Air France FlyingBlue April/May Promo Awards — Up To 50% Off

One of the best uses of Air France/KLM FlyingBlue miles is booking their Promo Awards. FlyingBlue publishes these every month, and they offer 25-50% off select award tickets on Air France and KLM metal. Back in the day Promo Awards would consistently be for 50% off and would have a good number of options in business class, though unfortunately they’ve devalued the program somewhat since then, and the discounts now vary.


However, there are still some great values to be had. FlyingBlue just published their latest Promo Awards. These are valid for bookings made between February 1 and February 28, 2015, and for travel between April 1 and May 31, 2015. Unfortunately this set of Promo Awards sucks compared to the recent ones:

I guess that shouldn’t really come as a surprise, since April and May are pretty busy travel periods.

Air France A380 economy class

For this Promo Award period, there are six North America destinations that are eligible for discounted awards, only one of which is in business class:

  • Europe to Boston / Economy Class / Air France / 25% off
  • Europe to Chicago / Economy Class / KLM / 25% off
  • Europe to Dallas / Economy Class / KLM / 50% off
  • Europe to Edmonton / Business Class / KLM / 50% off
  • Europe to Vancouver / Economy Class & Premium Economy Class / Air France / 25% off
  • Europe to Washington Dulles / Economy / KLM / 25% off


As you can see, not only is there only one destination in business class on the Promo Award list (Edmonton), but the travel dates for it are just May 5 through May 31, 2015, so it doesn’t even span the whole promotion period.

As of now there are six flights on the route in each direction with business class Promo Award space.


While I personally almost only redeem miles for international premium cabins, Promo Awards in economy can be an especially good deal, since the fuel surcharges are quite reasonable. Last June FlyingBlue decreased fuel surcharges on economy class award tickets, so that has become a much better value since. For transatlantic economy tickets, fuel surcharges are ~$100 each way.

Anyway, check out the full listing of Promo Awards, as there are great deals to be had in other regions as well.

KLM 747-400 new business class

As a reminder, FlyingBlue is transfer partners with Membership Rewards, and points generally transfer instantly.

Bottom line

While the Promo Awards aren’t valuable to everyone, if they coincide with travel you have planned, they’re a heck of a deal. Hopefully some of you can take advantage of them.

Do you plan on taking advantage of one of FlyingBlue’s Promo Awards?


  1. Hi Ben,

    I know this isnt exactly in your wheelhouse but I was wondering about your thoughts on Toronto to Paris.

    Which is a better airline/product for this sector, Air Canada 787 or an Air France A340/A330 in economy class?

  2. @ FlyerGuy — That’s a toughie. I’d say they’re roughly comparable, perhaps slight edge to Air Canada since it’s a fresher plane.

  3. I am looking at Boston to Paris and see that it is pricing out for 25,000 points each way, not the reduced amount. Any idea why this is the case?

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