35% Bonus On Purchased Alaska Miles: Last Chance

In early November I wrote about Alaska’s Mileage Plan offering up to a 35% bonus on purchased miles. I figured I’d post a reminder about this promo, since it ends on Saturday, December 20, 2014. So this is the last week you can take advantage of the promotion.


If you max out the promotion you can purchase Mileage Plan miles for ~2.19 cents each. I know that doesn’t sound all that low, but there are a few things that make Alaska Mileage Plan and their promotions especially lucrative:

  • There’s no limit to the number of Mileage Plan miles you can buy per promotion, so this is one of the few promotions where you can really generate as many miles as you’d like
  • There are some amazing uses of Alaska Mileage Plan miles, especially for travel on Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Fiji Airways, LAN, etc.
  • Alaska Mileage Plan allows a stopover on a one way award, which makes them one of the few programs where that’s possible

Historically Mileage Plan offers one promotion on purchased miles every quarter, so this isn’t a “use it or lose it” type promotion. That being said, if you have international travel plans in the coming months and don’t have enough miles to fund the trip, this can be a fantastic way to do so.

It’s one of the few promotions on purchased miles that I consider to consistently be worthwhile. 70,000 miles will get you a one-way first class ticket on Cathay Pacific from New York to Hong Kong to Johannesburg, so for a bit over $1,500 one way, that’s a steal, in my opinion.


Bottom line

It’s not for everyone, but I do tend to think it’s worth posting a reminder about this offer, since it’s especially useful for those that are new to the hobby that don’t have an existing mileage balance but want to fly international premium cabins in the near future.

Have you purchased Mileage Plan miles through their current promotion?


  1. So Ben, curious what the distinction is that causes you to recommend spec purchase of AS miles at 2.19 cents, but not US miles at 1.88 cents? Is it merely the stopover aspect, or what?

  2. @ Adam — Well the main benefit I see is that you can purchase as many as you want. In other words, if someone wants to take their family of four to Asia in business class, buying US Airways miles doesn’t help. Buying Alaska miles does, however. Beyond that, the routing rules, stopovers on one-way, and partnership with Emirates differentiate them from US Airways, in my opinion.

  3. Hi Lucky,

    In another post recently, you mentioned difficulty seeing Emirates availability using AS miles. Is that still the case?

  4. Lucky or others, can you confirm that @Rohan is correct in saying there is no more F between HKG and JNB? This was my absolute #1 top aspirational award, so I will be a little disappointed 🙁

  5. @ Daniel — Correct. With the current schedule they’re just flying three cabin 777s to Johannesburg (with economy, premium economy, and business).

  6. Thanks for the bad news @Lucky! I’m surprised there wasn’t more noise about this at this was one of the more famous premium redemption. Or maybe I’m a little out the loop. F to HKG on AA miles will have to suffice! Poor us 🙂

  7. @ Daniel — They do frequently change which aircraft they put on which routes, so I wouldn’t necessarily count on it being permanent.

  8. Hi – when I search for award tickets on Alaska’s site, I never see Cathay itineraries. I usually see Emirates and BA quite frequently. Do I have to call them to book Cathay tickets?


  9. @Lucky You wrote:Cathay Pacific from New York to Johannesburg to Hong Kong. Never flown with CX and new to all of this, but should that not be New York-HKG-JoBurg?

  10. @Ben, if I want to travel from PNH to GRU, can I mix and match airlines (ie PNH KUL on Malaysian and KUL to GRU via UAE on Emirates)? Or does it have to be on the same airline? And what is the cost of traveling from SE Asia to South Amerca on Emirates? I cannot find info online.

  11. Ben, just to second Matthew’s question above – if we can’t find CX award space on AS website, where do we go to find them?

  12. @ Chamnan — Nope, you can’t mix airlines on an Emirates award. You can only fly one partner, and Alaska for positioning, as practical.

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