Earn 5x Points At Grocery Stores This Quarter

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One of the most valuable no annual fee credit cards is the Chase Freedom®, thanks to the fact that it offers 5% cash back in select rotating quarterly categories.

Anyway, now that it’s the first quarter, be sure to register to earn 5% cash back at grocery stores, movie theaters, and Starbucks, through March 31, 2015. As a reminder, Walmart and Target don’t qualify as grocery stores for the purposes of this bonus.

It goes without saying that most people spend a considerable amount of money at grocery stores, so this will likely be one of the most lucrative bonus categories of the year, and I’m guessing many people won’t have trouble maxing out the $1,500 bonus limit.

Also, keep in mind that while the Chase Freedom® is marketed as offering 5% cash back, the points can be worth much more than that. If you have this card in addition to one of the cards that accrue “premium” Ultimate Rewards points, you can transfer these points to Ultimate Rewards. Cards that accrue “premium” Ultimate Rewards Cards include the:

So 5% cash back converts into 5x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar with one of the above cards.

While I live in hotels and therefore don’t do much grocery shopping, I’ll be sure to register my parents for this bonus. And if nothing else I might pick up some gift cards at grocery stores this quarter.

Do you plan on maxing out the 5% bonus category this quarter?

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  1. I suppose Club Carlson card issued by USbank is 5x at Target. I will find out in few weeks when my statement for this month will be released.

  2. I purchase most of my groceries at small health food stores and Whole Foods. Will those purchases count? Thank you!

  3. This is a pretty easy one to max out the $1500 on over 3 months.

    I will do all of my normal grocery shopping but whenever I need to buy something else at a store, I’ll make sure to think if they sell gift cards at a grocery store for it and stop by there and grab a card to maximize the earning potential.

  4. The Chase Freedom graphic clearly states that Target and Walk-Mart purchases are not included as Grocery Stores.

  5. Lucky, I signed up for the Freedom card for the increased sign-up bonus a few weeks ago, and don’t have a Sapphire Preferred card though I intend to get one sometime this year. Will the points from the sign-up bonus on the Freedom be fine to just sit in my account and be available to transfer to “premium” UR points once I have the SP card? Or would those points automatically turn into cash back or a statement or something if I don’t take action to get an SP card within a certain shorter timeframe? Thanks!

  6. @ Bgriff — Nope, you can absolutely convert them all into “premium” UR points when you pick up the CSP or Ink Plus.

  7. I already have 4 Chase cards (United, Sapphire, Marriott, and Hyatt). 850 FICO credit score. Do you know if Chase has a maximum number of cards?

  8. @ Denny — In my experience Chase is most concerned about the total amount of credit they allocate to you as opposed to the exact number of cards. So if you’re willing to shift around credit limits, I think you should be able to get more than four cards.

  9. I have the Chase Ink BusinessPlus Visa card, but my registration keeps getting rejected. Does the offer only apply to Freedom cards?

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