American 787 Delayed Until First Quarter 2015

American is in the process of refreshing their longhaul fleet. This includes both reconfiguring their current fleet (installing new seats on their 757-200s, 767-300s, and 777-200s), as well as taking delivery of new aircraft. So far American has taken delivery of 16 777-300ERs, with four more to come.

The next part of American’s fleet renewal plan is to begin taking delivery of some 787s, which American has 42 of on firm order. Originally American was supposed to begin taking delivery of these by November 2014, though obviously that has been delayed.

VAA 787-9

Per the Dallas Morning News, it looks like American won’t be taking delivery of their first 787 until the first quarter of next year:

“We are now preparing to welcome the first one in the first quarter of next year,” AA spokesman Matt Miller said Tuesday.

Apparently there are a couple of things holding up the delivery of the new aircraft, including the new business class seats:

We had heard back in mid-2014 that the final design and production of seating, particularly the lie-flat seats in the premium cabin, might hold up the first delivery.

Miller said the seats were part of the delay, but only part.

As for the seats, “it’s a new seat, a new concept that we’ve created for this particular aircraft,” he said. It took time for “the production of seats themselves and the shells is one element, and then having them installed and the certificiation that comes with it.”

Is American really going with a new business class product altogether… again? Even among their new products, they have different business class seats on the 767-300, 777-200, and 777-300. And that doesn’t even account for US Airways’ business class product, or the fact that they’ll likely also have a different new business class product on the 757-200. Introducing yet another style of business class seat just seems impractical.


Regardless, I’m really excited about American taking delivery of the 787. I’m hoping this causes them to be a bit more bold with new routes, and maybe try some routes they wouldn’t have otherwise considered. Between lower fuel prices and a super efficient aircraft, that’s my hope, at least. Hello India, South Africa, and more destinations in the Middle East… maybe?

What route would you like to see American launch with the 787?

(Tip of the hat to Drew)


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 787 seat is similar to the custom product that is being put on the retrofitted 772s, but has to be tweaked in design (and thus perhaps go through new certifications?) to fit the 787 fuselage.

  2. LAX-CAI is one route that’s very profitable yet no one seems to be thinking about it. I had an internship at Cairo Airport last summer and both the LH and KL flights were ridiculously filled with LAX and SFO flyers. It’s inside the range of both the 787-8 and the 787-9 (both of which they have on order)
    Is there any way to get numbers on a certain market that is not served nonstop?

  3. I’d like to see them re-start the ORD-DEL route….or start a JFK-BOM route to compete with United’s EWR-BOM.

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  5. Surely it has to be ORD-DEL..they were earlier flying their 777 on this route, but had to close it down .. And I believe their is still good demand and the 787 is the perfect aircraft!

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  8. Well by that measure shall we count every middle eastern route operated by a oneworld airline? Currently the two airlines are operating a separate entities and as such AA does not operate any routes to the Middle East.

  9. I’ve heard that it will be a 2-class plane like the retro 772s and it will have a similar biz class with reverse seats

    Excited to see a seat map when it’s delivered in Q1!

  10. @ Angus — Not going to argue semantics here. Just because they’re on separate operating certificates doesn’t mean they aren’t considered a single airline in many ways.

  11. @Abdel Rahim Abdallah

    While there may be many passengers to CAI, price is also low in premium cabins.

    Paid fare are often cheaper when connecting from Cai true DOH, FRA, IST, etc. You might have noticed Lucky flying from CAI in number of his trip reports for this reason.

    Short answer is high volume is not the same as high profits.

  12. What markets are not served directly from the US by Oneworld, but by the *A and Skyteam? What Oneworld hubs are currently not served directly from the US?

    Would BKK work with the 787 from the west coast? It’s a big holiday market year round and Thai Air is in *A so not competing with directly with other Oneworld carriers?

    And what of New Zealand, if remember correctly the local airline is *A? Might be a bit small marked.

    Also making the flight to HEL year round would open up a lot of destinations in Asia true Finair.

  13. AA used to fly to New Zealand and hope this is one of their new 787 routes. Along with a nonstop US-SAfrica flight, say to CPT instead of the overcrowded JNB. (Aren’t they also getting some A350s ordered by US before the merger?) Of course much depends upon bilateral treaties and potential market demand.

  14. @Lucky – I recently was taking with the senior pilot that did the ORD-DEL sector and he told me they will start the route again soon or start JFK-DEL.

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