Korean Air SkyPass Transfers Have Returned To Ultimate Rewards!

As I wrote about on Thursday, Korean Air SkyPass transfers are finally returning to Chase Ultimate Rewards.

The option to transfer points from Ultimate Rewards to SkyPass suddenly disappeared last November, and then about a month later we learned that transfers would be returning sometime in January.

Anyway, the option to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Korean Air SkyPass at a 1:1 ratio has finally returned.


The process is exactly the same as before, and points transfers should go through instantly.


Korean Air SkyPass is one of my favorite Ultimate Rewards transfer partners for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Korean Air releases a ton of first class award availability, and there’s not much competition for those seats. As long as you’re not traveling over the peak dates, you should have no trouble finding award space on just about any date.
  • Korean Air partners with China Southern, China Eastern, etc., which also have solid first class hard products and release a good amount of award space.
  • Korean Air SkyPass first class award redemption rates are extremely reasonable.

Korean Air first class lunch

For more information on Korean Air SkyPass, check out my primer post on how to redeem Korean Air SkyPass miles, and also my post on booking Korean Air SkyPass awards through their improved website.

Lastly, are some reviews I’ve written about tickets I booked using Korean Air SkyPass miles:

So, who’s making a points transfer ASAP? 🙂


  1. Just did a transfer! Thank you! 🙂 Though I appreciate your enthusiasm, I’ll admit your continuous use of adjectives like “extreme” or “a ton of” on Skypass posts make me a little nervous that someone from KE will read them and perhaps make some changes.
    Perhaps one of the reasons why there isn’t much competition for these seats is because Delta doesn’t allow first class redemptions on partner airlines. Regardless, I’m looking forward on flying Korean Airlines and receiving macadamia nuts on a plate!!! 😉

  2. Appreciate the update
    For those that prefer American and Italian style food are there other options
    than the photo of the cuisine you share with us?
    Cathay does a great job in the Hong Kong to US in Premium cabins especially First

  3. @ Dwonderment — Yes, absolutely. Check out the trip reports I have linked in this post for the menus and pictures of some other food. They also have excellent western cuisine.

  4. Hi Lucky!

    I have a question, and I am new at this so please forgive me for any redundancy!
    I read the post about transferring Sapphire points for travel on Korean Airlines or its SkyTeam Partners. This one ( http://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/2014/02/14/how-to-redeem-korean-air-skypass-miles/ )
    But I don’t understand whether that same process would apply to the NON SkyTeam partners particularly Hawaiian. Would I call Korean to book my flight on Hawaiian? Or would I book with Hawaiian and follow their process for transferring points?

    And is it really only 20k “Korean” miles for a first class RT flight on Hawaiian? Because that sounds too good to be true! 🙂

    Thank you. Your blog is great!

  5. @ Lindsay — Thanks for reading! You always call the airline with which you’re redeeming miles to book. So if you want to redeem Korean miles on Hawaiian you would call Korean. And yes, it’s 20,000 miles for first class within Hawaii, not for first class to the mainland.

  6. I would like to fly from Atlanta to Thailand. I have noticed that if I book thru Delta and fly Korean Air that in many cases Delta needs less points and the fuel charges are cheaper than booking with Korean air. My questions is, 1) can I use Korean sky miles to book with Delta and still fly Korean Air, 2) would you recommend I focus on Chase Ultimate rewards for Korean Air or focus on Membership Rewards (Amex) for Delta? I am a Fan of flying Korean Air. 🙂

    Thank You!

  7. @ Robert — No, if you redeem SkyMiles you have to book at their rates. The major difference is going to be that you can’t redeem Delta SkyMiles for Korean Air first class — only for business class. Meanwhile you can redeem Korean Air SkyPass miles for their own first class, which is what’s working in their favor most.

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