Last Chance: Book Hyatt Stays Before Hotel Category Changes

In December Hyatt Gold Passport announced some hotel award category adjustments, which kick in for bookings made as of January 22, 2015.


Through this change Hyatt isn’t actually changing their award chart, but rather is just changing which hotels belong in which category.


This change is arguably a net positive. We’re seeing a total of 70 Hyatt properties changing categories — 22 hotels are moving up a category, while 48 hotels are moving down a category. So more than two times as many properties are going down in price than going up in price.

With the changes kicking in on Thursday I figured it was worth posting a reminder. If you want to make a booking at one of the 22 properties moving up a category, you’ll want to do so by tomorrow. These properties include the following:


Probably most noteworthy is the Park Hyatt Maldives, which is moving from a Category 6 to Category 7 property, which is a shame, though hardly surprising. Also noteworthy to me are the Park Hyatt Seoul, Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo, and Andaz Amsterdam.

The quirky Andaz Amsterdam

For what it’s worth, if you lock in an award now and later need to change dates, you’ll be charged per the new award categories of the respective hotels.

Meanwhile the following 48 hotels are moving down a category:

Hyatt-2015-Hotel-Categories-2 Hyatt-2015-Hotel-Categories-3

It doesn’t actually matter when you book these properties. If you book starting Thursday you’ll be charged the new rates, while if you book before Thursday the difference in points will proactively be deposited into your Gold Passport account.

So, is anyone making any last minute Gold Passport redemptions before the changes kick in?


  1. Have you tried the Park Hyatt Maldives? You talk highly of it, but I haven’t seen a review of it from you.

  2. I booked a return to the Maldives for next January. I’m hoping the Eitihad situation clears up, but there is also Cathay Pacific.

  3. The annual credit of a stay at a 1-4 cat hotel when there are now 7 cats is not to appealing any more. Heading to london, what are my options? Nada. Better off cancelling card and re appying for 2 any hotel credits in 24 months. In fact, where’s the phone.

  4. Lucky – do you know what the cancellation policy is if I book Hyatt Maldives today with 2 Nights Free Hyatt Visa certificate & 2 nights with Points + Cash?

  5. @ Peter — For points bookings the cancellation deadline is typically 30 days in advance, though you’ll want to double check.

  6. @lucky tempted to book, but the whole diamond trial/challenge confusion (now supposed to be by hotel recommendation only) is making me hesitant to jump from spg to hyatt. Hope for a blog post on that issue soon!

  7. @ Henning — Unfortunately don’t have an update on that yet. The offer may very well not go public at this point. 🙁

  8. I have a Hyatt free night certificate for hotel category 1-4 that expires in April. Can i use it for a future stay in July if i book now?

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