Up To 50,000 US Airways Miles For Referring Friends

I can’t tell yet if this is targeted, or if Barclaycard is slowly rolling this out to all cardholders, but it appears at least some US Airways Premier World Mastercard® holders are getting an offer to refer their friends to the card and receive 5,000 bonus points for each approved application.


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, this is the biggest public bonus I recall ever seeing on the card.

The normal sign-up bonus on the card is around 40,000 miles, so this is a great sign-up bonus. With the merger between American and US Airways well underway, one of the easiest ways to build your mileage balance in the “new” AAdvantage program has been with the US Airways Premier World Mastercard. It offers bonus miles after the first purchase, so isn’t one of those cards with a big minimum spend threshold.

That’s a great sign-up bonus, especially for a card that may not necessarily be taking new applicants for much longer.

The card comes with some other benefits that are potentially useful, including:

  • Your first checked bag free for you and up to four companions on domestic US Airways flights
  • Priority Boarding with Zone 2 on US Airways flights
  • One companion certificate for up to two guests on US Airways operated flights at $99 each, plus taxes and fees

The full terms are as follows:

Existing US Airways Mastercard Cardmembers will receive five thousand (5,000) bonus miles for each friend who applies for and is approved for a US Airways Premier World Mastercard using the apply link in this email by January 18, 2015. A maximum of fifty thousand (50,000) miles can be earned through this offer. Please allow 8-10 weeks from the promotion end date for bonus miles to post to your account. Due to the confidential nature of the credit approval process, you will not be notified of the status of any of your referral applications.

Existing Cardmembers understand and agree that any individuals referred must apply through this offer for you to receive the bonus miles. Due to the confidential nature of the credit approval process, existing Cardmembers will not be notified whether we approve or decline any application(s) from any individual(s) you refer. Only the Existing Cardmember intended to receive this email will receive bonus miles. If the email is re-forwarded by another person, bonus miles will not be awarded.

If you’d like to refer someone or be referred, at your own risk feel free to post your email below.

Between myself and my colleagues at PointsPros we have ahem *several* US Airways cards, so if you send an email with your first and last name to lucky@onemileatatime.com we’ll send you a referral ASAP.


  1. Does anyone know when Barclay will stop issuing this card? a rep told me it’s around 1/7/2015, which I am not sure about,

  2. This is great and all, but I’m over here with my popcorn, waiting to find out about your crazy couple of days!!!

  3. I actually got a different offer – I will get 10k points per referral.

    Here is my offer: “Up to 50,000 bonus miles could be yours! You will receive 10,000 bonus miles for every approved account you refer through this special offer, with a max of 50,000 miles. This special offer won’t last long! For your chance to earn 10,000 bonus miles, your friend must apply and be approved by January 18, 2015.”

  4. My referral bonus is actually 10,000 per person who signs up, so I guess certain people are being targeted with higher referral bonuses.

  5. @Ralph

    i think that risk is pretty high… many people on SD report being turned down because they don’t have status.

  6. I imagine that most people who want this card and the 50,000 miles that go with it already have grabbed one like I did, but in case I’m wrong I’ll just leave this here…

  7. Thanks for the find, Ben! I just received my US Card in the mail myself, but not email w/ referral link offer. Perhaps they’ll give me one if I give them a call?… will report back!

  8. I too got the 10,000 offer and if anyone would like the referral I would be very grateful! alexandermh(dot)ho [at] gmail dot com.

  9. I’m trying to save up enough miles for a great trip. If you would be so kind as to apply through my link below, I would appreciate it. It is the same 50,000 mile standard link. I should also add that recently, many on Flyer Talk have spoken about Barclays denying the 10,000 extra annual bonus if they did not have status with US Air. Also, many were complaining that they were locked out of applying for another card for 30 days for Barclays. Because it is so close at this point, it might not be worth the risk of the extra bonus application spoken about above).


  10. Update: If you were not targeted for this offer, Barclay will not add this referral opportunity to your account, I attempted to do so but was told no. 🙁

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