Easy 50,000 American Miles With CitiBusiness AAdvantage Mastercard

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Update: These offer for the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®, CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard®, and Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard® are expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

The CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard® offers 50,000 AAdvantage miles after spending $3,000 within three months with a $95 annual fee, which is waived the first year. It’s tough to beat a card with an annual fee that’s waived the first year, big sign-up bonus, and reasonable minimum spend.

I value American miles at ~1.8 cents each, so you’re getting about $900 worth of miles with the sign-up bonus alone.

Benefits of the CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard®

The sign-up bonus is what makes this card particularly compelling, but there are some additional perks to be aware of as well.

First checked bag free

If you’re not an elite member and are traveling on American, you and up to four companions can get your first checked bag free:

Eligible primary cardmembers may check one bag free of charge when traveling to domestic destinations on flights marketed and operated by American Airlines, or on flights marketed by American Airlines and operated by Envoy Air Inc., SkyWest Airlines, Inc., ExpressJet Airlines, Inc., or Republic Airline Inc. This benefit will not be available for travel on US Airways flights or on codeshare flights booked with an American Airlines flight number but operated by another airline. Up to four individuals traveling with the eligible primary cardmember will also get their first checked bag free of charge if they are listed in the same reservation. Waiver does not apply to overweight or oversized bags. This benefit cannot be combined with any existing AAdvantage® elite program benefits, including any waiver of baggage charges.

Priority boarding

With overhead bins getting increasingly full, the value of Group 1 boarding increases as well:

Eligible primary cardmembers will have Group 1 boarding on flights operated and marketed by American Airlines, or on flights marketed by American Airlines and operated by Envoy Air Inc., SkyWest Airlines, Inc., ExpressJet Airlines, Inc., or Republic Airline Inc. Group 1 boarding will only be printed on the boarding pass of the eligible primary cardmember. Up to four individuals traveling with and listed in the same reservation as the primary cardmember are eligible for Group 1 boarding. This benefit will not be available for travel on US Airways flights or on codeshare flights booked with anAmerican Airlines flight number but operated by another airline.

2x points on American Airlines and US Airways purchases

All of the Citi AAdvantage cards offer double miles on purchases made with American Airlines. As part of the merger with US Airways this benefit has been extended to reservations and charges made with both airlines.

It is worth noting that if you purchase duty-free items, hotel packages, etc., that these purchases won’t receive double points, given they’re processed by third parties.

Personally I still prefer using the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express for triple points on airfare, or the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card for airfare purchased through a third party or in a different currency, since the card comes with no foreign transaction fees.

2X points on select business categories

While you earn one mile per dollar spent on all purchases, the CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard® also offers double miles in the following categories:

  • Office supply stores
  • Telecommunications merchants
  • Car rentals

In comparison to the Ink Plus® Business Credit Card and Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card, both of which offer 5x points on office supplies, double points is obviously not as competitive. However, if you’re hoping to accrue AAdvantage miles it’s nice to have bonus categories at all, as the other AAdvantage-accruing cards don’t offer any.

5% AAdvantage® Mileage Bonus for Renewal of Annual Cardmembership

You basically get a 5% “dividend” on spending for the card every year, though even so I don’t think the card is all that compelling for everyday spend.

25% Inflight Savings

I’m actually surprised they don’t market this more, because saving 25% on inflight purchases is pretty cool:

Citi® / AAdvantage® cardmembers will receive a 25% savings on in-flight purchases of food, beverages, and headsets on flights operated by American Airlines and US Airways when purchased with their Citi® / AAdvantage® card. Savings do not apply to any other in-flight purchases, such as wireless internet access, SkyMall™ and DutyFree. This benefit is not available on codeshare flights booked with an American Airlines or US Airways flight number but operated by another airline. Offer is available on eligible flights as long as supplies last. Savings will appear as a statement credit 6-8 weeks after the transaction is posted to the cardmember’s credit card account. Applicable terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

American Airlines Companion Certificate

Business cardholders are eligible to receive a $99 domestic economy fare American Airlines Companion Certificate after making $30,000 in net purchases during a calendar year. This isn’t actually a great deal, in my opinion, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to spend $30,000 on this card, but the other benefits and the sign-up bonus make this card well worth it otherwise.

Why should you accrue American AAdvantage miles?

My hands-down favorite use of American miles is for travel to Asia on Cathay Pacific.

AAdvantage charges just 55,000 miles in business class, and only 67,500 miles in first class for travel between North America and Asia, which is a phenomenal deal. In comparison, United and Delta charge at least 70,000 miles for one-way business class tickets.

Availability for multiple first class seats is sparse in advance, but Cathay Pacific nearly always releases additional award space prior to departure, and American has a really generous award change policy, so you can always lock something in and change it later.


Additionally, American also partners with Etihad, which opens up redemptions to tough destinations like the Maldives. Etihad has a great first class product, and availability is generally very good.

Etihad’s incredible First Apartment requires just 40,000 AAdvantage miles

Who is eligible for the CitiBusiness AAdvantage credit card?

One of advantages of the business version of this card is that you can typically be approved even if you already have personal cards. This is good news for those of us who may already have the Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard® or Citi Executive AAdvantage Cards.

Beyond that, if you’ve had this card in the past and have since closed the account, you should still be eligible for the sign-up bonus. Keep in mind you can apply for at most one Citi card per week, and two Citi cards per 60 days (this includes both personal and business cards).

Applying for a business credit card

One of the most common questions I receive is whether or not you need to have a small business to apply for these types of credit cards. Ultimately, you don’t have to have a company with a tax ID to apply. Any business — even a sole proprietorship — would make you eligible. If you’re a sole proprietorship without a tax ID then you’d just put your social security number in that field.

I know many people that have been approved for small business cards with start-ups and limited business income. Just be honest about the type of business, income, and so forth.

Bottom line

The CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard® isn’t a card I’d necessarily put a ton of spend on, but it has a great sign-up bonus with low minimum spend and an annual fee waived the first year. That’s tough to beat, especially given how valuable American miles are.

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  1. Lucky – I was one of the lucky ones that took advantage of the AA Executive Platinum 100K offer. I’m now waiting until my 12-18 months since I applied for that card to apply for the Personal Platinum Select Card. As you mentioned in your post, I should be approved using my self-proprietorship business by entering my own SSN.

    My question is will using my SSN for this business card affect my chances of getting the Personal Platinum Select card in a few months by pretty much “restarting” the clock for me?

  2. I have two personal Citi Exec cards from last year’s 100K promo. I just applied for this business version using Lucky’s link. Went into pending, but called up and after being placed on hold for a few minutes, they approved. No questions, just had to sit on hold while they reviewed the app in more detail.

  3. Does the business card have the same benefit of 10% miles back on reward redemption like the personal card?

  4. Is there an article published that shows a nice listing of partner award bookings and the best way to search their award space? I feel like I read one not too long ago and would like to bookmark it.

    Exmaple would be using BA wesbite to search Cathay availability but we will be booking with AA miles.

    Hopefully what I’m asking makes sense.

  5. @ Lucky: I am interested to apply this card and using your affiliate links, but before that can you please help me confirm something:
    I took advantage of the AA Executive Platinum 100K offer a while ago and got 3 of them, canceled one and keep two of them active until now. Got rejected for the 4th card. All of these was back before the 100K offer died last year.
    Then I just applied for Citi Platinum Select personal that offers 50k bonus, but got pending status and when I called recon, the agent said that they cannot accept me for AA cobranded Citi cards anymore since they can see I already applied for the 100k promo before and still have the 2 Citi AA Exec Mastercards (but some folks in flyertalk have been successful in getting Platinum Select personal after got Exec card). I tried to HUCA and also pushed them a bit by explaining it should be different product, but every agent gave me same answer, that I am not eligible for AAdvantage offer anymore since I already took advantage of AA 100K offer before.
    Will I be eligible and have high chance of getting approved for this business Platinum Select card? FYI I have excellent credit score (750+).

  6. Signed up and got the card. I also got the 100K and the 50K personal card sign up bonus last year. Biggest question for me is when do I get rid of the cards I am no longer using after the sign up bonus has been received but before the annual fee renewal kicks in??

  7. @ David — Yes, you should have a very good chance. This is a business card, so is considered separately from personal cards.

  8. @ Lucky: Also, just out of curiosity, don’t you think using Alaska Airlines miles would be a better redemption option for Cathay Pacific First class award?
    It costs 70,000 Alaska miles to fly from North America to Asia on Cathay Pacific in First Class. But you can fly to Hong Kong, have a stopover, and continue to South Africa, India, or the Middle East for the same mileage price, since Alaska Airlines allow a stopover on one way award on partner airlines. Please correct me if this wrong. Thanks in advance!

  9. @ David — Sure, it’s a great promo, but Alaska miles are also much tougher to come by than American miles, in my opinion. So I think they’re both great currencies, it just depends on how you earn miles.

  10. Can you have 2 different business cards? Do they count the name of the account holder, business name, or SSN/Tax-id?

  11. Thanks Lucky. By the way, how to earn Alaska miles besides from their cobranded BofA Alaska Visa credit card?
    Does one or more of these programs transfer to Alaska: UR, TYP, SPG, MR.

  12. @ will c — I could be mistaken, but I believe you’re limited to one of the same business card per person. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, please.

  13. @ David — I earn Alaska miles through their credit card, SPG transfers, crediting miles to them, and buying miles.

  14. @ Lucky: sounds awesome! have you get Diners Club card? I heard their program also have lucrative earning to be transferred to Alaska miles.

  15. Lucky,

    Does this mean this card doesn’t come with the 10% of your redeemed miles back (10,000 miles maximum per year)? Or did I confused it with the US Airway card?

  16. Ben, I received the bonus 50K miles for this same card last year. I just cancelled the card, and have not applied for a citi AA card in over 6 months.

    Will I be able to apply for another card citi ZZ biz card and receive the 50k points? Now that my old citi business has just recently been closed

    Thanks bro, and love the blog and the feedback you give your readers.

  17. i want to hear the best way you are using to meet these spends? Is connected with Target? I like to use Serve and have been in the dark after Amazon!

    please private messages radheee108@yahoo.com

    thank you everyone and wishing you happy 20150000000000 miles this year!! lol

  18. @ David — While it does vary person to person, in general if you’ve closed the previous business account you should be eligible for the bonus again.

  19. “Who is eligible for the CitiBusiness AAdvantage credit card?”

    Ummm…you forgot to mention that you have to be an American. You do have other readers, you know, from other parts of the world!
    In many ways, this is what causes anti-American feelings around the world: that the US is the only country that matters. I appreciate your blog, but would also appreciate it if you recognized that there ARE other countries.

  20. @ Mick — I appreciate the feedback, but comparing that to the cause of anti-American feelings around the world seems a bit ludicrous, respectfully. 85%+ of my readership is based in the US, so a lot of my content is US-centric. Similarly, I didn’t mention that you can’t have filed for bankruptcy in the past few years, etc., because that’s a given/assumed. If I spelled out every possible technicality for an offer, my posts would be 10x as long.

  21. Does the application link also offer two club lounge access? I remember I have seen similar offer but with lounge access Voucher.

  22. @Mick – “In many ways, this is what causes anti-American feelings around the world”

    That’s complete and utter nonsense.Anyone who has anti-American feelings over a blog post about credit cards likely already had anti-American feelings to begin with.

    “but would also appreciate it if you recognized that there ARE other countries.”

    You mean the ones he’s constantly writing about traveling to?

    @Lucky – “but comparing that to the cause of anti-American feelings around the world seems a bit ludicrous”

    It’s more than “a bit ludicrous.”

  23. Re: my comments about anti-American sentiments. I’m not suggesting that OMAAT is contributing to these sentiments, rather a more general and pervasive attitude, especially at the government level that “We’re Number 1”.
    Economically, maybe that’s true, but on a societal level, obviously it’s not, looking at, say, poverty or incarceration levels.
    A blog entry like this can only serve to exacerbate the sentiment, albeit in a tiny but incremental way.

  24. @Mick – Your argument is still ridiculous.

    “I’m not suggesting that OMAAT is contributing to these sentiments”

    That is EXACTLY what you’re accusing him of doing. Did you not read what you posted? “In many ways, this is what causes anti-American feelings around the world:”

    “Economically, maybe that’s true, but on a societal level, obviously it’s not, looking at, say, poverty or incarceration levels.”

    You realize that this is not a blog about poverty or incarceration levels, right?

  25. Right, of course I do. It was just a natural stream of thought, and I hope it has (re)awakened some awareness of the roots behind global awareness about American hegemony. I’ll leave it at that.

  26. @Mick – Most people, if they stop and think about it, are pretty capable of realizing the causes of anti-American feeling. You, however, have done your cause no favors by linking it to such a ridiculous thing as being unable to get a certain credit card. Anyone harboring such feelings already has anti-American sentiments, and not being able to get an American credit card will not have one iota of an impact on such feelings.

  27. I had the Citi Business AA card before and cancelled last year. Am I eligible to apply and get the bonus again? Your answer above seems to say yes, but the fine print in the application seems different:

    Offer Availability
    This CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® card offer is not available to you if you already have a CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® card account. Additionally, this offer is valid only for first time CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® cardmembers who apply pursuant to this offer for an account.

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