1,000 Free Points For Joining Hilton HHonors

For the two of you reading this that aren’t yet members of Hilton HHonors… šŸ˜‰

Hilton HHonors is running a promotion in conjunction with EVA Air whereby you can earn triple EVA Air Infinity MileageLands miles for your Hilton stays. That promotion as such interests me about as much as C-SPAN.

However, another part of the promotion is that Hilton is offering new members that register through the promotion link 1,000 HHonors points for joining. The promotion is valid through March 31, 2015.


There’s no requirement to actually accrue EVA Air miles for any hotel stays in order to be eligible for the 1,000 point sign-up promotion. The terms are as follows:

To be eligible for sign-up bonus of 1,000 HHonors points, you must (1) be a member of Infinity MileageLands program; (2) not own any existing account of Hilton HHonors; (3) sign-up for Hilton HHonors on this page during the Promotion Period.

The 1,000 point sign-up bonus should post as soon as you open your account. As stated above, existing members aren’t eligible for this 1,000 point new member bonus.

So here’s the big question — is anyone reading this not a Hilton HHonors member?

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)


  1. I’m not…always used my parents’ account but am looking to get my own as I’m graduating. Is this the best sign up offer I can get? Know of any others I could be eligible for?

  2. I’m 16 and live in the UK so have not got an account as you have to be 18 (the living in the UK isn’t relevant to whether I have an account I just thought it would be good for background) I have been reading for about 2 years now and am looking forward to when I’m 18 and can actually start collecting points and flying. But for now I just enjoy reading Lucky’s trip reports and any other interesting stories šŸ™‚

  3. @ Lucky asks in yet another lame dig at the Hilton Honors program: “So hereā€™s the big question ā€” is anyone reading this not a Hilton HHonors member?”

    Why is this even a worthy question, much less a “big” one?

    I am a Hilton Honors Diamond based on stays, but I am also a
    – Hyatt GP Platinum based on having the Chase Hyatt visa
    – SPG Gold based having the AMEX Business Platinum
    – Marriott Gold for being a United Airlines Premier 1K and participating in Marriott-UA JV.

    Got the counter argument?

    Lastly, how could there be that many HHonors members after most supposedly bailed out when the bloggers had convinced them – erroneously or stupidly – that the last devaluation of HHonors points made that whole program totally useless? šŸ˜‰

  4. @ John — It violates the terms, but if all the information is different they’d probably have a hard time catching on. That being said, you couldn’t merge your points between the two accounts, so the upside seems limited.

  5. @ Eric — This is the best I’ve seen. Programs don’t typically offer points for signing up nowadays.

  6. My husband isn’t! He’s a one-program guy (IHG) but I’m forcing him out of that. I just signed him up!

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