Amazing Crosswind Landing Footage At Birmingham Airport

I don’t know what it is about Birmingham Airport, but some amazing crosswind landing footage seems to come out of there.

On Monday some more amazing footage was released of turboprops trying to land. I consider this footage to be more “beautiful” than “terrifying,” since the straight on angle makes everything look more dramatic than it is.

Check it out:

But it is gorgeous footage…


  1. Bless their hearts and their underwears. Had a few like that myself. Most are landing with very little flaps….

  2. Occasionally you may land with a slightly reduced flap setting in high winds to reduce the effectiveness of gusts and give a faster approach speed to aid stability.

    And yes it is normal for a runway to have dips, bumps, slopes, rough patches etc.

  3. Does not look like much fun for a pilot (esp. the last one). How often does this happen at Birmingham? It’s not the first video we’ve seen.

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