Hyatt Gold Passport Promotion Coming January 12, 2015

With IHG Rewards Club leading the pack in announcing their first quarter 2015 promotion, it’s pretty normal for other hotel programs to follow with their promotion details pretty quickly. After all, they don’t want to lose business due to another program’s promotion.

While we don’t know the details of Hyatt’s promotion yet, we do know when it will take place. Per Gold Passport Concierge:

Great news! A new Hyatt Gold Passport promotion – tailored just for you – will launch in January and we hope you’ll participate. Be sure to register for this new promotion beginning January 12, 2015 to learn what your exclusive offer is, and begin earning thousands of bonus points on stays through April 30, 2015. Check your inbox in January to learn more.

Those are all the details we have as of now. So we know Hyatt Gold Passport’s promotion will run from January 12 through April 30, 2015, and we know there will be several versions of the offer. Targeted offers really do seem to be the way that the industry is headed. Hyatt ran a targeted promotion this fall, the most common offering being for 50,000 bonus points after 20 nights.


50,000 bonus points after 20 nights seems to be the “normal” promotion they’ve offered the past couple of years, except in the past it wasn’t typically targeted. I wouldn’t necessarily take for granted that next year’s promotion will be as generous, given how full hotel rooms are.

Rewarding loyalty vs. generating incremental business

It’s tricky. I don’t envy loyalty programs when it comes to finding the right balance between rewarding existing business and generating incremental business. Hyatt’s targeted promotion this fall pissed off a lot of people.

I think that’s part of the challenge with loyalty program marketing and the internet. Back in the day it wasn’t a big deal when people received different offers since people couldn’t as easily compare to see who had a better promotion. The internet has changed that.

For example, I more than triple qualified for Diamond status with Hyatt this year. Will they generate any incremental business from me with a similar promotion to what they offered this fall? Well, chances are I would have made those stays anyway, given that I basically live in their hotels. At the same time, would I be pissed if someone that has never stayed at a Hyatt before got a more generous offer than I did? You betcha!

So it’s a difficult balance, and one of the many reasons I don’t envy the jobs of those running loyalty programs.

What would you like to see from Hyatt’s first quarter 2015 promotion, and how do you feel about targeted promotions in general?


  1. But on the other hand, I rarely stay at Hyatts, and got an offer for a bonus on one stay, and that was it. So I stayed with them once. If I had gotten an offer that I got more for additional stays, I would have gladly shifted some of my other business this past quarter to them, which instead went to Starwood and Hilton. So it was very much their loss.

  2. I for one, really dislike targeted promotions. When I discovered that so many others got the targeted offer, but I didn’t. I decided to cancel two Hyatt reservations and book at a SPG instead this fall.

    You are right, the Internet has changed how others will hear about targeted offers. I really hope that targeted offers is not the direction loyalty programs are heading. I don’t think they have an easy way to determine how much targeted offers piss off customers, and those that decide not to stay because they here others got the offer and they are not as important. Truly, Hyatt’s simple non-targeted loyalty program of the past, was what kept me loyal. I used to be loyal with Hilton back in 2000, and then on FlyerTalk I kept reading about these offers that I wasn’t getting such as the 4 stays, instant gold, 50,000 points etc offers. So I left Hilton for Hyatt.

    I like simple promotions. My absolute favorite is the stay x nights, earn 1 free night. I also like promotions that are fair. Stay 2 nights earn x000 bonus points, Stay 10 nights earn x00000 bonus points. I think that encourages people to stay more as they will earn more. Simple as that.

  3. The thing that gets me is I was eligible for the highest targeted offer recently, but was never notified. I only found out by using the link many bloggers posted and entering my info. If I’m eligible, why not notify me and encourage me to stay. Isn’t that the point of a promo?

  4. Every time they try to pick ‘winners’ (the chosen few who qualify for targeted offers) , they create losers.

    Explain to me the benefits of treating some of your customers as losers!

  5. Ben, are you aware of Hyatt now extending suite upgrades to more hotels? I tried to check how many suite upgrades I have after your “hoarding” post, and found there were a lot less exemptions. Do you think this is a technical glitch or a positive change by Hyatt?

  6. The targeted promotion of last quarter by Hyatt did not sit well with me either. I received nothing, I couldn’t believe it! And my husband got the 50K promotion. But you see, I make the reservations. And because I received nothing, I cancelled the 5 stays I had reserved with Hyatt and moved both of our reservations elsewhere (IHG and Marriott). If you’re going to treat me like dirt, as if I don’t matter, then I’m going to believe you really feel that way. Oh, and by the way, I am Diamond and my husband is platinum. We both have the Hyatt credit cards. Seems like the previous promotions where everyone was treated equally were better. It became a game we all shared and we all knew the rules. Targeting , to me, feels like it’s creating a lot of ill will.

  7. Not holding my breath for this promotion, since I also wasn’t targeted last year, despite many Hyatt stays. I feel like if you are going to offer a major promotion, at least offer something to everyone, even if it is a smaller reward for some. But choosing some to participate and leaving others out is just rude.

  8. I called the Diamond desk after I was NOT targeted and was granted the promo. Due to me not being targeted I also moved a bunch of stays to other brands. Lost Rev for Hyatt.

  9. I called the Diamond desk after I was NOT targeted and was granted the promo, completed my 20 stays got 50k points.

    Thanks Hyatt

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