Incredible Airbus A350 Formation Flying Video

While this video has been around for a few weeks, for some reason I never got around to posting it. For those of you that haven’t yet seen, check out this insane video of five Airbus A350s flying in formation:

I’m a huge commercial airplane nerd, and while it’s common to see these kinds of formation flights with military aircraft, you almost never see this with commercial planes. This is just too cool.

I can’t wait to get a ride on the Airbus A350 in Toulouse tomorrow!


  1. Im amaized how the airplane following so close doesnt get flipped over from the wing vortex of the leading widebody. Not just following but it is a bit below (lower altitude) where the vortex is the greatest as the vortex sinks rapidly behind the wing.

  2. What is not realised here is that unlike fighter jets,the pilots of these Aircraft cannot see each other as they turn. Great display and a very fine Aircraft.

  3. @kent. Who cares about the wake. Let’s hope front plane doesn’t release blackwater “accidentally”

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