SPG 2014 Platinum Suite Night Award Expiration Not Being Extended

One of the cool perks of being a 50 night Platinum with Starwood is that you get 10 Suite Night Awards.

W Taipei suite

Each can be used to confirm a one night upgrade to a suite five days before arrival.

As I wrote about a few days ago, I have several of these left.

Last year Starwood actually extended the expiration of Suite Night Awards through April 30 as a courtesy. Usually they expire on December 31, meaning they have to redeemed for stays prior to then.

This year we didn’t really hear one way or another whether they’d be extended.

View from the Wing did have a post in November saying that Starwood was “considering” extending Suite Night Awards. I hadn’t heard anything about it, so decided to check FlyerTalk to see if anyone had an update.

Well, it looks like on December 18 Starwood Lurker officially confirmed that SNAs won’t be extended this year:

It is confirmed that SPG will not be extending SNA expiration this year, but we are continuing to work on benefit enhancements for Platinum 50 members in 2015.

So if you have any Suite Night Awards remaining, you have about a week left to redeem them.

W Guangzhou suite

For comparison, the way Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades work is that you have to redeem them by February of the following year, though you can redeem them for a stay on a subsequent date, assuming upgrade space is available (they let you confirm upgrades at the time of booking, as opposed to only five days out). So they do have a more generous policy for their expiration.

While Starwood was of course under no obligation to extend the life of Suite Night Awards, I do wish they had said earlier that they wouldn’t be extended. While it’s not reasonable to expect they would follow last year’s policy, saying they were still “considering it” suggested to me that they would probably do so, but didn’t want people to hoard them with that expectation in mind.

So yeah, I have four Suite Night Awards remaining, with no stays on which to use them anymore. Oops.

Were you able to use all your Starwood Platinum Suite Night Awards this year?


  1. They should really align the SNA expiration date with the expiration of platinum status. It’s strange it expires on 12/31 (the actual last day you can apply the SNA is 12/30). This is the peak time when people actually want to apply the SNA for personal holiday travel too. Just like you, I’m also sitting on pile of useless SNA.

  2. I tried to use the SNA on 2 different stays of 5 nights each. Neither was accepted. At least for the first trip, I was upgraded to a beachfront suite. For the 2nd trip, no upgrade on any of 3 upgrade choices, despite the hotel appearing to be mostly empty. Also, the SPG website to apply SNA needs a major overhaul.

    I think it has been mentioned before: there needs to be better coordination between the hotel and SPG in honoring/redeeming the SNA. Instead, I have all 10 SNA expiring this month.

  3. I’m waiting for 2 SNA’s for this weekend to clear but even if they do, there’s still one I won’t use this year. Sigh.

  4. If you can use them for someone else I have two nights at the W San Francisco if you or anyone else feels like being generous!

  5. All? How about any?!? I have 10 Suite Night Awards that will expire on 12/31/14, despite my best efforts to use them on several occasions.

  6. @ Lucky,
    Yes. Granted, I have been trying to use them for high demand destinations at some peak times. Still, the SNA requests and an Ambassador have netted me zero this year. Oh, and I’m scheduled for a 10 day family trip at Starwood properties starting shortly. Zero success again.

  7. I tried using some for this week and at 5 days out there were two suite types available and I didn’t think about calling to confirm my upgrade but wouldn’t you kneel with 4 days until check in there are no suites and I got an email saying I hadn’t been confirmed the day before. I should’ve known as this has happened several times now.

  8. I have 3 SNA a few days ago but an unexpected trip to Malaysia allowed me to use them at Sheraton Imperial KL and Le Meridien KL (one of the best I’ve been). I got denied a few times in the US. Most of my successful redemptions were in Asia.

  9. I have 3 expiring, as my first full year as Platinum comes to a close. Most of my successful upgrades were in Europe. North America was almost a complete bust. Next year though!

  10. I will have 3 left and while it would have been nice to have them extended, the successful upgrades included three St. Regis properties in the US and Europe. My wife and I still fondly recall those amazing suites.

  11. It has now been two years straight that our residual suite night awards have been dropped after the Dec 31st deadline. It was not without trying to use them at Starwood properties however. The program is flawed, they know it, but are reluctant to change anything. The simplest solution would be to allow them to stay active until used. Many of the properties just do not extend you the privilege in major centres like San Fran, NYC, Phoenix, Hawaii,etc. Anything it seems over three days and they reject them.

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