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As I wrote about earlier, IHG Rewards Club is the first major hotel loyalty program to announce their 2015 promotion.

IHG Set Your Sights promo published


IHG Rewards Club has now unveiled the full details of their first quarter 2015 promotion, entitled Set Your Sights. The promotion is valid for stays between January 1 and April 30, 2015.

You’ll have to log into your account to register and see what your offer is.


Much like IHG Rewards Club’s recent Into The Nights promotion, this one consists of several “tasks” you have to complete to earn the maximum bonus. Beyond that, the offer is customized for each member, so we all have different offers.


Admittedly this will piss some people off, since they design these promotions to generate incremental business. In other words, those that don’t stay at IHG properties much generally get great offers, while those that are loyal often get nearly impossible tasks.

My Set Your Sights promo offer

I haven’t done a revenue stay with IHG all year though am Platinum through their co-branded credit card. Not surprisingly my version of the promotion is actually quite lucrative. My basic “tasks” are as follows:

  • 500 points / Download the IHG App / download the app and log-in
  • 5,000 points / Book Directly with IHG / book two stays directly with IHG
  • 5,000 points / Stay More, Earn More / stay three nights at any IHG property
  • 5,000 points / A Bonus Weekend Stay / stay two weekend nights
  • 10,000 points / Change Your View / stay at two Holiday Inn properties
  • 25,000 points / Achievement Bonus / complete all five tasks


So for example, I could earn all 50,000 points with just three nights in a hotel. I’d have to do two of those nights over a weekend and stay at a minimum of two Holiday Inn properties. That’s super easy.

It seems like some people have offers for well over 50,000 bonus points, though in many cases there are also higher thresholds to be completed.

Bottom line

Here’s to hoping that IHG Rewards Club does a better job managing this promotion than their Into The Nights promotion.

Overall this is a fairly lucrative promotion, at least in my case. I really should switch some stays to IHG during this promo period to max out the bonus.

What does your IHG Set Your Sights bonus offer look like, and is it enough to encourage you to stay with them?


  1. what does 3nights at any hotel challenge mean..
    can this be 3 consec nights at same hotel or does it have to be split up into 3 stays on at least one night each?

  2. Thanks for the advance notice Lucky. My offer is essentially 5 nights at a qualifying rate. But one of the steps is to book a cash/points rate. For that step it would obviously count, but is it also a qualifying rate for the 5 nights that i need?

  3. I got the same offer as Ben. I stayed at an IHG property once this year – ANA Intercontinental Tokyo – using the free night certificate.

  4. My offer requires that I stay *nine nights*!

    “Stay More, Earn More”
    “Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 9 nights and earn 10,000 bonus points.”

    Not lucrative at all for me.

  5. Mine are kind of bizarre. My largest point earning (12000) would mean having to stay at one of their new Even properties in Norwalk, CT or Rockville, MD! And another one is book a vacation package with Holiday Inn Club vacations. Yeah, not happening.

  6. In my case they’re asking for too many stays with this promotion. Last quarter, for the Into The Nights promotion, I simply needed to shift some stays to their hotels, and they (lucky for me) always had cheaper rooms than my alternatives. But with this promotion, they’re asking for a minimum of 6 nights (4 of which need to be weekend nights), just to earn 45,000 bonus points. This being the period between January through March, weekend stays are not in the cards. I’ll look to see what other hotel programs offer this quarter.

  7. As somebody who does stay at IHG hotels a lot, just like the last one this is simply impossible for me.

    7000 Points for Book 10 stays via the mobile app when it must be clear al my bookings are via the company travel agent

    5000 Points for staying 10 nights! I get more than that in welcome gifts

    6500 Points for staying SIX weekends! Considering I spent over 60 nights in IHG hotels this year, this as a 12 week promotion now wants me to spend every other weekend in a hotel as well

    6500 Points when I book 6 bonus points nights. So pay more

    50,000 points if I complete all of the above.

    On the into the nights promotion I didn’t come close. Again this just isn’t relevant to me. Theres incremental revenue and theres a total change of booking habits.

  8. What Lisa said. My husband is game for a lot of things but a mini-vacation package at a qualifying Holiday Inn Club Vacations® isn’t one of them

  9. Found an error in mine already. One of the (7!!) tasks is pay for a stay with my IHG credit card. It says in terms 2000 points but on left hand side in big letters it says 1500. I have to book a mini vacation package at qualifying HI Club Vacations properties(riigggghttt). Other tasks are similar to the last promotion. Book through App, etc except everything is a little harder. 3 App bookings. Sat stays must include another night and so on.Total 50000 points including bonus points. Not exactly getting me excited. It seems I would be better off sitting it out and maybe I will get a better offer next time around.

  10. @ adz — In my case it just needs to be three nights total. It doesn’t matter if it’s one stay or three.

  11. 8 nights, 4 weekends, including a Saturday night AND another night and a Holiday Inn Vacation Club purchase! Not going to happen this time, which is sad because I did it last year.

  12. Lucky – to complete the offer, wouldn’t you need at least two stays? Just wondering because I have the same offer. Requirement #2: 5,000 points / Book Directly with IHG / book two stays directly with IHG

  13. Looks like I have to stay 7 nights including 3 weekends and the “Mini-Vacation”. Not going to happen. All travel is planned already for the time frame.

    Husbands is similar but slightly different. Not different enough to be compelled to complete since it also includes 7 nights, 3 weekends and the “mini-vacation”.

    @Dan, I have the same error on the Credit card spend.

  14. Mine sucks – as is typical for an already heavy IHG user. Total earning tops out at 52.7K points for 10 stays booked via the IHG app, with a minimum of 13 nights – 2 of which must be weekend, and 1 stay must be out of country and another at a Vacation Club. Also get credit for using Chase card, using points and cash, and 5K after just 1 stay of any length. As a practical matter, I’ll probably only be able to score 6.5K in bonus points and I won’t make any effort to reach for the others. Also, of interest, it what seems to be a continuing problem with IHG web design quality control, the text of the credit card use challenge says “Book and pay for one stay with your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card and earn 2,000 points” which is repeated in the actual terms and conditions for the step. But the valuation to the left says 1500 points. I’m assuming the 1500 valuation is what will actually get credited since the sum of all of the valuations on the left equals the stated maximum value of the promo. Still, you would think that after IHG’s fiasco with the Into the Nights promo’s screw-up of how points were to be awarded for using the mobile app, someone would have triple checked quality control this time around. Apparently not……….

  15. Mine is better than the last few. The problem is the choice between 13 nights or the mini-vacation/time share pitch to complete 6 of 7.

  16. A question: If I book a stay today for a trip that falls during the promotion period will it count or do bookings have to be made on or after 1 Jan? Thanks.

  17. I stay about 50 nights a year with IHG, and my promotion is good for 50,500 points, but I doubt I’ll get them all as I have to stay at a Vacation resort.

  18. I got very lucky it seems.

    12k for 4 nights.
    12k for 2 stays booked via the app.
    18k for 2 Crowne Plaza properties
    42k bonus for completing the 3 tasks

    84k total.

    Very generous I think. Gotta start plotting some mattress runs.

  19. @RTD8450 – Well I’m in Canada and the promo works just fine for me. Got the same as Lucky, stay three nights etc..

  20. When I go to register, it takes me to the current one(that ends December 31). I do not see the promotion for the following quarter…

  21. Bizarrely, I’m not seeing an offer for Set Your Sights.

    Instead, I am still seeing the Into The Nights offer, but with much better terms than previously.

    I’ve already done the survey for 100 points, but didn’t do any stays, since the last offer was not worthwhile.

    Now all I have to do for 2 free night certs is book 2 Saturday night stays with Ihg’s website. Oh, and one has to be a “Bonus Points Package with breakfast rate” at “InterContinental®, Crowne Plaza®, Hotel Indigo®, Holiday Inn® EVENTM or HUALUXETM hotels”.

    Fine, I can easily do that…except I’ve looked at several dozen properties all over the place, and not one of them offers that rate. Yes, lots of properties have a “bonus points” rate, but none of them have a bonus points “with breakfast” rate. So my new, seemingly easy to fulfill, offer is in fact impossible to book. What the (heck) is up with IHG?

  22. Just to share mine (Platinum through credit card, Ambassador using miles, though have been focusing on Hyatt, so it’s unlikely I will do it again):

    Congratulations on Your Bonus (5,000)—Congratulations on achieving the bonus in our previous promotion. Stay once and earn 5,000 bonus points.

    Travel with the IHG App (5,600)—Book 3 stay(s) with the IHG App and earn 5,600 bonus points.

    Stay More, Earn More (9,600)—Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 8 nights and earn 9,600 bonus points.

    Saturday Stays Bonus (5,600)—Stay 3 weekend(s), including a Saturday night and another night, and earn 5,600 bonus points.

    Mini-Vacation Package (5,000)—Book a mini-vacation package at a qualifying Holiday Inn Club Vacations property and earn 5,000 bonus points.

    Spend on your IHG Rewards Club Credit Card (1,500)—Book and pay for one stay with your IHG Rewards Club Credit Card and earn bonus points.

    Achievement Bonus (17,700)—Complete 5 of 6 offers to earn an additional 17,700 bonus points.

    Total: 50,000

    I can knock 5 of the 6 out with easy mattress runs or with upcoming travel. If I do 5 of the 6, I can probably get this done in 8 stays total (not doing the mini-vacation one), to earn 45,000 (plus whatever points I earn from the stays). The mini-vacation one will be difficult, as there aren’t many participating Holiday Inn Resorts, and the only one anywhere near me is in Las Vegas, which probably isn’t something I’m willing to do.

    I do have a big leisure trip planned in June, and I’m looking to burn up the points in this account, so I think I’m going in on this one.

  23. I completed the last offer (into the night) and i received this offer:

    My offers

    Earn 65,600 total bonus points
    Complete your offers and earn bonus points towards the rewards that matter most to you.
    0 of 6 offers complete

    Point Value Offer Name Progress

    11,600 Stay More, Earn More
    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 13 nights and earn 11,600 bonus points.

    2,800 Go Places with the IHG App
    Earn 2,800 bonus points when you download, sign in and book 3 stays with the IHG App. The IHG App allows you to get mobile-exclusive rates, access your virtual membership card and more.

    5,600 Saturday Stays Bonus
    Stay 3 weekends, including a Saturday night and another night, and earn 5,600 bonus points.

    5,000 Getaway bonus
    Stay at a Holiday Inn Resort® or Holiday Inn Club Vacations® destination, and earn 5,000 bonus points.

    5,600 Change Your View®

    Stay at 3 Holiday Inn® Hotels—including Holiday Inn Resort® and Holiday Inn Club Vacations®—and earn 5,600 bonus points.

    2,000 Earn More, Faster
    Earn 2,000 bonus points when you book 1 Bonus Points Package stay and get to your next reward faster.

    33,000 Your Achievement Bonus
    Complete 6 of 6 offers to earn an additional 33,000 bonus points.

  24. Actually…I may be changing my mind on the above comment. Completing the 8 nights in the first quarter might require some mattress runs, as everything I have booked is with Hyatt. If I mattress ran 6 nights @ $100 each night, I’d be pretty close (actually spending more), than if I were to buy the points outright. This might not make sense.

  25. Earn 75,000 total bonus points

    12,500 Go Places with the IHG App
    10 stay(s) with the IHG App.
    12,500Stay More, Earn More
    stay 10 nights and earn 12,500 bonus points

    12,500Saturday Stays Bonus

    Stay 6 weekend(s), including a Saturday night and another night, and earn 12,500 bonus points.

    12,500Earn More, Faster

    Earn 12,500 bonus points when you book 6 Bonus Points Package stays

    25,000Your Achievement Bonus

    Complete 4 of 4 offers to earn an additional 25,000 bonus points.

  26. Not too bad! :o)

    Earn 82,400 total bonus points
    Complete Your offers and Your Achievement Bonus for 82,400 total bonus points

    – Travel with the IHG App – Book 2 stay(s) with the IHG® App and earn 12,000 bonus points.
    – Stay more – Earn more – Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 7 nights and earn 13,800 bonus points
    – Saturday Stays Bonus – Stay 3 weekend(s), including a Saturday night and another night, and earn 8,400 bonus points
    – Change your view – Stay at 2 Holiday Inn® hotel(s)—including Holiday Inn Resort® and Holiday Inn Club Vacations®—and earn 7,200 bonus points
    – Your achievement Bonus – Complete 4 of 4 offers to earn an additional 41,000 bonus points.

  27. I got the same offer as Ben.

    Already have 2 stays booked early 2015, one at an airport Holiday Inn and another at (same airport) Holiday Inn Express (company dime).

    Just need a cheap weekend stay and I’m all done (my dime).

  28. Oops! I realized I had to change my preference to points from miles….Ended up with offer for 50,500 points with 5 activities…

  29. Mine was very uninspiring – basically needed five 2-night weekend stays in 17 weeks, with one of them being outside the US, for 55k. Pass…. I’ll do 2 stays to take care of one of the items, and that’ll be it.

  30. @ Lucky — for “Change Your View” offer, does it have to be two DIFFERENT Holiday Inn properties or can it be two stays at the same hotel?

    P.S. Got the same offer as you.

  31. “Stay at 2 Holiday Inn® hotel(s)—including Holiday Inn Resort® and Holiday Inn Club Vacations®—and earn 4,800 bonus points.”

    1) Could I stay at the SAME Holiday Inn on two seperate occasions?
    2) Do I have to stay at TWO DIFFERENT Holiday Inns?

    The T&Cs are unclear to me.


  32. I stay with IHG a lot and mine are impossible to do, my colleagues are the same, so he’s decided to stay with Hilton in the future as IHG don’t give him the love he deserves!

  33. My offer is a non-starter!! Total of 50,000 points to earn, however one of the things I need to accomplish is a three night stay at a Holiday Inn Club Vacations where you will have to listen to a sales presentation about shared ownership, etc…..

  34. Hey Ben, I know you answered John’s questions above but it’s still not clear. I’d rather not waste my time and money if the stay won’t count toward the promotion:

    Do the two Holiday Inn stays have to be at TWO DIFFERENT Holiday Inns? Yes or no?

    I can’t find a clear answer anywhere.

  35. Does Holiday Inn Express count as a “Holiday Inn Hotel?” They list some specifics, but not express.

  36. I received the same offer as you, I plan on completing all those tasks with rewards points I already have. Would this be an issue? Also, I downloaded the app and signed in but it doesn’t show up as a completed task. How do I fix this?

  37. Stay at 2 Holiday Inn® hotel(s)—including Holiday Inn Resort® and Holiday Inn Club Vacations®—and earn 10,000 bonus points.

    Does this mean I have to stay at Both a Holiday Inn Resort and a Holiday Inn Club or can I do two separate stays at say a Holiday Inn Club Vacations?


  38. @ Steve Young — You could stay at two Hilton Inn Resorts or two Holiday Inn Clubs. It doesn’t have to be one of each.

  39. Some of my completed Into The Sights tasks didn’t post so I wrote IHG an email. Here’s their response (BOLDING MINE):

    “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. However, our records show the stay in question was booked on 24 Dec 2014. The offer started on 01 Jan 2015, per the terms and conditions:”

    “…Number of bonus points listed above will be awarded after required number of “Points & Cash” Reward Nights have been REDEEMED/PURCHASED and consumed by the member between 1 January 2015 and 30 April 2015 (both dates inclusive)….”

    This is the only task that says it must have been redeemed/purchased after 01 Jan 2015. ALL my other bookings were allowed to be redeemed before Jan. 1st but consumed within the promo period.

    MY QUESTION: Did they change the T&Cs on me after the fact?

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