American’s Dallas To Beijing Flight Is Now Bookable

On Friday I shared the details of American’s new Dallas to Beijing route, which was originally announced last September.

Tickets for the flight were supposed to be bookable as of Saturday, though best I can tell tickets only went on sale late last night/early this morning.

New routes are always interesting to me since they’re often gold mines for award and upgrade space. For example, when American announced their Dallas to Hong Kong flight a while back, there was tons of award and upgrade space.

Unfortunately in looking at availability on the new Dallas to Beijing flight, there’s plenty of saver level economy award availability in both directions through the end of the schedule, though there’s not a single saver level first or business class award seat.



Unfortunately there’s not any business class upgrade availability either.


So have they just not gotten around to loading some award/upgrade availability, or is it not happening? I’m leaning towards the latter. Nowadays American makes very little saver level award space availability on their own flight in advance, so I expect that’s what’s happening here. However, closer to departure they may release more upgrade and award space.

It is also worth noting that as of now American has scheduled a three class 777 on the route through the end of the schedule, which means that they’re not planning on putting the reconfigured 777 on the route, since business class is the highest class of service on that aircraft.

That means the 777-200 on this route will feature American’s old but comfortable first class suites.


And unfortunately American’s angled business class seats.


Regardless, it’s nice to see more direct connectivity between Dallas and Asia. I suspect upgrades will be quite easy on this route, at least at the beginning. So I wouldn’t be too worried about upgrades as an Executive Platinum member, even if you have to waitlist.

Personally I’ll continue to stick to American’s Dallas to Hong Kong flight, given that it’s operated by a Boeing 777-300ER, featuring American’s new first and business class product, as well as wifi.


  1. SWU on DFW-HKG route was extremely hard for me for my last trip (both directions). I asked a friend for a SWU. When I was at the airport, there were more than 20 people on the upgrade waiting list, using SWU.

  2. I just used a SWU to fly F on the 773ER on AA138 HKG-DFW. i found the seat very narrow compared to all other F I’ve flown (NH, JL, CX, SQ, TG, LH, OZ and even UA). There’s sonethung weird about the empty space next to the seat where one could kind of fall off. I’m not looking forward to flying on it again next week.

  3. I am a loyal AA flyer (logged 180k BIS miles last year) – however after flying CX First this month, there is no way in hell I am flying AA across the Pacific. Even if it means I have to do a position flight (I am DFW based). Plus, lately I find my experience on AA to be lacking whether it be surly flight attendants, incessant delays, or crappy food. Wish I had more options flying out of DFW.

  4. Hi Lucky – any thoughts about whether AA will open routes to PEK from its other hubs besides ORD and DFW, such as LAX (though Air China already operates LAX-PEK)?

  5. I was wondering if US/AA are able to “request” a CX award ticket? My father tried to book an CX award that wasn’t available using China Eastern. The agent confirmed a flight on a date around the desired date and told my father she had put a request on CX for flights on +-1 days. I did see “on request” when logging into CX website. About an hour later, CX released a bunch of awards (as seen on BA website) on the dates around, and one of the “on request” flights changed to “confirmed” on CX website.

    Are AA/US able to “request” an award that wasn’t available?
    Does the award request actually push CX to release a bunch of tickets not only for the same flight, but also around the date?

  6. @ Michael — Now that American is taking delivery of the 787 I’d say that’s a great contender for more routes to existing destinations in Asia. So that wouldn’t surprise me.

  7. AA’s new policy on releasing AA metal Premium cabin Saver awards to anywhere at all: Once in a Blue Moon. 🙁

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