A Few More Hours To Purchase Hyatt Gift Cards For 10% Off

Since November, Hyatt has been offering a 10% discount on the purchase of gift cards. All you have to do is enter promotion code GPGIFT14 at check-out when purchasing the gift cards.

If you stay at Hyatts with any frequency and have the cash, it’s an absolute no brainer to pick up as many of these as you can, as a 10% discount is pretty substantial savings.

In late November Hyatt even introduced e-gift cards, whereby you don’t even have to pay to have a physical card shipped to you, but rather can just be emailed a code that you have to give at check out. I’ve used them, and far prefer them to the old physical gift cards.


Anyway, the 10% off promotion was set to expire on December 31, 2014. While it might seem like a subtle extension, the 10% off promotion now runs through at least 12PM CST today, Thursday, January 1, 2015. Per ToddHyattGoldPassport on FlyerTalk:

I’ve got a New Year’s gift for you. We will end the GPGIFT14 promo at an undetermined time after 12:00pm CST on Thursday, Jan. 1st, 2015. This will allow you to get in orders for credit cards charges in 2015. I do suggest you place any orders you wish with the GPGIFT14 promo prior to 12:00pm CST, as the promo will be removed shortly thereafter.

This is useful for a couple of reasons. First of all, if you forgot to buy them despite my reminder, you still have time.

But equally importantly, you can purchase gift cards and have them count towards 2015 credit card spend rather than 2014 credit card spend. This is useful if:

  • There’s a threshold bonus you’re trying to reach on a credit card in 2015
  • If you use the Hyatt Visa Card to purchase gift cards (which I recommend, since you earn 3x points per dollar spent), this could help towards the thresholds offered by the card — you receive two stay credits and five night credits when you spend $20,000 on the card in a calendar year, and an additional three stay credits and five night credits towards Diamond when you spend $40,000 on the card in a calendar year, for a total of five stay credits and ten night credits
  • The AmEx OPEN Savings program offers 5% cash back on many Hyatt stays, though there’s a $10,000 cap per calendar year, which just reset, now that it’s 2015

Speaking of that last point, has anyone purchased Hyatt e-gift cards using a small business credit card which is eligible for the OPEN Savings program? If so, did you receive 5% cash back for the purchase of a Hyatt e-gift card? If so, it’s a no brainer to use an eligible card, for a total of 15% cash back, plus the points you’d usually earn.

Save at least 10% off a stay at the Park Hyatt Seoul

Bottom line

I waited until the last minute and plan to buy some Hyatt gift cards in the next few hours. I’m still trying to decide if I should go with the Hyatt Visa Card for the 3x points, or if anyone can confirm they received the 5% savings through a card eligible for the OPEN Savings program.

Have you purchased Hyatt gift cards through this promotion, and if so, which card did you use?


  1. confirmed. I did receive the open savings however it ends up being 14% off. 10% off then 5% rebate off the new amount.

  2. I purchased $500 worth of gift checks using my Starwood Business card last month, and received the 5 percent cash back soon after.

  3. I don’t understand: why do you show a picture of the Park Hyatt Seoul? Did I miss something – according to the * on their website, the Gift Cards work only in the US and Caribbean!??

  4. used amex biz plat. Got my 5%. Def better than 3x Hyatt (that’s like buying hyatt points at 2.5 cents each)

  5. Yes, used Amex with OPEN (Open required to get 5% back, and you only get the 5% back if you elect to get cash back rather than bonus Membership Rewards points…very important thing to remember! Must be an OPEN card, and must have elected out of bonus points and into the 5% cash back.

    Otherwise, you can use Hyatt Chase card for 3X. If you value the Hyatt Points at 2c, this is better than the 5%. If you value the points at less than 2c, best to grab the 5% cash back and get that “now”….rather than points for “later.”

  6. @JayJay

    I’m with you. Hyatt Gift Cards don’t work in Seoul. Gift checks do, but then if you pay the bill in dollars, I bet the foreign exchange wipes out half your savings.

  7. Thanks, guys! Just put a substantial sum of Hyatt gift cards with my SPG Amex, let’s hope they qualify for the OPEN Savings. 🙂

  8. @Lucky, could you clarify the applicability of gift cards to the Park Hyatt Seoul, and what how the forex works? Is the bill converted to dollars or the gift check converted to dollars?

    Most hotels seem to charge about 7% forex vig, so it seems like if the gift check is converted, you save 3% (or 8% with open). But if the whole bill is converted, you could lose money.

  9. Hi Lucky;

    Happy New Year!

    Not sure if you saw my question on how the gift cards/checks work in foreign currency.


  10. Yes I got the 5% off with SPG Biz card. I would not recommend using the gifts card outside the U.S. because the front desk will not likely give you a favorable exchange rate, wiping out any savings.

  11. @ beachfan — It’s my understanding the e-gift cards can be used outside the US, though sometimes the exchange rates aren’t very favorable.

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