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It’s a good thing I’m homeless and have never owned a home, or else I’d probably spend more furnishing it than the place itself costs. Not with luxury stuff, but rather with airline goodies. I’ve always wanted a galley cart, for example.

All Nippon Airways (ANA), the Japanese Airline, retired their last 747 in March of this year. And from December 25, 2014, through February 28, 2015, they’ll be selling seats. Via CNN:

There will only be a total of seven premium class seat sets available — three single seats and four double seats. The single seat is listed at 647,000 yen ($5,420) and 747,000 yen ($6,260) for the double. This includes tax and shipping with deliveries due in March.


Eeek, that ain’t cheap! And on top of that, they’ll only ship it within Japan:

The other catch is that the seats are limited to domestic Japanese sales. They will be sold via this ANA online shopping site run by ANA Trading company (a division of the ANA group). ANA is expecting high demand — lucky purchasers will be selected by lottery.

I’d certainly be tempted to take some of Lufthansa’s old first class seats off their hands, but can’t say domestic business class ANA seats excite me all that much…

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  1. If crj 100/200 seats ever go on sale , they have to pay me to take them. I would just to put them on my front yard and destroy them with a baseball bat till not one piece left intact. Actually they should let people do that after every time they are forced to fly one of those body twisters. It would be a great stress relief. But again. Not sure if anyone would be able to sweet ng the bat

  2. … after being folded up for hours not easy to straighten out and swing … ( sorry the previous entry was sent before i could finish the last sentence)

  3. @Endre – what’s wrong with the CRJ seats? For short trips like BUD-SPU or BUD-GVA the room was sufficient enough (and I am kinda overweight) – it all depends on flight duration I guess

  4. While this is cool it seems like it would be cheaper to just find an aircraft junkyard and buy seats from them. I have NO experience with this but just saying. I can’t imagine they would be much higher in price. Then again I could be so very wrong.

  5. “It’s a good thing I’m homeless…”

    Maybe it’s a bad thing if you really have no idea what being homeless actually means?

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