ANA Starting Tokyo To Houston Flight In June 2015

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All Nippon Airways (ANA) has just announced that they will be starting nonstop flights between Tokyo Narita and Houston as of June 12, 2015. This will be ANA’s 10th route to North America, and seems like a pretty obvious choice, between Houston being such a big oil city, and it also being the hub of their joint venture partner, United.


The new route will operate daily with the following schedule:

NH174 Tokyo Narita to Houston departing 11:15AM arriving 9:30AM
NH173 Houston to Tokyo Narita departing 11:20AM arriving 3:20PM (+1 day)

The flight is set to be operated by a Boeing 777-300ER, featuring eight first class seats, 52 business class seats, and 190 economy class seats. This should be ANA’s most updated version of the 777-300ER, featuring fully flat beds in both first and business class.

ANA 777-300ER first class seats

ANA has one of my favorite first class products in the world, so it’s nice to see more options to the US on an aircraft with their first class product (the 777-300ER is the only aircraft in their fleet with first class). Best of all, as of late ANA has actually been releasing a lot of first class award space, which wasn’t the case before.

ANA first class food

Tickets for this new service should be bookable as of December 17, 2014, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s quite a bit of first and business class award space (I’ll post an update if that’s the case).

This comes just days after EVA Air began selling tickets on their new Taipei to Houston flight, which is set to launch on June 19, 2015. So next year should be a good one for those of you in the Houston area looking to travel to Asia.

While not quite as significant, in my opinion, it’s also worth noting that ANA is launching additional frequencies on their routes from Tokyo Narita to Bangkok and Singapore.

As of June 11, 2015, ANA will launch an additional frequency between Tokyo and Singapore, as follows:

NH845 Tokyo Narita to Singapore departing 5:00PM arriving 11:15PM
NH846 Singapore to Tokyo Narita departing 12:35AM arriving 8:45AM

As of August 1, 2015, ANA will launch an additional frequency between Tokyo and Bangkok, as follows:

NH807 Tokyo Narita to Bangkok departing 4:55PM arriving 9:35PM
NH808 Bangkok to Tokyo Narita departing 12:30AM arriving 8:40AM

Those flights are great for passengers connecting to/from the US, as they’re within a couple of hours of most of the US-bound flights.

Bottom line

I always love seeing more flights to the US on “premium” carriers. It’s especially nice to see a non-787 route added to the US, since most of the expansion to the US by ANA and JAL lately has been on the 787, which doesn’t feature a first class product.

(Tip of the hat to @KevinLau_SFO)


  1. I suspect this is why United has devalued their chart. These continued encroachments by their alliance partners give no reason for anyone to use United miles on their shitty first class, or buy the ticket to begin with.

    What are the fuel surcharges like? I might just look into using Aeroplan or Krisflyer miles to book these.

  2. why do people put up with the cesspool that is America’s airlines? its so obvious these asian and european countries have leap frog us in so many aspects while we are living in an ivory tower.

  3. With Toyota moving their North American headquarters to Dallas from Los Angeles, I would think that would be the better option.

  4. This really doesn’t make that much sense considering that United couldn’t support a thrice weekly 787 on the route. Sure, maybe ANA’s service will pull a few extra passengers per day, but not enough to cover over 1,000 additional seats per week.

  5. I guess maybe this was the reason UA discontinued or will be discontinuing their second NRT-IAH service. This is welcome news for me as I fly to IAH often via NRT. If anything I’d likely fly ANA F on the NRT-IAH segment, and ANA J on the IAH-NRT given there’s no true International First Class lounge in IAH.


  6. United discontinued UA1 (early morning flight) but still currently has UA7 so this flight can be thought of as a replacement for UA1 (except timed after UA7). So this is definitely a win for us in Houston insofar as mileage redemptions go however I’m bummed ANA isn’t starting it sooner since we have a trip in April coming up that’s currently booked into UA J which is SLIGHT downgrade compared to NH F 😉

  7. Awesome news for us souls who live in Houston. Two of MY favorite Asian carries are coming to town, yeah! As a Star Alliance flyer we are finally catching a break out of IAH.

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