Alaska Mileage Plan Sends Out MVP Gold Thank You Gifts

One of the things I really appreciate about Alaska Airlines (weird as they are), is that they really feel like a “hometown” airline. Like, if there were an airline in the world that feels like it’s run out of a home office, it would be Alaska Airlines. And I mean that in a good way. They’re not a large faceless corporation, but rather a company run by people.

One of the nice gestures they offer their MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75K members is an annual thank you gift. Back in the day they used to mail out cookies (I’m fairly sure they were baked by the CEO’s wife 😉 ), but nowadays it comes in the form of an electronic gift.


It’s a nice gesture that’s above and beyond what most expect from an airline.

Over the past few days Alaska has been sending out emails to MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75K Mileage Plan members giving them their choice of renewal gifts.

This year the choices are as follows:


Of those options, the two upgrade certificates definitely have the potential to be most valuable. And best of all, they seem to be valid through December 2016, so you have nearly two years to use them.


For what it’s worth, Alaska first class upgrade inventory (“U” space) is generally quite easy to find. The only catch is that a couple of years back Alaska added fare class restrictions to these, so you can’t apply them on G, R, or T class tickets, which are the three lowest revenue fare classes.

If you’re MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75K and haven’t received an email, log into your Mileage Plan account and at the bottom right you should see a link for selecting your thank you gift.


For what it’s worth, this year’s thank you gifts are identical to last year’s


  1. I was quite pleased to see this too. I’d argue that the Day Passes may be the most valuable, at least for someone who doesn’t have lounge access otherwise. I had four Gold Guest Upgrade certs last year, and I was only able to find a use for one of them. All the other 30+ Alaska segments I flew were ineligible.

    But if you find yourself flying where there’s U space available, then certainly that’s the better deal.

  2. Lucky, you hit the nail on the head. AS is run by people who care about their Elites. DL and UA are run by bloodsucking accountants who only care about squeezing one more cent out of people. The accountants personally add nothing to UA or DL revenues since they fly non-rev. Aircraft are just metal tubes, it’s the employees that make the difference.

  3. Hey, maybe enough with the “weird” comments about Alaska already? They do some things differently, many of which make them a much better domestic airline than their competition — like fantastic customer service, flight crews that are super pleasant and care about their passengers, and a pioneering commitment to using technology in the reservation/ticketing/checkin process.

  4. The worst piece of mail I received in 2012: A letter from Alaska Airlines saying that I could not longer use a companion voucher with a first class ticket.

  5. My upgrade certs are only good through 2015. I haven’t decided which to use as I have 4 upgrade certs already… but the upgrades do make the most sense…

  6. Ben, you know I’m a huge fan of your blog and the value-add it brings to this hobby, but I agree with Todd.

    Has the devaluation of the domestic flying experience from a service level become SO bad – and commonplace – on the legacy clusterf’s that Alaska’s JD Power standings for, you know, outstanding customer service for, you know, serving customers, is ‘Weird’?

    Alaska isn’t weird, and they aren’t perfect, but they’re doing far more things right than wrong in comparison to their counterparts in the USA, all THINGS considered.

  7. Hi Lucky,

    Just last evening I posted a question from a blog you had posted almost a year to the day about understanding Alaska Airlines fare class codes. I was wondering if the code G,R and T would be a deterrent to selecting the 2 guest upgrades. But after searching AS website, it really doesn’t seem like a problem as long as you book well in advance. By the way, I decided to also choose the upgrades last night and was pleasantly surprised to see an expiration date on December 2016. Another great reason to somehow maintain my status while flying AA.

    Thanks for writing this blog.

  8. I achieved AS MVP Gold through SM last month. (from UA Premier Gold)
    Definetly, I selected cabin uprade coupons, other options are not worth as mine, in my opinion

  9. @ Kelly — I don’t mean “weird” in a bad way. Much in the same way that “keep Portland weird” isn’t really a bad thing. They’re just different. I think we’re on the same page.

    The only thign I Disagree with you on is the JD Power awards. If you write big enough check, anyone can get one of those. 😉

  10. @ Abdel Rahim Abdallah — Only “paid” first class passengers (those paying cash or redeeming miles) get Board Room access with Alaska.

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