2 Free Hyatt Nights For $250 Spend at RiteAid

Travis is my first new contributor to the blog, who will be writing a post every Wednesday to start. The idea behind adding guest contributors is to add different perspectives to the blog. Travis has a unique approach towards travel, given that he travels almost exclusively with his wife and young children, which is in stark contrast to my travels, which are usually alone.

Disclaimer:  This deal has the potential to be lucrative.  It also has the potential to be a pain in the butt.  You’ve been warned.

Bottom Line Up Front

Rite Aid currently has a promotion running called Happy You Year whereby you can earn two Hyatt nights at select properties, a timeshare week, or two nights of cabin / camping by spending $250 on participating items by January 24, 2015.

  • The list of participating items is fairly extensive and probably includes some things you’d normally use
  • You can shop online or in-store
  • You need to be in the US
  • Claiming the reward is a fairly convoluted process
  • It may require a lot of follow-up effort
Rite Aid Happy You Year Promotion
Rite Aid Happy You Year Promotion

How It Works

From the Rite Aid promotion page.

  1. Purchase participating products at Rite Aid or online at riteaid.com with your wellness+ card between December 28, 2014 and January 24, 2015. Click here to see participating products or look for a shelf sign in store to see which items will count toward your rewards!
  2. For every $50 you spend, you will receive a Unique Reward Code on your receipt. Check your register receipt to see how close you are to receiving a Unique Reward Code.
  3. Create your account on the Sign Up/Log In page, add the Unique Reward Codes you received on your receipt, and redeem your credit towards rewards!
  4. Please remember that your Unique Reward Codes and credit on your account will expire at 12:00AM PT February 25, 2015. After that point you will no longer be able to redeem rewards.


There are rewards available at each of five tiers, meaning that if you only buy $50 worth of stuff, you can select from a reward from Tier 1.  If you buy $100 worth of stuff, you’ll have two reward codes, and can select from Tier 2.  (Or you could get two Tier 1 rewards.)  The rewards in the lesser tiers aren’t very interesting so for our purposes, let’s just focus on spending $250 and selecting once from Tier 5.With five reward codes (meaning you spent at least $250), you can select from:

  • 2-night Camping / Cabin Rental
  • 7-day Resort Stay
  • 2-night Hyatt Hotel Stay

The timeshare resort stay

Receive a 7-day stay at a participating time-share resort through RCI, a division of Wyndham Worldwide! Click here to check out availability worldwide. Dates of stay must be within 365 days but at least 4 weeks out from the date the Booking Form is completed and submitted. With this reward you will provide us with three preferred participating time-share locations (and dates) you would like to visit and as long as there is availability through this promotion, we will book the 7-day stay for you! To learn more about the redemption steps and expiration dates, check out the details on the FAQ page.

The Hyatt nights

Receive 2 free nights at over 350 participating Hyatt hotels! Hyatt is a leader in the global hospitality industry with a rich, fifty-year history, allowing guests to discover destinations ranging from spectacular mountain vistas, to exciting cities and idyllic desert retreats, all with the hospitality Hyatt hotels has to offer. Check out the participating Hyatt locations here. Dates of hotel stay must be within 365 days but at least 4 weeks out from the date the Booking Form is completed and submitted. With this reward you will provide us with three preferred participating Hyatt locations (and dates) you would like to visit and aslong as there is availability through this promotion, we will book the 2 night stay for you! To learn more about the redemption steps and expiration dates, check out the details on the FAQ page.

Participating Products

The participating products list contains several hundred items, some of which you probably use.  They are broken into categories such as Baby Care, Beauty, Home and Personal Goods, Food and Beverage, etc., meaning there is probably something for everyone.  Some of the items seem fairly specific since they note a particular size like Rite Aid Babywipes 64-72 ct, 300-320 ct.  Others just say “Gerber”, which seems like it could mean a lot of different items.

The website says that participating items will be marked in the store, so that should help in the scavenger hunt.  But in my cursory glance, it didn’t seem like the participating items were identified on-line, so you might want to stick with ones you are sure about if you go that route.

Some Of The Participating Products
Some Of The Participating Products

I can’t wait for Ben to order $250 of Anti-Monkey Butt Powder and have it delivered to his suite in the Park Hyatt New York.

You should also consider how you purchase these items.  If you have money in a Flexible Savings Account that you can use to stock up on eligible items that you would buy anyway, you can effectively spend pre-tax dollars to buy your participating items.  If you have a credit card that bonuses pharmacies, that could also be a good choice.

Redemption Process

This is where the pain in the arse starts.  For the the Hyatt nights:

  1. Login to your wellness+ account and select the 2-night stay award to gain access to the registration form.
  2. Complete and mail the registration form with a copy of your ID by 3/3/15.
  3. Within 10 days, you are emailed a booking code and a link to the booking form.
  4. Complete the booking form by selecting three Hyatt locations and three sets of dates by 3/22/15.  The dates of your stay must be within four months 1-year of when you submit the booking form (i.e. no later than 7/22/15 3/22/16) but at least four weeks out.  That effectively means your stay must be between 4/3/15 and 7/22/15.  [Edit 1/12/15:  A reader has confirmed with Rite Aid that the stay must be within 1-year.  I can no longer find any references to 4-months.]
  5. Within eight days of submitting the booking form, you will be notified of availability at the Hyatt location, and asked to confirm your choice within two days.

Are there any project managers out there that can construct a waterfall diagram for us?

The good news is that they confirm that the Hyatt nights are booked using stay certificates at the Premier level.  That’s a process that many of us around here are familiar with since stay certificates were once available for general purchase.  Ben wrote about them in January 2013 shortly before they were discontinued.

The process for redeeming a timeshare week is similar.  It seems that the biggest difference between it and the Hyatt nights is that the timeshare stay needs to be within 365 days of submission, rather than 4 months.  That should mean that you could book the timeshare for dates between 4/3/15 and 3/3/16.

I’m primarily going to focus on the Hyatt nights for our discussion.  While the 7-night timeshare resort stay does sound intriguing, we can’t infer much about how it is going to be fulfilled.  It is possible that there could be significant taxes on it, for example, which could kill the deal.  It’s also through Wyndham, a company that many in the miles and points community do not hold in high esteem.

Meanwhile, the Hyatt nights are mostly a known commodity.  And unlike Wyndham, I believe that Hyatt cares enough about their reputation not to let this thing go pear-shaped.

Similarity To 2007 Dockers Deal

This deal looks a lot like the Dockers promotion from 2007.  At that time, they offered a free flight for purchasing $125 worth of Dockers clothes from JC Penney.  You had to choose from among 10 destinations and provide three sets of dates.  Then the fulfillment company (TLC in this case) contacted you.  Except they generally never did — at least until you filed a Better Business Bureau complaint, which would get their attention almost immediately.  Then you would communicate over the BBB website to actually arrange your booking.  I seriously cannot make this stuff up.

But despite all that, it was lucrative because essentially TLC was booking revenue tickets.  The trick was to pick some dates during peak season to an expensive destination (such as Anchorage) from three of the available departure cities.  This could easily result in a $500-$700 ticket.

Then once the ticket was issued, you could call the airline directly and cancel the flight.  Back then, the cancellation fee for most airlines was $100, so you would net a credit for perhaps $400-$600 which you could then use to go wherever and whenever you wanted.  All for $125 worth of Dockers clothes, which my girlfriend at the time (now wife) said I needed anyway.

It was a tale of two groups.  The main population thought this was a total scam while those in the miles and points community were making out like bandits.

A year or two later there was even a class action lawsuit against Dockers, JC Penney, and / or TLC which resulted in claimants receiving $150 checks and $125 vouchers for Dockers.


It was pretty clear that the 2007 Dockers promotion was unsustainable.  They were giving away flights that were worth at least a couple hundred dollars (and sometimes significantly more) in exchange for a $125 purchase.  It became clear that JCP had completely outsourced the fulfillment to TLC Marketing, and therefore TLC had a huge financial incentive to avoid paying out.  As I recall, JCP / Dockers wanted to wash their hands of it and just blame TLC, which probably worked, at least until the lawsuit hit.

Relevance To The Rite Aid Deal

I told the 2007 Dockers / TLC story to give some context to what you may be in for here.  Let’s apply what we learned from back then to the economics of this deal.

Hyatt used to sell Premier Stay Certificates to the public for $189 each, meaning two of them should be worth perhaps $378.  (I say perhaps because they stopped selling them a year or so ago meaning prices could have gone up, but it’s also possible that they sold them in quantity at a discount.)  At any rate, let’s just assume they cost $378.

You just bought $250 worth of Anti-Monkey Butt Powder to get a certificate valued at $378.  Does that sound sustainable to you? 

A lot is going to depend on the fulfillment company.  At this point, I don’t think we know who that will be.  All I can say is this.

  • TLC Marketing is still in business.
  • They are located in Boston, above Fanueil Hall.
  • The mailing address for your submission form is a P.O. Box in Boston.
  • Rite Aid is not headquartered in Boston, nor do they have a significant presence in Boston.

We can also apply some strategy from the Dockers deal to how we select the Hyatt property and nights to insure we get what we want.

Since the nights are being booked as stay certificates, it is possible to search availability on the Hyatt website.  Simply put code HSPRN2 in the special offer field and search for the property you are interested in.  If there is availability to use the certificate on that night, the website will show that.  If not, there will be a message telling you it is not available.We can use this to our advantage. Once we determine that the Hyatt property we want to use our 2-night certificate at has availability, we can list that as our first choice.  Then we can list any other Hyatt property that does not have availability for our second and third choices.  This should force the fulfillment company to give us our first choice, which we already know is available.  (If it should become unavailable between when you submit your form and when they process it, my guess is that they simply contact you asking for an alternative choice.)

Should You Do This Deal?

Just because the promotion is not sustainable does not mean that the fulfillment company won’t deliver the goods.  They just don’t want to deliver the goods to everyone.  That means that for you to be successful you may need to be tenacious.  Follow all the T&C’s.  Submit forms on time.  And most likely, by being ready to fight through the BBB, social media, small claims court, or whatever strong-arm tactic you prefer because they are going to look for any reason they can to deny your claim.

If that sound fun to you — and trust me, it was once a lot of fun for me — then you should absolutely do it.  It’s better than watching reality TV.

Also if you have a use for $250 worth of Anti-Monkey Butt Powder (or other products), and don’t mind paying a slight premium at Rite Aid to get them, then you should absolutely do the deal.  Think of it as a lottery ticket — if it pays off, you get a 2-night hotel stay.  In the worst case, well, you’ve still got a lot of  Anti-Monkey Butt Powder to soothe your wounds.

If you don’t like drama, don’t like the thrill of the chase, and don’t like uncertainty, this probably isn’t the deal for you.


  1. This looks like a great deal! I was just wondering what resorts qualify for the free 7 nights before I dish out $250 on bandaids?

  2. Interesting reference about the Dockers/TLC promo back in 2007. I actually went for it and was able to go with a partner SFO-MIA on AA. I guess we were one of the lucky ones that were able to avail of the promo…

  3. even if this resulted in 2 free nights at the Park Hyatt Paris, doesn’t seem worth the hassle to me if I have to deal with the BBB.

  4. You might be able to purchase goods for donation and get a write-off, in addition to your free 2 nights (after some pain).

  5. Hi Travis. Thanks for the interesting post. I don’t think any other blogs have shared this interesting deal!!! However, it’s important to note that the certificates are not valid at Hyatt’s most expensive hotels. Your comment “I can’t wait for Ben to order $250 of Anti-Monkey Butt Powder and have it delivered to his suite in the Park Hyatt New York” implies that the nights can be used to stay at Park Hyatt NY when in reality the certificates are not good at any NYC Hyatt hotels!!!!

  6. The code above has worked for me with every hotel I have checked thus far. I am going for it. Thanks for the head’s up!

  7. Sure, NYC, Tokyo & Paris are not available, but HR Vancouver, Orange County (Disneyland), and all three Thailand locations are redeemable in this offer. Two nights at any of the above properties will easily run you around $150 plus tax – so, the reward is actually under $100 plus the stuff that you’d purchase for $250. Worth it? Maybe if you have a CC spending threshold to meet and you need the RA stuff … otherwise, move along!

    Travis, thanks for posting.

  8. Good post Travis. This offer seems like 100% to much of a pain in the butt to be worth it for most people since you are going to have to jump through a lot of hoops. However….

    After spending a lot of time looking at the terms and conditions, I question whether TLC promotions or Rite Aid even ran this promotion by their legal teams. The terms dont have any forum selection clause or choice of law provision. As you mention, TLC promos is based in Boston. Being a lawyer who works out of Boston about 30% of the time, these terms make this seem like a more appealing promotion. MA has some of the strongest consumer protection laws in the country. If TLC promos and Riteaid (again the poor terms and conditions means Riteaid will not be able to wash their hands of liability) failed to provide the free night certificate, as those most likely will, a simple and cheap to file consumer protection suit would force them to pay up within 30 days or risk treble damages and attorneys cost at trial.

    I will be interested to see how this plays out but this whole promotions seems like a terrible idea and I have no idea how Rite Aid, a large public company, agreed to it based on the current terms and conditions now online. If I were a betting man I would wager this promotion ends in litigation and a lot of lawyers making a lot of money. But who knows, maybe TLC promos will be comply with the terms and conditions and send everyone their certificates in a timely manner.

  9. @ Daniel M — Hmmm, I’ll let Travis chime in, but that’s not how I interpreted it. I think he was just saying I live in hotels, so having that stuff delivered to where I am would be amusing.

  10. @ Daniel M.

    Yep, just a play on the fact that Ben lives in hotels and it would be quite amusing (to me at least) to see a few cases of Anit Monkey Butt Powder stacked in the corner of his room!

    Think I mentioned that it’s only valid at select Hyatt properties. Definitely check to make sure the property you want is available.

  11. Ang: My family can pretty easily consume $250 worth of stuff from Rite Aid. So will probably do it.

  12. Owen: Donating the stuff is certainly an option. However, I wouldn’t really recommend that in this case. Assume that you’re in the 25% tax bracket (which I think is average). That means you’re getting about $60 of tax relief. Which means you’re now paying $190 for the two nights. Now there are certainly SOME participating Hyatt properties that are worth more than that, but in general, I don’t think it would be a good play.

    So my advice is that you probably need to value the stuff you buy at Rite Aid at closer to 50-75% of par value for this to be a good deal. But since you can buy household consumables, that shouldn’t be that hard.

  13. OK, here is my strategy to max this one out:

    $250 in Schick Hydro 5 refill cartriges. I need them over time anyway and they are never cheap. I’ll purchase onling through mrrebates to get some cash back, too.

    If it does not work out, I still have the cartriges.

  14. Dave — thanks for the insightful commentary on the T&C’s and your view of the promotion from a legal perspective.

    To be clear, I’m not saying that TLC is the fulfillment company. I don’t think we know that yet.

    I agree that it shocks me that Rite Aid thinks this is a good idea. But then again, I said the same about Dockers / JCP. History really does repeat itself.

    And I also won’t be surprised to see this end in litigation. The lawyers may take the lion’s share, but the return to the claimants, at least in the Dockers deal, was pretty good.

    Again, really appreciate your insights.

  15. I’m doing this promo early and submitting via certified mail. Note that Rite Aid sells items that are free after rebate or resellable if you don’t want to “spend” the full $250.

  16. Wow, sounds like a great deal. I have a trip planned to Seattle in May and it looks like there is availability for “gift certificate” nights at Hyatt Olive 8 (one of the participating hotels) some of the nights I am there. If indeed that code gives us any idea!

    Given some cat food and litter is on the list of participating products, and I foster cats for my local humane society, this should be easy. It’s stuff I would be buying anyway plus it’s a tax deduction!

    Only downside is that using free nights is going to eat up a couple paid stays that would help me towards renewing my diamond status, so I’ll probably have to factor in a couple $70/night mileage runs into my equation…

  17. @ Brian Cohen — Travis submitted the post to me yesterday before you even published that. Just had too many posts yesterday, so queued it for today.

  18. Hey, thanks for the post! I don’t know if I will go for it, but on clicking on the link, the bottom of the page of the Happy You Year says it is “powered by TRCo Marketing”. Not sure if that indicates who is on the other end of the promotion…

  19. Wonderful post. I am doing this. I am doing this.
    I can use 100$ worth of stuff for myself, now I need to look for $150 worth of stuff to flip.
    For what I looked for, so far the certs code works @
    San Juan PR, Mumbai, Istanbul, Several several locations in the US (not in NYC AFAIK). Worth the gamble for $150.00 IMO. We will see how it goes. ATB Everyone.

  20. Brian — Just read your post on the topic. Apparently we both share the same sense of humor, cause I can’t stop saying Anti Monkey Butt Powder! I’ve worked it into 3 conversations today alone!!!!

  21. I’m actually more intrigued by the 7 day timeshare stay, and I’m not sure why others aren’t. Anything I’m missing?

  22. OK, may be too much of a PITA. Can’t order anymore that 3 cans of each type of cat food at a time. Arg. Might have to go into a Rite Aid for that.

  23. Great minds think alike, Travis.

    I guess it was difficult to avoid the name of that product — especially as it was the first on the list of participating products.

    Interestingly, I had never heard of it until I wrote that article.

    People probably proudly announce that they are heading to a Rite Aid pharmacy location just to say that they are going to purchase that product — along with plenty of toilet paper, I would hope…

  24. Seems like a great deal, even if you’re potentially setting yourself up for tons of hassle.

    I’m thinking of Hong Gong TST Hyatt Regency, that place can go for $300+ per night.

  25. In addition to the potential difficulty redeeming the award …. is anyone really so flexible that they can specify 3 different Hyatts and 3 different dates? Especially when the list of participating hotels is predictably bad? I can’t imagine tailoring a trip around 2 free nights at a low-end Hyatt. 2 free nights in a suite at a high end hotel, maybe. What do you do if you can only stay in one of the hotels on one date and that’s not the one they give you?

  26. After you pick 3 Hyatt hotels with 3 dates, will hyatt only give you one option if all of the dates and properties are available or will they tell you all three is available and you can pick one?

    If you are only given one option, then this is not that great of a promotion.

  27. You think that are signing up for a relaxing vacation. What you are probably signing up for is a time share presentation which will probably be excruciatingly painful. The resorts listed are mainly time share resorts of have time-share sales people.

  28. After a quick review of the Rite-Aid website for this promo I noticed an interesting possibility to reduce the $250 spend threshold for the Reward Code 5 spend.

    In the FAQ section is this statement:

    Will the dollar amount for manufacturer and Rite Aid coupons that I use to pay for my qualifying items be deducted from my total purchase amount?

    No. Any coupon you use will not be deducted from your total purchase amount. Your coupons are simply your form of payment.

    A quick internet search for high value coupons on any of the participating products could cut the cash outlay considerably.

  29. @travis

    both the t&c in your post and the link show that the 2-night hyatt stays have the same 365 day redemption limit on them as the 7-day resort stays do. not sure where you’re getting the 4-month cap from?

    it’s also worth noting that the earliest dates are potentially before April 3 because you base your timing off of the deadline dates. if i bought the items tonight and sent in the form tomorrow, i am supposed to be emailed a booking code and link to the booking form within 10 days (jan 19). on jan 19 (or when i get that email) i can complete the booking form – and the stay has to be at least 4 weeks from when i submit the booking form, so i could potentially stay as early as feb 16 (or feb 19 if you want to go by a month rather than 4 weeks), and should know within 8 days of submitting if one of my locations is good – or by jan 27.

    granted that assumes you actually get responses/turn-around in their stated time – but if you’re gambling anyway, you could take a shot at stays for mid-feb or later.

    Login to your wellness+ account and select the 2-night stay award to gain access to the registration form.
    Complete and mail the registration form with a copy of your ID by 3/3/15.
    Within 10 days, you are emailed a booking code and a link to the booking form.
    Complete the booking form by selecting three Hyatt locations and three sets of dates by 3/22/15. The dates of your stay must be within four months of when you submit the booking form (i.e. no later than 7/22/15) but at least four weeks out. That effectively means your stay must be between 4/3/15 and 7/22/15.
    Within eight days of submitting the booking form, you will be notified of availability at the Hyatt location, and asked to confirm your choice within two days.

  30. actually, poking around more, i found a term on their FAQ page saying 4 months, but there are two other pages which say 365 days. i guess one more reason to be wary of this promotion?

  31. @Travis –

    SCORE Big Guy!

    Loved that this greeted me this morning!

    So, I briefed the wife on the whole deal…printed out all the participating items (sorry, Ben…no Monkey Butt powder in your Christmas stocking this year) and set out shopping!

    Shopping was an ordeal, especially when my first swing at things only produced 2 Reward codes after spending the required $250. “Call a manager” was the cashier’s retort!

    Manager Bill is perplexed, a tad frustrated. “Refund it all, let’s start over” I exclaim. Manager Bill acquiesces. We start all over and I pull out three items that (although they are clearly marked participating items) may have been the sneaky culprits and add new ones…and Voilà! Houston we have liftoff! 5 Unique Reward codes!

    Load up the car, back the stuff into the house…and go to my office and put in the codes!

    Done deal! All codes accepted and a Registration form appears!

    We’re taking the two nights at a Hyatt (we’ll back it up probably with 2 points+cash nights) and have a wonderful mini-vacation.

    As for the properties, I can share this with everyone:

    Timeshare Resorts Availability (Yes, they are Wyndham properties) Found below:


    As for the Hyatt Properties Available including the magnificent
    Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin & Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui and three properties in the Caribbean (405 properties in total)

    These can be found below:


    Travis, Mahalo nui loa!

  32. Very interesting promotion, but I won’t be trying for it since it’s too much brain damage and there is no Rite Aid in my city. Hyatt stay cert at the premier level has decent properties though – approximately up to category 4 on the award chart, which is the annual renewal free night from the credit card. Of course the cert level is accepted at lower category properties.

  33. @mpk620 –

    I have the actual Hyatt Hotel registration form (completed and being mailed out tomorrow). It clearly states on the bottom (and there are different registration forms for the 7-day timeshare resort stay and the hotel stay) the following:

    “Dates of hotel stay must be within 365 days but at least 4 weeks out from the date the Booking Form is completed and submitted.”

    So it says “hotel stay” so I am going with the 365 days since that’s part of the documentation we will be sending in (and scanning all materials, sop)

  34. This deal has been discussed on FT since Jan. 3. Bloggers need to stop treating this it’s their own discovery and ask themselves why they didn’t reveal the true source of this information.

  35. Did anyone find participating hotels with random dates that weren’t available using the above code? I’m interested in doing the deal but want to limit my second and third choices so I hopefully we can receive the first choice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  36. I will be in HK in April and have a very specific redemption in mind (Hyatt Regency TST). However, as others have mentioned, what happens if I don’t get that one? There’s 2 Hyatts in HK that are redeemable, so what would I even put for the 3rd choice? I can’t exactly be in 2 different cities at the same time.

  37. @Allen, put in a date for a property that you confirmed via the code HSPRN2 doesn’t have availability for those days, just as Travis describes in his post;-)

  38. I actually just went through this process myself. Yes you have to follow the instructions carefully, but as long as you do it, it’s pretty seamless and easy to redeem. I got the 2 night free hotel stay and am looking forward to it!

  39. @Travis

    To answer your question about who this is offered by, according to the RiteAid website this offer is supposedly marketed by TRCo Marketing, not TLC. However, if we look at the personnel on each of their respective websites, guess what? The employee pictures are of exactly the same people (some of them with different backgrounds)! Assuming that these employee pictures are not from some stock photo company, I think that we can safely assume that TRCo and TLC are the same company and operate under different names.

    Hope that helps. Cheers!

  40. As a data point, I completed the $250 spend and mailed the form yesterday. Already received an email with the booking code today (mail wasn’t supposed to get there until Monday) and submitted my requests. Fingers crossed.

  41. @MilesMath –

    My registration form is still in my office’s outbox (going out in the mail today) and I also woke up to the same email (with the booking code and booking link).

  42. A follow-up that I should have caught, and MilesMath you can substantiate, the terms state:

    “The reservation must be booked within 4 months from the date the Booking Form is completed and submitted, but at least 4 weeks out from when the Booking Form is completed and submitted.”

    So, that’s confusing…booked does not necessarily mean the stay dates, but the time of booking, correct? And a participant would have no control over when the “concierge” (Rite Aid’s terminology) would contact you to prompt you to book within two days.

  43. Okay, sorry….another follow-up.

    More terminology in the same email:

    “The dates you submit must be within 4 months from the date the Booking Form is completed and submitted”

    These folks are confusing

  44. So, on the actual booking website, the verbiage reads as follows:

    “Please provide your preferred Hyatt hotel locations here. You can access the list of participating hotels here. Dates of hotel stay must be within 365 days but at least 4 weeks out from the date the Booking Form is completed and submitted.”

    OMG !!

  45. Anyone care to add what they’re actually buying at Riteaid? I’ve spent enough time looking for fillers at drugstores that I’ve generally come to the opinion that *anything* there can be purchased elsewhere for 1/3 the price. Is it possible to get even $100 worth of value for the $250 spend?

  46. @Mster –

    Besides our own needs, we bought a variety of diaper and baby needs (of which we have no use)…and have already resold them (for a profit) to friends.

  47. @ John DELTA, I called into the center because I had that question too. It’s a typo and they said “dates of hotel stay must be within 365 days from the day you submit your booking form online”, not 4 months.

  48. Oh man, I spent $170 tonight and got three unique reward codes. but when i entered them in the form, it said my dscnt number is not VALID!!!

  49. This is right up my alley. I already coupon and have been going after sign up bonuses for the past year or so. For people asking what to buy, look for things in the ad that show the Buy and Earn promo and also give you +UPs back. Even with no coupons, you can get money back to spend at RA later. My outlay for the $250 will be almost $0 with coupons and +UPs. On top of that, I resale so like others it’ll actually be a profit for me. One good thing for the month is Garnier Shampoo/Conditioner. You can order $2 coupons that came out in today’s paper. You can get 20 for about $5.00. Use those coupons and you can get 18 bottles for less than $10, but will give you $60 of spend.

  50. Everywhere in this promotion for the Hyatt 2 night stay it says travel must be booked within 365 days from booking, after the 4 weeks. Your article says within 4 months. Im confused…I don’t see that in the Rite Aid literature anywhere. How did you come to say 4 months?

  51. I can no longer find the text that said booking must be within 4-,months rather than 1-year. Perhaps it was indeed a typo. I’ll update the post to reflect that. (4 months never really made sense anyway.) Thanks!

  52. Allen: I would be very hesitant to do this deal with the hopes of redeeming for a property in April. While the T&C’s allow that, past experience indicates that TLC/TRCo is very slow to get these booked. So you might need to have a backup redemption in mind.

  53. Jeff and Dan — Thanks for the detective work. I am pretty well convinced that this indeed another TLC operation. Will have more on that later. Buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a ride!

  54. Thanks for making me aware of this promotion. I purchased the items needed to get to $250 exactly, and purchased them through MrRebates to get an additional $12.50 back. Can’t wait for my two free nights. Thanks again.

  55. @Travis, et al.

    So I have made every effort to contact Rite Aid today regarding my bookings. I actually called yesterday after the lines were closed and the recording stated that it was a TRCO company. Today, as the lines are open(?) the announcement states RiteAid Rewards.

    A caller has five options, Press 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 for different issues.

    I have gone through all 5.

    Each one rings for a while and then goes to a recorded voice stating “RiteAid Prompt [insert the number you selected] and asks the caller to leave a message.

    Yeah, that’s not gonna fly!

    So, my concern and frustrations are rapidly rising. No one to answer any calls?

  56. So I submitted my form by mail on Friday, Jan. 9 and have yet to hear anything.

    Got to say I am not impressed with Rite Aid.

    There were numerous problems with their website, problems with enrolling in the wellness program, problems with a pre-existing sign on and password. I got through all of that ordered my $250 worth of stuff and accessed the registration form etc.

    Never got any kind of notification that my items had been shipped. They showed up and several things were open like Duracell batteries, had damaged boxes and had been taped closed. There was no packing materials either and the batteries were loose in the box.

  57. **Follow-up**

    Just got off the telephone, Rite Aid did call me back (after I shot a very serious-toned email to them).

    We now have confirmed two nights at the Hyatt of our choice and Hyatt has confirmed the reservation (basically two one-night certificates) and Hyatt has advised us that we can change the dates and use the certificates at another property and/or dates if we so choose.

    I am satisfied.

  58. Completed purchase last night and loaded my Reward Codes today. Will redeem later and start process. Just curious, anyone complete the full process yet and have any tips? Successes picking 2 hotels and dates that showed no availability with the code so that you got your 3rd(and top) choice of Hyatt and dates? Thanks!

  59. A reader (Mangoceviche) left a comment on my Club Carlson Conundrum post (unrelated) that Rite Aid is going to offer a similar promotion with a domestic flight as a reward in February. I hadn’t heard about this yet, but if you look at the T&C’s for the current promotion, this is now on the reward list:

    (r) one (1) two (2) Night Hotel Stay;
    (s) one (1) Free Travel Experience (Cruise or Domestic Flight); or
    (t) one (1) Seven (7) Day Resort Stay (each a “Reward”),


    I certainly don’t recall (s) being there before. Did anybody keep a screen shot that can verify? Kind of bizarre.

  60. @Travis –

    I didn’t capture the screenshot, although I did preserve some materials….I never saw the Domestic ticket

    If they’re going to do that, my Mom is going on a shopping trip that she’s not *totally” aware of… wink-wink

  61. @John Delta-how did you book? You left an email through rite aids main website? I mailed mine on Tues 1/13….still haven’t heard anything. Keep checking my spam!

  62. @THERESA M –

    I did everything like they asked.

    Then waited. Got frustrated after the 8 days. Made calls as mentioned above and got nowhere.

    Sent email to riteaid@rewardrequest.com
    explaining my failed attempts to contact them.

    Received a telephone call from Annette. She says “you were next on my list to contact.” Sure!

    Anyway, she told me I could pick any dates since I had picked the same Grand Hyatt for all of my dates. But she said she could look right now and I could choose any dates.

    Choose my dates, got a confirmation number over the telephone, follow-up email with all my reservation information included on a off.

    I called Hyatt and confirmed. It’s already in my Gold Passport reservations and we can change the dates and property within the allowable Hyatt timeframes.

    Hope that helps.

  63. @John Delta

    Thanks!! That does!

    So you did get the booking code through the email? I only have just snail mailed my registration form in. I haven’t gotten the chance to put my dates and locations yet.

  64. @THERESA M –

    No, I got an email THE DAY AFTER entering all of my Rite Aid unique codes into the Rite Aid website
    As follows:

    The Next Steps To Receiving Your 2 Night Hotel Stay Have Arrived!

    Access your Booking Form here:

    • Submit your Booking Form with your preferred participating
    • Hyatt locations and dates using the Booking Code *CODE*CODE*CODE*
    • (You must submit this Booking Form no later than March 22,
    • 2015 to remain qualified).

    • Within 8 business days of receiving your Booking Form, a
    • concierge agent will contact you to confirm available hotel
    • choices. In order to remain qualified you must finalize your
    • booking with the concierge agent within 2 business days
    • of first being contacted, the reward offer will expire after 2
    • business days.

  65. Never received an email like what you received above. Mine only contained the PDF file that I had to download and send in via regular mail along with a copy of my driver’s license or passport. I did that on Jan. 9 and have not received anything as of today.

  66. What if all the hotels DO have availabitlty for when I want to go somewhere? @JohnDelta…what did you put? @ABR??

  67. @Theresa M –

    I think we took a different approach.

    We picked one of the higher category Hyatts and just put it down for three different dates because that was where we wanted to vacation.

    When they spoke to me on the telephone they basically said, “Okay you want the “Grand Hyatt XXX” Let me look that up right now for you availability. When would you like to stay and I will check for availability while you are on the phone with me.”

  68. @John Delta
    I really just want one hotel location–I didn’t know if I could enter it 3x. So I entered it twice with 2 different dates…and entered a 3rd location as a back up…but I really want the 1st location! Well, lets see what happens

  69. Update: Got a call today from Boston–I had put choice abc as my 1st and 2nd choices with different dates and choice efg as my 3rd choice. Very friendly girl called me up today and said “so I think you are really looking to stay at abc”…I said yes….very pleasant! Got me in my dates I wanted to stay there…asked me if Ive stayed at Hyatt before and what did I think of RiteAid’s promotion…I said fantastic, shmoozed…said I have toothpaste for a year! She asked if I could just respond to my confirmation email and let them know how much I enjoyed this promo! Voila!! And Im off! Did anyone actually book the 1 week stay at the time shares?? Just curious! But Im so happy for my Hyatt stay! Thanks for this amazing post that gave me all the info I needed. Im fairly new to this game and feel like I’ve just gotten a big reward! And alot of toothpaste!

  70. Here’s my update. There was a call today but they didn’t leave a message. Didn’t think it could be them until I looked up the number and confirmed it was. When filling out the form, it asked me how I wanted to be contacted and said by email so not sure why the phone call. Oh, and I still don’t have an email.

  71. Here is my data point. Submitted the 5 Rita Aid coupon code and sent out the rebate form on Jan 12, received the booking code via email on Jan 23. Submitted the code with hotel selection on that same day, choose contact via phone. Received a call today – Jan 30. The lady confirm my hotel choice and date before proceed with the hotel booking. She also said they I should expect to receive the paper certificate next week. Hyatt website did confirm my booking. This promotion does work in a timely manner.

  72. Just another update: Got the second call last Friday night. May have had the same energetic rep as the poster above as her wording was almost the same. She proceeds to look for availability for my SECOND choice. I said “was XXX not available?” She replied: “oh, you want that one.” (Note: I clearly indicated that I wanted my first choice from the get go but said I would take either as long as I could get that date). Anyway, I have the confirmation but I am still waiting for the certificate that she said would arrive by the first of the week by certified mail. Also, told me to respond to the email (which I did) and to fill out the survey (never received). She did tell me that because of the bad weather two weeks ago, they were very far behind and were shut down for a day. Has anyone actually received their certificate? Will I need it to check into the hotel?

  73. @Linda,

    We have already received our certificates in the mail and yes they came certified.

    However prior to that we had already spoken to Hyatt Hotels since I provided my Hyatt Visa credit card as a reservation confirmation Hyatt already had my Hyatt Gold Passport number associated with the certificates they already had the stay recorded in my portfolio and we were able to change our dates even without certificates.

    By the way the certificates have dated on them the date of good thru 3/ 31 2016.

  74. Reservation is there under my husband’s account with his Gold Passport number. He is diamond. I had to give a credit card number at the time of booking with the rep.

  75. I did the 7 night resort stay in Vegas. Received a call on Tuesday and confirmed my stay at the resort of choice. I still need to contact the resort and confirm if there are any fees I will be responsible for paying and if so how much. So far so good though. I followed all of their instructions and received responses in a timely manner.

  76. It now(3/19/2015) shows: Booking Form must be submitted no later than 3/22/15 (NOW EXTENDED TO 4/6/15).

  77. Put in my request on booking form on 3/20 and just received the call on Friday 4/3 but missed it as I was in a meeting at work. They left a voicemail and sent an email saying I had until 8 pm tonight Tues 4/7 to call them back. They gave 2 extensions and I’ve called each one NUMEROUS times per day and left multiple voicemails. I don’t know what else to do as they say my reward expires tonight if I can’t reach them. Help!

  78. Oddly enough, my 4th email threatening legal action worked. They called within 5 minutes of me sending it and said “We received your email and were just about to call you anyways, you were next on our list.” That seems to be the stock reply. Either way I got my stay booked and am just waiting for it to appear in my Hyatt account. I did receive the confirmation email from Rite Aid so I feel good about it. Definitely a shady company though.

  79. @Travis –

    Well, I am reporting back since we completed all parts of this promotion. We originally had booked the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio after getting the certificates (verbally over the telephone) from the Rite Aid agent.

    Afterwards, I verified that the certificates were valid and in my Hyatt Go Passport Account with Hyatt Reservations. Even before receiving the physical certificates , which did arrive, we actually changed our reservation dates over the telephone with Hyatt.

    We booked the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio once again for a different long weekend and added our own Points+Cash nights to the two days granted by Rite-Aid promotion.

    The hotel welcomed us with an amazing amount of genuine hospitality! We received the third best room in the hotel (behind the Presidential Suite and some other suite) and we loved our entire stay!

    The hotel never asked us for our certificates either at check-in or check-out! We were kind of shocked by that fact.

    Anyways, after profiting about $120 from reselling all the Rite-Aid stuff, and paying $75 plus 6,000 points per extra night…we got an amazing deal and had a most wonderful time!

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