. All travel must originate or terminate in the US.

  7. I’m really hoping they bring a bonus offer soon. Looking at buying and booking with them for the first time ever. LAX-DXB(stay a week)-LHR.

  8. I know you suggested that if I was interested in funding an award ticket from Aus/NZ via buying miles only, Alaska would be a good way to go the next time they have a promo, but I can’t find any award space on their site for the flights I need (via Cathay or Qantas). The flights that are listed are “mixed class” flights that charge you the mileage fare for the all-biz class flights, but the 2-hour connections are the only one in biz while the 15 hour segment from SYD to LAX or DFW are in coach. No Cathay awards are listed at all.

  9. Pulling Emirates from redemptions will hurt a lot more than Delta can do in Seattle…………Alaska will lose a lot of its’ premium allure with the loss………….

  10. Reine, You cant book CX on AS web site, you have to call on their toll free No.,its best to find each sector on say BA, JL sites 1st then call with flight numbers to see if they have them. Book as far out as possible. From OZ in J its better to go via HKG to one of their USA destinations.

    As luck had it I found 2 x J out of BNE just 4 moths out. You need to do your homework to save big dollars. Mind you, there are many who will find flights for you or no charge the cost about $150 per person.

  11. @ Reine — Cathay space doesn’t show on Alaska’s website, so you’ll want to find it through BA’s site and then call Alaska to book.

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