10 Most Read Posts Of 2014

While I figure one or two people read the blog every day (thanks, mom!), I don’t really check my Google Analytics page more than once a week or so. I write what I write, and try to pay attention to overall feedback as opposed to micro-managing pageviews, comments, etc.

That being said, at the beginning of the year it is fun to go back and look at what the most popular posts of the previous year were.


So what were the 10 most read One Mile At A Time posts in 2014? Here they are, starting with the most read of the year:

I guess you could say it was the year of the A380, since six of the ten posts had something to do with the whale jet.

Here are the most popular posts in 2014 that were published in previous years:

It is interesting to see just how many people are reading the trip reports. I know I’ve been behind on them lately, though I’ll start publishing my next trip report today. Writing detailed trip reports is really time consuming, and I’ve had a crazy couple of months, so have been a bit behind. That being said, I know many of you enjoy them, so I’ll make an effort to dedicate more time to them.

Thanks so much for making 2014 an amazing year — purely in terms of numbers, traffic way more than doubled compared to the previous year. But much more importantly, I’ve enjoyed interacting with you guys. I’m very fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living, and it’s all thanks to you guys.

Here’s to a great 2015!


  1. To say I read your blog daily would be an extreme understatement. I literally refresh every 10-15 minutes. (Together with FT and airliners.net) You own a big part of my life, Herrn Schlappig.

  2. Thanks for all you do, Ben! I know that creating this amount of content takes an ABSURD amount of hard work, and you deserve many kudos for that. It is beyond appreciated!

  3. Ben, a bit behind is an understatement…….
    As for just a few of us look at the blog daily, I think you know it’s actually an awful lot!

  4. I don’t necessarily read the blog daily, but I certainly visit it daily to see if there’s anything I want to read …

  5. I used to read numerous frequent flyer/traveler blogs until I stumbled on your blog a couple of years ago. Now, I only read yours exclusively because what you publish fits perfectly for my travel aspirations.

    Happy New Year!!! Can’t wait for what’s to come in 2015. You’re just awesome.

  6. Even though my limited scale travel doesn’t even reach up to your ancles, I know how time consuming it is to write good, detailed trip reports.

    Thanks for sharing of all your knowledge. I really enjoy reading both your shorter anecdotes, as well as your hotel and flight reviews.

    2014 was the year I really started reading your blog on a daily basis, and it was also very cool to meet you in Oslo before the inaugural Emirates-flight to Dubai!

    Hopefully 2015 will be a great year for you and your travels. I’m really excited about your upcoming trip reports, especially the RTW-trip report with your dad!

    Take care!

  7. I’m glad you’ve finally understood that your readers actually like reading the trip reports. Maybe if you stopped churning out all those referal posts and crap about credit cards and actually gave people what they’re more interested in – trip reports, then you’ll get even more post readers

  8. @Tom I respectively disagree with you. Although I am a huge fan of reading the trip reports, I wouldn’t know where to begin on how to get First Class on Emirates if it wasn’t for Lucky and his other posts. I am a beginner at this hobby and I don’t get to travel very much to accrue miles that way so his Credit Card posts are very helpful to me.

  9. @ Lucky – Does the majority of your readers come straight to your site? I don’t think there are that many people searching about La Companie on google, although I also thought that, besides you, no one really cared about LC.
    BTW, I access your blog several times a day. It’s a bit of a shame that you haven’t published your trip to Portugal and Iceland six months after it, but you are so nice and generous that you can be forgiven. But don’t make a habit of it. 🙂

  10. @ Carlos — It’s a pretty good split. I get a lot of search traffic, but also tens of thousands of people a day that visit the site directly. Will get to the Iceland trip report as soon as I can, but sadly I only have two hands and 24 hours in a day. :-/

  11. @ Lucky — Thanks for the great 2014 and wish you a successful 2015! 🙂 It was a pleasure meeting you at FTU Seattle back in April.

    @ Carlos — I think many readers are like me: I came here initially via a search and then became a regular. It’s hard to keep up with multiple blogs/forums daily and Lucky provides a good balance between news, reviews, and informative content.

    P.S. Korean Air award post being #2 most-read should be a source of shame for them (even more so than the nutty VP). It shouldn’t be that complicated to redeem awards.

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