Doritos Super Bowl Ad — Protecting An Empty Middle Seat

Travis is my first new contributor to the blog, who will be posting a couple of times per week. The idea behind adding guest contributors is to add different perspectives to the blog. Travis has a unique approach towards travel, given that he travels almost exclusively with his wife and young children, which is in stark contrast to my travels, which are usually alone.

We all know the Super Bowl is really about the commercials — the football game is just there to give us a chance to go to the bathroom.

My favorite of the night was the Doritos spot. It featured a guy on a plane trying to protect the empty middle seat next to him after the remaining passengers had been told to “take any open seat.” Been there, done that. And trust me, I cringe when I hear those words.

I commend his strategy of pretending to be the world’s most annoying seatmate. At one point or another he was

  • Faking being sick
  • Playing a recorder
  • Clipping his toenails
  • Sleeping across both his seat and the middle
  • Reading a book titled Chronic IBS
  • Flossing his teeth

Sadly, I’ve seen just about all of that, often in First Class no less!

But clearly he didn’t read my post last week about How To Consistently Sit Next To An Empty Seat On A Plane. Otherwise he would have known to

  1. Select an aisle seat (check)
  2. Sit in the last row of the plane (fail)

Then again, I’m not so sure he wanted the middle seat to remain empty after all…

Since I’m a married man, I think I’ll leave it to Ben to discuss strategies for choosing your seatmate, rather than letting them choose you.  😉

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?


  1. Haha! I loved that commercial. I can’t say I’ve been guilty of doing anything more than staring at the aisle with wide, hopeful eyes, praying that no one will look up at the seat assignment and realize that their assigned seat is next to me…

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