Does Starwood Compensate Hotels For Offering Your24?

I commend Starwood for offering incremental perks for those that over-qualify for Platinum status. Last year I stayed over 75 nights with Starwood, which comes with two extra perks, described as follows:

  • Earn 4 Starpoints for every eligible U.S. dollar spent — a 100% bonus over the Preferred level, and the richest earning bonus in the hotel industry.
  • Your24™ — have the flexibility of choosing your check-in. For example, check in at 9 p.m. and check out 9 p.m. on the day of departure.

An extra Starpoint per dollar is nice, though hardly a game changer. I value Starpoints at ~2.2 cents each, so to me it’s like an additional ~2.2% return on Starwood spend.

Your24 is intriguing in theory. The problem is twofold:

  • Your24 isn’t guaranteed. Instead it’s subject to availability, and in my case Your24 has been denied more often than not. Since it only confirms a few days before arrival at most, you can’t really make plans around it. And since it’s subject to availability, I’m not sure how it’s different than what any other member receives. If I show up at a hotel at 7AM and they have rooms, they’ll usually just check me in. I don’t see a huge advantage of Your24 over just showing up at the hotel, given that hotels will typically only confirm it if they have lots of availability.
  • Your24 has to be requested no later than 3PM local time two days prior to arrival. I get that from a processing standpoint, though at least in my case, many oddly timed stays are booked last minute.

Which brings me to my most recent experience with Your24, at the Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort


I have a 23 hour overnight in Abu Dhabi, whereby I’m arriving at 1AM and departing at midnight. Seems like a perfect opportunity to use Your24, right? These are exactly the types of situations that make this so valuable… in theory.

The only problem is that I booked this last minute, so it’s within 48 hours of arrival. The terms state that you have to request Your24 at least 48 hours out, which I get. Since Starwood is usually acting as a third party in these transactions, processing isn’t instant, hence the added time.

But I (naively) assumed that if I emailed the hotel and they had availability, they’d be able to honor it, given the spirit of the program.

So I emailed the hotel, and they responded (in part) as follows:

With regards to your inquiry about using Your24, kindly note that it should b requested directly through SPG 48 hours prior to arrival. Therefore, we could not guarantee the request at this time.

The best we could offer you for time being is a room for 02 nights starting from tonight to secure your arrival at 02:00 am in the morning and late check-out at 08:00 pm the next day.

We would like to offer you then the below rooms available from today.

Deluxe Rooms

Room Rate : AED 669.50 per room per night

Our Deluxe Rooms which has a refreshing view of the golf course surrounded by resort’s landscaped gardens. The room features a contemporary décor set in 45 sqm extra spaces feature floor-to-ceiling glass doors and private balcony.

While that’s lovely and all, given that it’s day of arrival and I was 30 minutes from the cancellation deadline even on the flexible rate, I’d rather take the much cheaper rate available on the website:


I also asked for clarification as to why in practice the hotel couldn’t honor Your24 closer to departure, explaining that my understanding for the 48 hours notice was the time it takes Starwood time to act as third party. Their response included the following:

Please bare with us regarding the Your24 request as it is not at the property level, and it should go through SPG directly for their record in tracking your awards.

So do I not understand how Your24 works? Are hotels actually compensated by Starwood for it? I know that when using Suite Night Awards hotels receive some sort of kickback from Starwood, though I’m not sure if the same is true from Your24. If so, I kind of get it.

My assumption has always been that they don’t, in which case I don’t get their reluctance to offer it closer to arrival, other than trying extract more revenue out of loyal guests.

After staying at the hotel, something tells me it has more to do with the property than anything else. I checked in at 2AM and asked if they had any Platinum suite upgrades available. The agent got on the phone and called the duty manager to ask if she could assign me a premium room.

When at 2AM a front desk associate has to call the duty manager to ask if it’s okay to give a Platinum a premium room (which is the same size as a standard room, except has higher ceilings), that tells you a lot about the hotel’s feelings towards their elite members. Suffice to say she didn’t actually respond to my request for a suite upgrades (many of which were still available for sale online), and I didn’t push it any further.


So can someone explain to me the Your24 process? Do hotels actually get kickbacks from Starwood for offering it, or did the hotel just want to extract more money out of me, which as a technicality they’re perfectly entitled to do (and I’m perfectly entitled not to stay at the property again)?


  1. All depends on the hotel. I’ve had some properties confirm Your24 at booking, months before the stay. I’ve had another confirm it three weeks prior to arrival (particular property is in UAE actually). I’ve had others decline, but say they have plenty of extra rooms they’ll happily sell me for a second night at a discount (also UAE).

  2. After staying at the hotel, something tells me it has more to do with the property than anything else.

    And the preferences of the GM. The GM at the hotel I’ve been staying at believes that all his best rooms should always be full. Other GMs believe that you should get the room you paid for and nothing more. From what I can gather, they are responsible for the P&L of the hotel and they each have different ideas about the best way to make their numbers.

  3. @ John — Yes and no. The hotel chooses to be part of SPG, and that means they should abide by the rules set by the chain. That includes assigning Platinum members the best available room, including standard suite, at check-in. If the hotel doesn’t believe in that then they shouldn’t be part of the brand.

  4. That includes assigning Platinum members the best available room, including standard suite, at check-in.

    Is that in order of check-in or based on your personal status with the hotel? So, you may check in at 2pm, but 10 regulars are checking in between 6pm and 10pm – can the hotel hold those rooms?

  5. @ John — True, it’s at the hotel’s discretion how they define “available” suites. If they block a suite for a guest checking in late, I’d say that’s legitimate.

  6. True, it’s at the hotel’s discretion how they define “available” suites.

    My personal pet peeve is they can define what a suite is as well.

  7. Ben, you’re dead on about this. Since the hotel showed suites available for sale, they should have moved you up. As to the 23 hours, it’s their call, but they still managed to come out making themselves look bad. Maybe consider reaching out to corporate.

  8. Just another poor SPG property finding all means and ways to deny you Plat benefits.

    Glad to have your report. Will know it is a property to avoid.

    SPG properties that only want the benefits of getting SPG guests and Starwood branding, but do nothing for the guests nor upkeep the brand standards, do not deserve the revenue. Voting with our wallets is the best way.

  9. I’ve found UAE properties to be uncommonly accommodating with odd arrival and departure hours… which makes sense given the common flight timings at AUH/DXB.

  10. As a Starwood employee, the best insight I can give into Your24 is that it is dependent on the property’s occupancy. I have approved guest requests as far out as a month, knowing that our occupancy for the requested dates would be low enough to guarantee the availability. On the other hand, I have denied them a month in advance if our occupancy can’t guarantee room availability in the category(for example, if I know we have a group contracted, or if we are showing high occupancy the night before.) While we try to accomodate upgrades for all Platinums, the Your24 only guarantees the hours of your choice in the room category you book. Additionally, if a Suite Night Award is requested and approved, it will invalidate the Your24 request, and you would have to re-submit the request for the new category. Hope this clarifies things a bit!

  11. Just saw this – i am sure it’s been answered, but hotels are NOT compensated for Your24 requests when confirmed. Hotels are encouraged to confirm it as often as possible, but it’s a very difficult to do so, especially at hotels that usually run high occupancy. I’ve had to deny many due to the fact that most people who use it at our property are coming on busy weekends or periods as most at our property are there for leisure..

  12. I just found this interesting article about Your24 and the way it’s handled by properties. I had my fair share of bad experience here in Vietnam.
    I am currently staying at the Sheraton Nha Trang and did not submit a Your24 before check-in. Upon check-in, I was given no late checkout given the “high occupancy” of the hotel on the day of my departure; I have a late flight and had requested an 8pm checkout. Although I was explained I could get a later checkout time if I was ready to pay extra… very poor SPG Platinum 100 treatment if you ask me. I have personally checked and there were at least 15 (cannot check for more on the SPG app) Jr suites, the room category I was graciously upgraded to, available for the day of my departure. Since then, after my ambassador intervened, they have granted me 4pm but not a bit more, I would have to pay extra after 6pm in any case. They also mentioned they typically deny Your24 requests when high occupancy is this high or could become high. It really strikes me there is no hard rule or at least guidelines on the topic, it seems hotels can just do whatever the hell they want with bogus excuses.
    Does anyone know if SPG tracks Your24 requests to avoid abuses?

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