UberBLACK NYC Airport Flat Rate Prices Increase Today

All things considered I’m a big fan of Uber. They engage in some shady tactics to enter new markets and no doubt have growing pains, but the concept of an on demand car service is brilliant, and they’re the most dedicated to making that happen (even if their $41 billion valuation leaves me scratching my head).

Anyway, Uber just sent out an email indicating that their UberBLACK flat rate airport pricing to JFK and EWR are increasing as of today (there’s no flat rate pricing to LGA):

Two weeks ago we introduced new quality standards on UberBLACK in order to enhance the experience for riders and increase earnings for partners.

Starting today, UberBLACK flat rates will be changing. On Wednesday, December 24, at 9 AM EST, the following airport flat rates will go into effect:

Our goal is to always connect you with the best quality drivers in NYC. With UberBLACK, you can expect an elevated experience, riding with the highest rated drivers in newer model cars.


In general I’ve found Uber’s flat rate airport pricing to be very reasonable. But a nearly 20% increase overnight is quite steep. I’m not sure what the “quality service standard” improvements are, though I was perfectly happy with my experiences before. šŸ˜‰

When they charged $85 I thought that was a reasonable premium over a taxi or over UberX, while $100 is slowly getting into the “almost double as much as a taxi” range. Back to UberX for me, for those times I don’t take the subway.

How about you? Will Uber’s new NYC airport flat rate pricing change how you’ll use them in New York?


  1. I think most of the UberBLACK clientele who were already comfortable paying $85 will have no issue now paying $100. I’ve never felt a need to upgrade from UberX in the first place.

  2. $100 to get to the airport from Manhattan is just stupid; most car services will do a Lincoln Town Car for around $50. This is yet another example of Uber’s business model, which is to do car service by app for twice the regular fare of anyone else. And to have people swoon over supposed “innovation”. It’s the same thing as we’ve always had with new wrapping paper. But barely regulated. With free rape thrown in on some occasions, apparently.

    Moreover, why would anyone take a car FROM Manhattan anymore? The subway or LIRR is so much quicker and reliable…

  3. most car services will do a Lincoln Town Car for around $50.

    That’s the point. The last Town Car was built in 2011.

  4. I stopped using them months ago.

    No I would not pay $100 in NYC.

    I have had over $2500 in fraud on my AMEX from Uber.

    I hope the cites across the world ban them.

  5. @Tim Fraud? I think not… More like requesting an Uber Black SUV and riding around the city drunk with your head out the window.

  6. @Tim Fraud? I think notā€¦


    Tim, admitting you have a problem is the first step toward getting the treatment you need.

  7. just got an email from uber announcing that uberT will now have a $2 booking fee per completed ride. bummer. a) i thought it was a pleasant show of good faith towards yellow/green cabs from an otherwise unscrupulous company and b) for riders, it really improved the overall landscape of finding available options. but it looks like they’re aggressively pushing uberX now, as it’s technically cheaper than a yellow cab.

    interesting that the new surcharge was worded “for the benefit of yellow and green cab drivers”. so those drivers (and not uber) will collect the $2 per ride? i’ll believe it when i see it.

  8. @ Patrick / John – why do you think that Tim was at fault in this instance? Credit cards get stolen all the time.

    That’s the weird thing about Uber defenders. You all think you are part of a righteous cause. And you seem, just like Uber’s CEO, to blame the victim…

    In any case, I agree with John #1. Why anyone would pay $100 plus toll plus tip to get to the airport – unless traveling with the elderly or with kids – is beyond me. That Lincoln Town Car is just as comfy for one person during your hour + on the Van Wyck as an SUV is. And much more environmentally friendly.

  9. Why anyone would pay $100 plus toll plus tip to get to the airport

    How many of us are paying for our own rides to the airport?

  10. why do you think that Tim was at fault in this instance?

    Because I’ve had to chargeback items with Amex before and you say, “I didn’t buy that.” And they say, “I’m terribly sorry we’ll credit your account immediately while we investigate.” And that’s the last you hear of it.

    If they put up a fight, it’s because you actually did buy it.

  11. @ John – I didn’t get the impression that Tim hadn’t found resolution to his problem. I think he was just saying that $2500 in fraudulent charges made him go elsewhere.

    And if I had $2500 in fraudulent charges from a company that had my credit card number on file (and I mean ANY company), I probably wouldn’t use them again – chargeback or not.

  12. And if I had $2500 in fraudulent charges from a company that had my credit card number on file

    So, if someone steals your credit card and goes and buys something you never shop at any stores they shopped at? That makes a lot of sense.

  13. @ John – If the shop had my credit card on file (like Tim’s Uber AMEX card), I presumably shopped there before. That’s why Tim says he stopped using Uber, not that he never used it.

    And no, after $2500 in fraudulent charges on my credit card on file, that they are supposed to be protecting, I wouldn’t shop there again. I think that makes good sense.

  14. Joe,

    Presumably, that credit card is attached to an Uber account that is attached to a phone with number 212-555-1212 which is registered to Tim. If he doesn’t remember and still has his phone – the logical explanation is he was blackout drunk.

  15. This post seems to be leaving out a growing list of problems that Uber doesn’t seem to notice or care about in their quest to grow like an amoeba. I like the IDEA of Uber a lot more than the actual execution. My hope is that the Uber model is eventually replaced by company with more ethical behavior.

  16. @John, any suggestions on who offers $50 Manhattan-JFK in a black car that you can reserve ahead of time? Even excluding tips and tolls. The flat yellow cab fare is $52.

  17. @ Beachfan – Carmel will do it for $52 in advance, matching the cab fare, and you can use a coupon (usually found on their website) for at least $3 off.

    They don’t guarantee a black car, but I have had one every time I have used it except once – and on that occasion, they sent an SUV.

    Other limo companies will also happily undercut the cab fare if you book in advance.

  18. PS – if you are coming FROM JFK the limo companies are significantly cheaper than a cab. You can also find a $6 off coupon at the arrivals hall, often taking the fare down to $35 plus toll plus tip.

  19. PPS – the limo companies will also guarantee a black town car for a few dollars more, if you reserve in advance. In any case, every option they offer is cheaper than UberBlack.

  20. Uber’s business model seems to be to force their way into new markets, and then price themselves out of them.

  21. If I am travelling alone with a carryon, i always take the subway, njtransit, or LIRR. However, when I travel with a friend with checkin size luggages, I always take a cab or regular car service to the airport.

  22. everytime I Travel in NYC to/from JFK or EWR I use Carmel. Affordable rates, excellent pick up Service, nice and clean cars an good drivers. What else do I need?

  23. Not everyone/city loves Uber. They are banned from picking up or dropping off passengers at both MIA and FLL. The reason (ostensibly) is that one woman was raped by an Uber driver and, more generally, the Uber cars there do nor have commercial insurance which means if an accident occurs and you seek damages/medical reimbursement there is no coverage for you. Or you might assume that the local politicians did not receive sufficient inducements to approve Uber at the airports.

  24. It seems strange to not take public transit to/from Manhattan and JFK/EWR for most rides.

    Unless I’m catching a 6AM flight (cab to JFK, car service to EWR), public transit is dirt cheap and *reliable*. I don’t see missing a flight because of traffic as a desireable luxury. My sympathy is quite low for business travelers I’ve met who missed flights because they decided to take a cab (rather than public transit, as they would on their own dime) because the “company was paying.”

    Dial7’s rates are about half of Uber’s for luxury sedans.

  25. The practices of Uber in the USA are a reflection of the population. Companies do what they can get away with. The only thing that keeps them in check are the workers themselves. And in the USA most of the population (especially the middle and upper middle class) hate workers. Uber running amok is a reflection of the anemic civic culture of the USA and there will be no change in the near future.


  27. What you folks don’t realize is that Ben is a earns way more than all of you, like a lot more ( thus uber Black) and the trips to the airport are a work related expense. Duh.

    He’s not a LIRR air train guy. Please. The subway? ROFL. This is a 1% problem.

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