2015 Promo Sneak Peek: IHG’s Set Your Sights

Not surprisingly, it hasn’t been the most exciting year for hotel promos, simply because hotels are having no problem filling all their rooms without too much extra incentive needed.

One interesting trend we’ve seen in 2014 is that more promotions have been targeted rather than available to all members. For example, IHG Rewards Club ran their “Into The Nights” promotion, whereby each member received a unique offer.


Similarly, while widely targeted, Hyatt ran a promotion offering up to 50,000 bonus points after 20 nights. For me that was the most lucrative promotion of the year, as it basically offered 2,500 bonus points (which I value at ~$40) per night. The only downside as someone that lives in hotels is that it was capped at 20 nights.


I totally get targeted promotions from the programs’ perspectives. The goal is to encourage incremental business, as opposed to giving people “free” points for stays they’d make anyway. That being said, as a consumer it’s quite frustrating when you are incredibly loyal and someone without any history with the program gets a better offer than you do.

Anyway, IHG Rewards Club will be the first hotel loyalty program to announce their 2015 promotion, which will be entitled “Set Your Sights.”

Here’s how the promotion is described, once it goes live tomorrow:

ATLANTA (Dec. 15, 2014) – InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) today announces its Set Your Sights’ promotion offering IHG® Rewards Club members the opportunity to earn at least 50,000 bonus IHG Rewards Club points.

The ‘Set Your Sights’ promotion is available to all IHG Rewards Club members worldwide and is a great opportunity to kick start the new year with bonus offers for activity across IHG’s nine hotel brands. The more offers members complete, the more rewards they can earn.

Registration for the promotion begins on Dec. 15 2014 hereThe campaign book-and-stay period starts on Jan. 1, 2015. Once registered, IHG Rewards Club members can begin earning their rewards through April 30, 2015.

Bruce Lahood, vice president, Global Loyalty Consumer Marketing, IHG saidWhat better way to start 2015 than to enjoy a bonus point promotion that recognizes our loyal members and gives them the ability to earn and redeem across a wide range of products and services. From free nights at IHG’s hotels worldwide to electronics, gift cards and more, all available through our new IHG Rewards Club online catalog.”

So while we won’t find out the details until tomorrow, it sure sounds like it will at the very least be a promotion with various “tasks” to complete, much like the current “Into The Nights” promotion. I would speculate it will probably also be targeted.

Stay tuned — we’ll have more details tomorrow!

What are you hoping for from 2015 hotel program promotions?


  1. I hope it’s better designed than Into the Nights. My wife had an offer of stay two nights, get a one night certificate. Stay 2 more nights, get another one. We easily fulfilled that with a couple of weekend trips, staying in a different property each night.

    You are supposed to be able to choose points or certificates on the website, but that function simply does not work. So yesterday we called IHG CS to do it for us. She was on the phone for over 45 minutes before they were able to get the certificates chosen and shown on the website. Not actually making a reservation mind you, merely choosing the certificates instead of the lesser amount of points. What a disaster that promotion has been from beginning to end.

  2. Personally I really liked this year’s Into the Nights promo – spent three nights in 2 stays, got free night on my account in a few days, and already booked my free night in Paris. Would love to see a similar promo from IHG..

  3. Into the Nights was such a complete cluster**** that it soured me a ton on IHG. I’ve had numerous email exchanges and phone calls trying to get what I was promised. The idea of jumping down that rabbit hole again is not something I have any interest in

  4. Your post is spot on. The problem with such loyalty programs is that folks like me and it sounds like James get screwed. So if we are hardcore loyal customers and then get screwed while a few less frequent stayers get free hotel rooms in Paris or whatever it is a major turnoff. If they repeat this approach on this next one and give me another crappy offer. My 50-70 annual business nights will be “into the night” at another chain for good.

  5. My Into the Night offer was ridiculous. I also feel like I was punished for my loyalty. Hope this one is better

  6. If this one is anything like “Into the Nights” then IHG will become the laughing stock of hotel marketing and promotion.

  7. The previous promos screwed me in favor of newbies. Into the Nights was such a disaster and so anti-customer (not to mention technologically a hot mess) I gave up on it completely. I won’t touch an IHG promo. They’re a bunch of amateurs. So… their last year of promos has taught me to stay less with them, rather than more.

  8. I agree with Lisa and the other posters that mentioned that Into the Nights has been a huge turnoff. Not only has it not rewarded me for my existing loyalty, but to add insult to injury they never properly tracked my nights. As such, I gave up on the promo and moved one 4 night stay to Club Carlson which was awesome and have also stayed at Marriott properties since. I have been really impressed with both chains and definitely will continue to move my business away from IHG hotels. After all, they didn’t learn from Into the Nights that their targeted offering failed because my new “Set Your Sights” promo has even more tasks (instead of 3 different tasks I now have 7). Why would I try to complete 7 different tasks when their IT department couldn’t even properly track the number of nights I stayed for 3 different tasks during the current “Into the Nights” promotion. No thank you IHG. I was loyal to you but after the 2nd “Big Win” promotion which had IT issues although they self corrected at the end, and a horrendous “Into the Nights” promotion which still hasn’t had nights track properly, I am not going to be conned again. I will probably take you up on the offer for earning rewards for redeeming my points though since at this point my loyalty to IHG has waned.

  9. Bad news if you are one of the very active members of IHG Rewards and haven’t yet seen your ‘Set your sights’ promotion. Mine requires me to stay 24 nights to earn 17,600 points. That’s equivalent to ‘stay 34 nights and get one free’ compared to the Newbies ‘Stay 2 nights and get one free’! Like most of the previously loyal members above, I think it’s time for me to concentrate on my other hotel chain loyalty rewards.

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