Korean Air SkyPass Ultimate Rewards Transfers Returning January 2015

In late November, points transfers from Chase Ultimate Rewards to Korean Air SkyPass suddenly became unavailable. There was no advance notice or explanation, which suggested to me that it was temporary, and not a permanent change. Usually when partnerships like this are discontinued, at least some advance notice is given.

A few days after the transfer functionality was discontinued I wrote a post about how it looked like the change was temporary, given that Chase customer service was saying the Ultimate Rewards website would be updated when (not if) the functionality returns.

As I explained at the time, losing Korean Air SkyPass as a transfer partner would be a huge loss for Ultimate Rewards, given what a useful program SkyPass is. Some of the best things about SkyPass miles include:

  • Korean Air releases a ton of first class award availability, and there’s not much competition for those seats. As long as you’re not traveling over the peak dates, you should have no trouble finding award space on just about any date.
  • Korean Air partners with China Southern, China Eastern, etc., which also have solid first class hard products and release a good amount of award space.
  • Korean Air SkyPass first class award redemption rates are extremely reasonable.


Anyway, it looks like we finally have a further update. Korean Air has updated their website to indicate that the Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer functionality will return in January 2015:

Chase Ultimate Rewards point transfer is temporarily unavailable. It is planned to re-open during Jan, 2015.


While we don’t have an exact date yet, I feel much more comfortable with that publicly being in writing, and would assume it’s accurate.

Color me excited!

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)


  1. Korean also has great business class availability, which is my focus for international flights, and I suspect they have lots of space available in coach too, which a lot of flyers prefer. As such, a little broader view would be appreciated. Happy Holidays.

  2. omg, i think i’m gonna cry. i thought all hopes were lost when my branch manager said she received the email from the headquarter informing of partnership termination.
    i am sorry for doubting you, lucky.

  3. This is good news for sure Lucky but the question remains: Why was UR point transfers suspended in the first place?

  4. I can sleep better now… Do you think I should transfer all the points to Korean air asap? Thats only airline that I fly besides Asiana.

  5. Great news!!! KE Skypass may have been overwhelmed with the high amount of UR transfers this year and perhaps surpassed a quota? Who knows. Anyway, I am really happy to hear this!

  6. @ James — If you know that’s what you’ll redeem for then sure, but at the same time I don’t think the partnership is going anywhere short them. If they discontinue it I think there will be some advance notice.

  7. Ben.. You alright. I meant son in law or father in law for example where someone could have a different last name and it is difficult to prove that they are in the family

  8. @ Tocqueville – In Korea there is a document called ‘Family Certificate’ and it can show up to 3 generations so that’s what Korean Air uses as the ‘same family’. Hope this helps 🙂

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